Character: Christine Prancer
Format: Television Film
Director: Bradford May
Writers: Bob Saenz, Abbey Cleland (Check out an exclusive interview with Bob Saenz published before the premiere and another interview after the premiere)
Genre: Christmas, Family, Fantasy
Nationality: US
Release date: Premiered on Sunday, December 9, 2012 on the Hallmark Channel
Other cast: Eva La Rue, Mason Cook, Dan Gauthier, Izabela Vidovic, John Brotherton, Steve Larkin
Production credits: Lincoln Lageson



When one of Santa's elves dreams of living outside the North Pole, she takes a special assignment in Los Angeles to turn one family's broken Christmas spirit around by becoming their new nanny. As she starts to help the family see the magic of Christmas, she begins to fall in love with her new life and risks leaving everything she's ever known behind.



Summer Glau as Christine Prancer in Help for the HolidaysSummer Glau as Christine Prancer in Help for the HolidaysSummer Glau as Christine Prancer in Help for the HolidaysSummer Glau as Christine Prancer in Help for the Holidays

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  • Summer Glau's character pulls candy canes out from behind people's ears all the time and Summer had to work on it quite a bit because she says she doesn't have natural talent for magic.
  • Summer's elf costume is a Dirndl, a traditional german/bavarian costume. The flower on Summer's Dirndl is Gentian and on her elf colleague's Dirndl it's Edelweiss both typical mountain flowers you can find in the Alps (thanks to German fan Sammy9578 for the explanations)
  • Sometimes the cinematographer would say to the makeup artist, “ Myke, Summer looks a little shinny", and Myke would have to remind him by saying "Maximo, she’s an elf" and he would say, “oh yeah, right”. (Read an exclusive interview with Summer Glau personal makeup artist Myke Spezzano)
  • The movie was Hallmark’s most watched original movie of 2012 (Read more on the ratings)
  • "Help for the Holidays", called "La Baby Sitter de Noel" in France, premiered on French TV on December 24, 2013 
  • "Help for the Holidays", called "Help for Christmas" in the United Kingdom, premiered on Channel 5 on December 8, 2013


  • Simi Valley, California, USA