Alternative Reality Game : HUMAN PRESERVATION PROJECT  (2011)

Role: In The Human Preservation Project, ARG inspired by Wrigley's 5 Gum’s TV commercials, Summer Glau plays Natalia Suttinger the neuro-analyst for the project, leading the players into a whole new level of experiences that continue to unveil a deeper story about the brand, its creation, its characters and its meaning."
Summer Glau in Alternative Reality Game The Human Preservation Project
Release date: May 2011
About The Human Preservation Project:
Initially inspired by the unique world portrayed in 5 Gum’s TV commercials and launched with mysterious coded messages, The Human Preservation Project is an Alternative Reality Game from 42 Entertainment. Starring Terry O’Quinn (Lost, Hawaii Five-0) and Summer Glau (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), the journey is an online sensory test and a call to action, with the simple mission of stimulating your senses, as players access over 20 original games, puzzles and challenges to solve. As they unlock these sensory testing facilities, players can access digital pages of a new graphic novel that tells the World of 5 mythology. 
How to play: The game consists of 5 facilities and a command center which were not able at the beginning of the game. The game will unlock rooms when it progresses and the player has to solve puzzles to unlock videos and comic book pages to reveal the full story. To access certain rooms keys are needed, which can be found on special marked 5gum packages. The game combines real live activities and a point and click adventure.
Plot Summary: Test facilities were created to save the human race from apathy. The project is called ‘The Human Preservation Project’. Summer plays the character of Natalia Suttinger the neuro-analyst for the project who sends out messages to the world that can be discovered by the player. In these videos she talks about the project and the world itself.
Cast : 
Summer Glau: Natalia Suttinger
Terry O'Quinn: Narrator
Summer Glau as Natalia Suttinger
Summer Glau as Natalia Suttinger.

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Here's a video introduction to The Human Preservation Project, an Alternative Reality Game for Wrigley's 5 Gum starring  Terry O'Quinn and Summer Glau.


Watch Summer Glau as Natalia Suttinger from the online gaming experience "The Human Preservation Project" in this Youtube playlist.


Trivias :


Here you can find information about the Human Preservation Project (HPP).

1) Viral start
The viral started as early as end May 2011; DC Comics readers discovered QR/morses codes in Wrigley (5 gum) packages. Deciphered and scanned, theses codes led to a website

This first viral site invited the users to answer a strange interactive questionnaire in order to get an ID for the Human Preservation Project.

On june 10th 2011, thousands of paper helicopters with glowing LED lights have been dropped by parachutists during the musical festival Bonnaroo (see video)


This LED devices are provided with a code leading to This second viral website unveils a countdown scheduled to June 30th 2011, which ultimately leads to the names of 15 american cities.

2) Treasure hunt
Then a treasure hunt is organised based on the datas collected previously :

The goal is to discover a cylinder containing a lighted fly; the name of the winners have been published on the viral website Mission Firefly (see pics)

You can find all the pictures on Flickr : Mission Icefly gallery

3) Mission Icefly update
The final count down has unveiled a new video showing Lost's Terry O'Quinn in a mysterious video. At the very end of the video, the URL of a third viral website is showed :

By following the url, we discover a new video of Terry O'Quinn, non crypted this time; at the end of the video, O'Quinn opens a box containing the same cylinder found by the treasure hunt contestants.
The door of a security facility in Alaska appears as well as a new count down, scheduled on July 16th.

And the little game goes on till the new episode involving Summer Glau