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Gnothi Seauton

Episode Number: 02


Original Air Date:January 14, 2008

: Josh Friedman

Director:David Nutter

Special Guest(s):
Dean Winters as Charley

Episode Synopsis

John goes stir crazy when he's confined to the house, Sarah looks up an old friend for some help, but she may face betrayal, and Cromartie begins reassembling himself.

Plot Danglers

A man is cleaning the side of a road. He finds the head of a Terminator lying amongst the garbage. He slips it into his bag and takes it home.

Sarah hopes to track down Enrique, who ten years ago, was a master of fake identification. Cameron tells Sarah that there are Resistance fighters from the future in the area. Sarah tells John to stay inside the house for another day.

Sarah and Cameron enter a rundown apartment. Several men are dead on the floor. They're the Resistance fighters. Cameron checks the pulse of one man; the man springs to life and throws her across the room. He's a Terminator. The two battle and fall into the alley below. The enemy robot flees and Cameron gives chase. But, then Cameron is struck by a car and the Terminator escapes.

Back at home, Sarah is angry that Cameron brought them to the future, thinking it was taking away time from her to prepare her son. But Cameron reveals that Sarah would have died two years ago anyway from cancer.

Cameron tells John and Sarah that Skynet doesn't know where they are. The Terminator that Cameron battled wasn't programmed to kill John. But Cameron warns that if they find out who he is, they'll kill him. Sarah begs John to be patient. Sarah and Cameron leave to find Enrique.

Enrique is happy to see Sarah. Sarah asks for papers, but Enrique says he has retired. He refers them to his nephew, Carlos, who continues the business.

Sarah and Cameron visit Carlos. When Carlos' dogs go crazy, Sarah sends Cameron outside. Carlos will do the work for twenty-thousand dollars.

A cop harasses Cameron outside. The cop goes to check the license plates of the car that Sarah drove, and Cameron begins to follow the cop with the intention of killing him. Sarah shouts to distract her. Sarah acts like she's Cameron's step mother and pulls Cameron away.

Later, Sarah, Cameron and John sneak back into the apartment of the dead Resistance fighters. John tears down a poster to reveal a safe. Cameron touches the keypad and it electrocutes her. A Terminator makes his way upstairs. John enters the date for Judgment Day on the keypad and opens the safe. They grab a bag inside, and then shove the Cameron out the window, since she has yet to reboot. Her body smashes a car. Cameron reboots, and the three run off. From behind a dark fence, an unseen man with the Resistance tattoo watches them leave.

Carlos delivers Sarah's new papers. On the way out, Sarah overhears Carlos calling Enrique a rat.
Sarah wants the truth from Enrique and holds him at gunpoint. She gives him another chance to come clean and wants to know if Enrique is selling her out. He tells her about turning evidence against his cellmate. Suddenly, Cameron shoots him and says she did it because Sarah wouldn't. Sarah is furious, and begins to break down.

Best Moments

Cameron lifts her head from the shattered windshield and tells the occupants, "Please remain calm."

Best Quotes

Cameron: Why are diamonds a girl's best friend?
Cameron: He was possibly lying.
Cameron: Thank you for explaining.
Cameron: John has a high level of stress.
Sarah Connor
: Genetics are a *****.

Episode Trivia

"Gnothi Seauton" is greek for "Know Thyself"