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Daddy's Little Girl

Episode Number: 9


Original Air Date:
August 12, 2007


Ira Steven Behr
Amy Berg


Nick Copus

Special Guest(s):

Mahershalalhashbaz Ali - Richard Tyler
Jeffrey Combs - Kevin Burkhoff
Summer Glau - Tess Doerner
Tess Doerner

Episode Synopsis

Richard surprises Isabelle when he shows up in Promise City ... but the happy reunion takes a turn when Richard kidnaps her in hopes of starting a new life with his daughter. Meanwhile, Tess, her schizophrenia out of control, uses her ability to take control of people at a diner, forcing Kevin to call Shawn for help.


In other events, Kevin Burkoff calls Shawn for help when Tess has a schizophrenic episode and uses her ability to take control of patrons at a diner. Shawn and Kevin are able to talk Tess into letting the patrons go and Shawn uses his ability to cure Tess of her schizophrenia. Later, Shawn offers Kevin and Tess a home at the 4400 Center. Kevin reveals that he is working on a test that will tell someone if they will live or die from a promicin shot.

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Episode Trivia

  • Richard used the power of another 4400 to make Isabelle young again.
  • Shawn successfully healed Tess of her schizophrenia.
  • Dr. Burkhoff indicates to Shawn that he may be on the way to finding out why some people survive the Promicin shot while others don't.
  • Tom Baldwin and Meghan Doyle begin a casual relationship. Tom's "mark" also returns.


Tess Doerner

The first time we get to see Tess Mind control Abilites gone haywire.
Tess Doerner

Tess overhears Kevin Phoneing shawn and then Tess becoms Angry.
Tess Doerner

Tess is mind control abilitys are weaking as tess is Stressing herself under her own powers.
Tess Doerner

Shawn Cures tess of her schizophrenic Disorder buy telling her that kevin is Bobby and buy holding her hands.
Tess Doerner

Kevin brings Tess to her Counciling session meating with shawn to discuss about her imediate recovery of her schizophrenic disorder.