TV Series: GOOD MORNING RABBIT (2010) - Unaired pilot

Supporting role: In Good Morning Rabbit, Summer Glau plays Lucy, one of the Junkyard Sisters.
Good Morning Rabbit (2010).
Plot summary: Side-splittingly funny! Hilariously surreal! GOOD MORNING RABBIT follows the weekly adventures of two platonic friends, BOXER and MIRA, in their efforts to celebrate every one of our great nation’s real holidays – from the most obscure (National Sorry Charlie Day, Flitch Day) to the more well-known (Groundhog Day, Wednesday). Each episode features a new holiday that leads our endearing heroes down the strangest of rabbit holes – nothing is off-limits in their world.
Platonic friends, Boxer and Mira are the rare male-female dynamic duo supporting and sharing their skewed view of the world. In stories that are off-beat and surreal, our main characters attempt to function within the parameters of the real world, aided by Boxer’s inherited fortune and a larger-than-life set of recurring characters such as their go-to assistant, the flamboyant HOLLAND HIDALGO. In the way that Buffy the Vampire Slayer utilized fantastical and sci-fi elements as an allegory for adolescence, GOOD MORNING RABBIT borrows robots, zombies, vampires, time travel, and other colorful conventions in a metaphor for growing up and discovering your greater purpose with a friend at your side.  GOOD MORNING RABBIT is written and directed by Hadley Klein and produced by Nicki Cortese and Kristina Apgar.
Creator: Hadley Klein (former media assistant on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
Network: Pilot not picked up by a network
Release date: Not released
Genre: Comedy | Fantasy
Production credits:  Hadley Klein Productions
Kristina Apgar: Mira
Alex Frost: Boxer
Summer Glau and Lauren Benz Phillips: the Junkyard Sisters, respectively Lucy and Ethel.
Leven Rambin as Dumbleshe
Summer Glau as Lucy in 'Good Morning Rabbit'
Summer Glau as Lucy in
'Good Morning Rabbit'.
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