Specialties:Information Technology
Chief Programmer, D.C. Dollhouse
Bennett Halverson
Hobbies:Computers and science
Nickname(s):The Loveable Geek.
Personality type:Careing Lovable and mistchievous
Weakness(es): The love for Topher
Strength(s):Her Knowledge of the Rival Dollhouse.
She is genius.

  • ---What's interesting to me is that - you don't call out to God. It isn't a question of faith, it's just the venacular. Anyone in this much pain prays, or at least curses. But we take God from you too. You really are a shell.
  • --- Heh. Yes and no. This is one of my memories of you. This is the last time I saw you. This is what you did to me. Not just to my arm. To *me*. I want you to feel this. There is something worse than pain.
  • ---You thought... That's idiotic. Actives are beautiful.
  • ---[to Topher] How about, while I build the magic bullets, you work on adapting your gun.
  • --I assumed we'd fill him with travel memories--a layover in Milwaukee, some turbulence--and something to explain any dehydration or disorientation. Bad shrimp... or a film with a dog
  • --I'm going to have to rebuild the CR10 relays to the amygdala. A fun time for me
  • --You used the company jet to abduct the programmer of a rival House
  • --.I'm sure you'll be dead by then. (seeing the House) It's a very open space. Quite a lot of beige. You let them roam. They roam like free-range chickens. We keep ours more like veal
  • --A diet soda.
  • -- You know who you are. You're so fearless. I'd love to get a look at your amygdala.
  • -- I would need to understand the context.
  • --I didn't suppose that it would be a historical figure. Who is it?

  • ---There are several possible references and in-jokes about the television series "Firefly", which is also written by Joss Whedon and which one of Summer Glau's most prominent characters in her career, River Tam, appears as one of the main characters.
  • ---During a flashback of Caroline seeing a picture of Bennett Halverson, she mutters "bet you could kill me with your brain". This is a reference to a casual remark by River, "Also, I can kill youwith my brain."
  • ---Bennett's death, being shot through the brain, could probably be another reference to the Firefly series, as in the film sequel to Firefly, "Serenity", River pleaded her brother, Simon Tam, to "put a bullet in her brainpan".
  • --During the flashback when Caroline was helping Bennett with a make-over, Bennett commented on how fearless she perceived Caroline to be, and said that she would like to examine Caroline's amygdala. In Firefly, River was known to have been extensively experimented on by the Alliance, including having her amygdala removed.
  • --The characters of Bennett Halverson and River Tam also share notable similarities. Both are so-called "off-the-chart smart" geniuses, and both have a tendency to talk to herself and/or speak in incoherent sentences every now and then.

  • ---The Public Eye
  • ---The Left Hand
  • ---Getting Closer
  • ---Epitaph Two The Return