MAMMOTH (2006)

Character: Jack Abernathy
Format: Television Film
Director: Tim Cox
Writers: Tim Cox, Brook Durham, Don Guarisco (story) and Sean Keller
Genre: Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Nationality: US
Release date: April 22, 2006 (USA) on Syfy
Other cast: Vincent Ventresca, Tom Skerritt, Leila Arcieri, Cole Williams
Production credits: Castel Film Romania, Plinyminor



When a meteor smashes into a Pleistocene museum, the fury of a partially frozen, 40,000 year old mammoth is unleashed on a small country town. Under orders to contain the threat that possesses the mammoth at all costs, Special Agents Powers (Leila Arcieri) and Whitaker (Marcus Lyle Brown) are given 17 hours to kill the mammoth or the entire town will be decimated. They recruit local paleontologist, Dr. Frank Abernathy (Vincent Ventresca), to help them hunt the creature down before its rampage of death and destruction gets to the outside world. With the clock ticking and the body count rising, the only chance Dr. Abernathy has of saving his daughter Jack (Summer Glau) and B-movie fanatic father Simon (Tom Skerritt) is to help the agents destroy his life's work.



Summer Glau as Jack Abernathy in MammothSummer Glau as Jack Abernathy in MammothSummer Glau as Jack Abernathy in MammothSummer Glau as Jack Abernathy in Mammoth





  • Summer Glau and her Mammoth co-star Cole Williams attended the Los Angeles Film Festival Screening of "Who Killed The Electric Car" in Los Angeles on June 24, 2006 and the premiere of 'Race You to the Bottom', starring Cole Williams, in Los Angeles, California on March 30, 2007.


  • Castel Film Studios, Bucharest, Romania
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA