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Episode Number:06


Original Air Date: February 18, 2008

: Ashley Edward Miller

Director:Zack Stentz

Special Guest(s):
Dean Winters (Charley Dixon)
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Episode Synopsis

While receiving medical treatment Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green) has flashbacks of his life in the future, and his personal battle against the machines. Meanwhile, Sarah finds herself trying to explain the past to Charley.

Plot Danglers


John asks Cameron if she knows who Derek is. Cameron responds by reciting tactical data such as Derek's full name and rank ("Lieutenant Derek Thomas Reese"). Unsatisfied, John demands more, to which Cameron replies that Derek's only blood relative is his brother Kyle. Prompted for more information about Kyle, she recalls that Kyle was imprisioned in a Skynet work camp which he escaped alongside John Connor; he was declared MIA (missing in action) after the events of The Terminator. John then looks back at Derek.

In the garage, Cameron dissects the other Terminator, cutting away pieces of the fake-flesh.

Charlie goes to the garage and sees Cameron dumping thermite on the endoskeleton. Charlie then talks with Cameron and ends up telling her that she is a "very scary robot." Cameron appears to take offense and tells him to leave. She drops a torch into the thermite, then watches the Terminator endoskeltion as it is destroyed.

Sarah confronts Cameron in the garage about what she said to Charlie. Sarah tells Cameron that she cannot kill Charlie. Cameron tells Sarah the Terminator's left had is missing, and Cameron swears to find it. Sarah leaves, whereupon Cameron reveals the Terminator's memory chip in her hand, which she kept, unknown to the Connor's.


Derek turns the corner and sees a Terminator, possibly Cameron, walking towards him. He yells "metal," then grabs his pistol and tries to fire at her, but he's blocked by a Resistance fighter. The man tells Derek she has been reprogrammed. Derek is furious that Terminators are walking freely in the base.

Derek sits on a bunk in the shelter. The Cameron model machine tells him John wants to see him, and takes him to a secure section of the bunker. The door opens and Derek stands, amazed. A giant machine pulsates, using several 747 jet engines. It's the time machine.

Best Moments

Cameron incinerates the T-888 illuminating her face revealing her endoskeleton face and her eyes glow blue.
The music from the basement

Best Quotes

Charley: You freak me the hell out.

Charley: On the outside, you're just as pretty as a picture.

Charley: But on the inside, you're a--

Cameron: Hyper-alloy combat chassis.

Charley: Is that a complicated way of saying "robot?"

Cameron: Cybernetic organism.

Cameron: Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.

Charley: Okay. scary robot.

Charley: And here you are, carving up this guy into chum.

Cameron: He's not a guy. he's a scary robot.

Charley: Okay, he's a scary robot?

Charley: You, you're a very scary robot.

Cameron: You should go.

Cameron: It's not safe for you here.

Episode Trivia

The music heard from the basement was Nocturne in C-sharp minor composed by Frederic Chopin (1830). This piece was also featured in the film "The Pianist."