God's Eye (Alphas)

God's Eye is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of Alphas, an American science fiction dramatic television series created by Zak Penn and Michael Karnow. It follows a group of people with superhuman abilities, known as "Alphas", as they work to prevent crimes committed by other Alphas.
Plot Summary: Kat threatens to walk out on everything, while Bill is the only one who can get through to her. Dr. Rosen is healed as much as possible by another Alpha. Dani returns in what appears to be Dr. Rosen's hallucinations. The team races against time, learning Parish has set the photostimulators to go off at 8:18 PM on the 150th anniversary of the day he discovered he was an Alpha. Gary visits his mother in the hospital, where he runs into Dr. Rosen. He helps him find Parish's "god's eye view", in Grand Central Station in New York City, where Parish plans on watching the "end of the world". The team, helped by Skylar Adams, races to find and disable Parish's bombs, while Dr. Rosen and Parish square off.
Episode: Season 2 Episode 13
Original air date: October 22, 2012
Director: Matthew Hastings
Writer: Bruce Miller
Guest actors :
Summer Glau: Skylar Adams
Kathleen Munroe: Danielle Rosen
Summer Glau as Skylar Adams in Alphas 2.13 God's Eye.
Summer Glau as Skylar Adams in Alphas 2.13 God's Eye

Alphas 2.13 God's Eye - Promo:

Skylar Adams quotes :

Skylar: "Oh, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to insult the man you love."
Nina: "I don't love Hicks."
Skylar: "Guess it's time to go save the world."
Kat: "You did it. Even after all that crap you pulled. You did it."
Rachel: "We did it."
Skylar Adams: "Mostly I did it. Whatever...Yay, team."


  • This episode airs on the same month and day as the one in this episode (October 22nd); it is Stanton Parish's 150th anniversary of discovering he was an Alpha.
  • The time 8:18 (When the photo stimulators activate) is a bible reference to Luke 8:18 which states;  "Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him."
  • The music at the end is Simon & Garfunkel's "The Only Living Boy in New York".
  • Almost three months after the episode aired, the Syfy Channel announced that they had canceled the series.