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Mr.Ferguson Is III Today

Episode Number: 8


Original Air Date: November 10, 2008

: Daniel Thomsen

Director: Michel Nankin

Special Guest(s):

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Episode Synopsis

Cromartie kidnaps Sarah and races to Mexico to find John. When Derek, Cameron and Ellison discover what has happened, they come to their defense--which leads to one final, deadly confrontation with Cromartie

Plot Danglers

in the evening Riley is leaving the Connors house and John is staying after Riley leaves Cameron takes off her jackets, invites herself into John's room and onto his bed. She has a little pillow talk about him being lonely and how he brings danger into Riley's life. John says "I'm not stupid."

He tells Cameron to be a happy machine. Cameron says "I'm a machine. I can't be happy." In the morning she has a breif exchange with Sarah, and goes to restock the arms cache. She meets Dereck at the cache, who gets the emergency signal from John. Continues with the others.

in Mexico Derek and Cameron arrive at the shot up town in Mexico. Derek tells Cameron to stay under cover. She goes ahead and says "I can't let anything happen to him." He gets a call from Sarah who is at the hotel room.

Cromartie follows with a whole string of skulls in the camera foreground. He sees Ellison going into a church. He goes into the church and finds Ellison praying. Ellison asks if he came to repent.

Derek takes the first shot from the right side window. Sarah shoots from the left window. Cameron goes through the front door with the heavy gunfire and does Cromartie in. John takes the fatal shot.

In the last scene they are burying Cromartie to hide him. Ellison askes Sarah "what's next?" She tells him "pretend I died" and continues with "there's nothing else behind the curtain."

Sarah says she will come back to burn Cromartie later. But she gets a chip from Cameron and smashes it to bits.

Best Moments

The Bed scene..
the gun fight at the church

Best Quotes

Cameron: Not late. He won't be seeing Riley anymore.

Sarah: Is that so?

Cameron: John's not stupid.

Cameron: Are you busy?

John: No. Did you change?

Cameron: It's hot out.

John: Since when do you feel heat?

Cameron: I feel heat.

Cameron: But sometimes you do stupid things. It would help me to understand why.