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Brothers of Nablus

Episode Number:7


Original Air Date: Nov. 3, 2008

: Ian Goldberg


Special Guest(s):
(Stephanie Jacobson) as Jesse; (Busy Phillips) as Kacy Corbin; (Leah Pipes) as Jody; (Jillian Armenante) as Rita;
(Amro Salama) as Supervisor; (Andrew Ableson) as Moishe;
(Scott Vance) as Kaplan; (Glenn Taranto) as Bardo; (Charlene Lovings) as Holly; (Cornell Womack) as Dr. Ostrowski; (James Gleason) as Phil DeWitt; (Jeanette O'Connor) as Donna DeWitt; (Joe Hursley) as Tristan DeWitt;
(Danny Martinez) as Dave; (Ronnie Connell) as Nicholas.

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Episode Synopsis

The Connors find themselves on high alert and in odd company after their house is robbed. Elsewhere, one Terminator terrorizes Ellison, while another gets dangerously close to John Connor. Meanwhile, Derek and Jesse continue to get reacquainted.

Plot Danglers

Sarah, John and Cameron return home to find out they've been robbed. The guilty party made off with diamonds, cash, credit cards and IDs, as well as food, which means the criminals were human. Sarah calls Derek (who is in bed with Jesse) to tell him she's worried about the security risk of the IDs making it into the system and they plan to meet downtown. John admits to Sarah that the mistake was his, that Riley forgot to reset the alarm when she left.

We cut to the halfway house Cameron had visited several episodes earlier and see that her picture is just now being entered into the county's database. As it goes into a scanner, Cameron's picture immediately pops up on a computer screen in Cromartie's car.

Sarah, Derek and Cameron visit a diamond fence named Moishe (friend of Jesse's) who happens to have a good deal of their jewels in his possession. He tells them he got the stolen merchandise from a Walter Ostrowski.

Jody takes Cromartie to a grocery store, coincidentally at the same time John and Riley are there shopping. Some dumb luck (Jody accidentally knocking stuff over) prevents Cromartie from finding John.

Sarah & Co. find Ostrowski, who happens to be a dentist. It turns out that Ostrowski did not rob them, but instead is in debt to Moishe. Sarah and Derek argue following this development, with Derek questioning both security and John's overall maturity.

A very angry Sarah returns to Moishe's office. After Cameron effortlessly tosses his gigantic bodyguard into some shelving, Moishe gives up that he actually got their diamonds from a guy named Tristan Dewitt

Sarah and Cameron visit with Dewitt's parents, who tell them their son is a habitual thief who lives with them and works at a local video store.

After Cameron explains the Biblical story of the Brothers of Nablus (our episode title) to Sarah, Sarah gets a call that her credit card has been used at a local bowling alley. We cut to Cromartie, who sees the exact same information flash across the screen in his convertible. Oh crap.

We cut to the bowling alley, where the unshaven Dewitt is describing a terrible movie idea to two of his friends, and holds up the diamonds just as Sarah and Cameron walk in. The fellas quickly hand over the remaining stolen goods and credit card. Spotting another pair of shoes, Sarah begins walking away to look for the fourth person. As she does Cameron shoots all three men, coldly saying "they knew where we lived."

Best Moments

Cameron gunned down the burglars

Best Quotes

Cameron: Riley climbed out John's window. The alarm would have had to have been turned off for her to do that.

Cameron: Canada. We should move to Canada.

Cameron: Three days later, while Shechem's men were still in pain from the circumcision, Dinah's brothers rode into the city and killed them all.

Sarah: That's your kind of story.

Cameron: Yes. My kind of story.

Cameron: My jacket, give it to me.

Guy: Come and get it.

Cameron: Come and give it to me.

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