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Desert Cantos

Desert Canto's - Summer Glau Wiki

Episode Number:15


Original Air Date: February 20, 2009

John Wirth
Ian Goldberg

Director:J. Miller Tobin

Special Guest(s):
Mackenzie Smith as Savannah; Alanna Masterson as Zoe McCarthy; Adam Wylie as Henry Douglas, Jr.; Susan Floyd as Stella McCarthy; Thomas Garner as Mourner; Cyd Strittmatter as Diana Winston; Shane Edelman as Matt Murch; Jim Jansen as Minister; John Pyper-Ferguson as George McCarthy; Max Perlich as Walsh; Ned Bellamy as Ed Winston

Episode Synopsis

Sarah, John, Cameron and Derek investigate the company town connected to the destroyed factory while Weaver sends her own man into town in search of a potential survivor.

Plot Danglers

to investigate the destruction of a factory they believe to be related to Skynet, the four key characters attend memorial services for those killed in an "accidental" explosion which wiped out "almost all" persons working at the factory. The factory was alleged to be an air conditioning plant, but no one believed that and no one really knew what did go on there. Nor does anyone believe the explosion was an accident. The behavior of one mother and daughter seems peculiar to Cameron and it is determined that the woman's husband is still alive.

Best Moments

Best Quotes

Cameron Phillips: [about Zoe] She hasn't looked at her father's picture since we've been here - not once. Neither has her mother.
Derek Reese
: Yeah, and?
Cameron Phillips
: If you had a photo of Kyle Reese, you'd look at it, wouldn't you? - Maybe there's something I don't understand.






Episode Guide - Saved By The Bell