Short film: INSIDE THE BOX (2013)

In Inside the Box, Summer Glau plays a housewife whose husband hide things from her.

Poster for David Martin Porras short 'Inside the Box', starring Wilson Bethel, Summer Glau and Regina King

Plot summary: When the local District Attorney comes knocking, a Texan cop (Matt) is forced to face a secret that he's been hiding from his wife in an effort to keep his family together. Summer Glau plays the role of Sophie, Matt's wife.
Director: David Martín-Porras
Writer: David Martín-Porras
Release date:  'Inside the Box' premiered officially in Spain during the 58th edition of the International Film Festival of Valladolid (Seminci) on October 2013. Donators have received a link to watch the movie. It will be screened at film festivals and later available by VOD and DVD at a date to be determined.
Genre: Drama | Thriller
Production credits: LA PANDA productions
Wilson Bethel: Matthew Palmer (Texan cop)
Summer Glau: Sophie Palmer (Matt's wife)
Regina King: Stephanie Miles (District Attorney)
Summer Glau as Sophie in 'Inside the Box'
Summer Glau as Sophie in 'Inside the Box'

'Inside the Box' is more than a short film. It will serve as a teaser for David Martín-Porras's next project, the feature film "A Texas Story". David Martin-Porras has been awarded with a scholarship from Programa Ibermedia, a fund providing assistance to Latin American cinema, to attend to a screenwriting lab in Mexico City with 'A Texas Story', the feature version of the short film 'Inside the Box.

Both the short and the feature deal with HIV criminalization. Many laws that are currently being enforced in dozens of U.S. states and in several countries around the world are rooted in nothing but ignorance and have put many innocent people in jail.

If like us you are convinced 'Inside the Box' is a great way to showcase Summer Glau's talents well and will help with her career, feel free to follow the movie on Twitter at @ITB_movie and like the Facebook page at

Inside the Box trailer


Behind the scenes clip with Summer Glau


Trivias :
  • The film was financed by crowd funding.
  • Summer has won the award for Best Actress for her performance in Inside the box at the Spanish “L'Alfàs del Pi” film festival
  • Selected donors (including received a signed screenplay as a reward for their donation to support the movie. The screenplay includes the signature of the author, David, and the three stars : Wilson Bethel, Summer Glau et Regina King.
  • Wilson Bethel and Summer Glau will have a similar moment [as in TSCC season finale Born to Run "bed scene"] in which an intimate moment between them gets interrupted.
  • Spanish composer Arnau Bataller is the composer of all the music, including the trailer.  Watch a music video with original music from the short movie 'Inside The Box',
  • Inside the Box was filmed in locations in Lancaster and Burbank, California, with a budget of 45.000$.
  • 'Inside the Box' has won the "Best Spanish Short Film" in Festival Internacional de Cine de Valladolid - SEMINCI.