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Episode Number: 04


Original Air Date: February 4, 2008

: Toni Graphia

Director:Charles Beeson

Special Guest(s):
Brian Bloom and Catherine Dent

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Episode Synopsis

While searching through stolen cargo, John becomes separated from his mother and he discovers how unsafe the future has become.

Plot Danglers

Sarah tries to get John to talk about Jordan's death, but John stays closed. Cameron interrupts them and tells them Cromartie followed them. Cameron shows news video of when they arrived in Los Angeles, in the background is Cromartie's head. Cameron believes he has something to do with a shipment of Coltan metal, a key metal in Terminator endoskeletons, being rerouted. Sarah tells John to arm up.

They're going to fight Cromartie.

John, Sarah and Cameron sneak watch workers load Coltan into a truck. Cameron verifies the crew is human, John and Sarah continue to plant C4 charges. John and Sarah see a guard walk into the warehouse. Cameron grabs him from behind and knocks him out. The truck with the Coltan drives off.
They follow the truck and watch the workers. A fourth man enters and tells the three other men to leave. When the three leave, the fourth man grabs a shipment of the super-heavy Coltan and moves it like it's nothing. Cameron scans the man.

He's a Terminator, but not Cromartie.
John wants to destroy this new Terminator. Sarah wants to back off because they're out numbered and don't have a plan. Cameron agrees with Sarah. Sarah and Cameron get in the Jeep, then turn to see John climbing in the window.

John sneaks into the truck carrying the Coltan. He hides hiscell phone in one of the crates. Before he can get out of the truck, the men return and John gets locked inside, along with one of the men.

Another worker holds Cameron and Sarah at gun point. Sarah knocks the man out. Before Sarah and Cameron can get through the warehouse, the truck with John is gone.

Sarah and Cameron track John's phone online. In the truck, John watches his phone shake loose, and smashes on the truck bed. Sarah and Cameron lose the signal. The man in the truck sees the phone. When he bends to grab it, John knocks him out with a piece of Coltan. Sarah panics. John tries to pick the lock on the truck but fails.

John tries to make a break for it, but the two men and the Terminator return. The Terminator kills the two men, and then closes a massive blast door. The Terminator stands at the door and appears to power down.

Sarah and Cameron arrive at the depot where John is. Cameron notes that this is the location where she will be made in the future. They approach the blast door.

The third crew man comes too and finds John. He holds him at gun point. John tries to tell the man that his boss, the Terminator, killed the other two. The man runs out and pushes the Terminator to the ground. The Terminator stands, grabs the man by the neck and kills him. The Terminator faces forward and powers down again.

John carefully moves around the back of the warehouse to use a phone on the wall, he does it quietly, trying not to wake the machine. Sarah's cell phone rings and tells herwhat is going on inside. Sarah tells John that once the door opens, he must run. Cameron will handle the Terminator. The door is locked, and John has to get the key from around the sleeping Terminator's neck. John succeeds and opens the doors.
Cameron rushes in and knocks the Terminator to the ground.

John tries to start the truck and drive it out. The Terminator pushes the truck from the front, holding them back. Sarah blasts him with a shotgun, freeing them and drives over his body. Cameron locks the door behind them and they drive off.

Cameron races the truck off a bluff, destroying the evidence and hiding the shipment of Colton.

Best Moments

Cameron driving the truck off the cliff

Best Quotes

Cameron: We're programmed to blend in.
Cameron: He'll rebuild and continue his mission to hunt and kill.
Cameron: Coltan alloys has a higher melting point.
Sarah: You know what I love about you guys?
Sarah: Even when you've evolved into the ultimate indestructible killing machine, you're not above self-examination and improvement.
Cameron: Thank you.
Sarah: Please shut up.
Cameron: The world ends in four years.

Episode Trivia

Coltan is a real mineral, mined in Africa and used in many electronic devices.