TV Series: ARROW (2012 - )

In Arrow, Summer Glau plays Isabel Rochev, the beautiful and dangerous Vice President of Acquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company looking to take over Queen Consolidated.
Arrow poster
Oliver Queen as the hooded
vigilante Green Arrow.
Plot summary: A re-imagining of the classic DC superhero the Green Arrow, Arrow follows the beginnings of Oliver Queen’s (aka the Green Arrow) career as the emerald-hooded vigilante armed with a bow protecting Starling City. Arrow cast Oliver as a broken character who returns to the “real” world after spending five years stuck on a deserted island and presumed dead. Changed physically and psychologically, Oliver is no longer the carefree playboy he once was, and between dealing with changes in his family and friends he must deal with the mental scars of his stay on the island, as well as enact revenge on all those who wronged his father.
Creator: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg
Network: The CW
Release date: October 10, 2012 (USA)
Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi
Production credits: Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television
Stephen Amell: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
Katie Cassidy: Laurel Lance
Colin Donnell: Tommy Merlyn
David Ramsey: John Diggle
Willa Holland: Thea Queen
Susanna Thompson: Moira Queen
Paul Blackthorne: Detective Quentin Lance
Emily Bett Rickards: Felicity Smoak
John Barrowman: Malcolm Merlyn
Summer Glau: Isabel Rochev

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In Arrow, Summer Glau plays Isabel Rochev, the beautiful and dangerous Vice President of Aquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company looking to take over Queen Consolidated.
Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev.

Episode Guide  (click on the title of the episode for more informations):

Season 2, episode 1: City of Heroes

Summer Glau in Arrow 2x01 City of Heroes
Original Air Date: 9 October 2013
John and Felicity travel to Lian Yu in search of Oliver who left Starling City after The Undertaking. Convinced to return home, Oliver finds that things are in worse shape than he thought – Isabel Rochev is preparing a hostile takeover of Queen Consolidated, Thea refuses to visit Moira in jail, Roy is trying to fill the void left by Arrow's absence, and Laurel is working with the District Attorney's office to take down the vigilante. Meanwhile, flashbacks to the island show Slade, Shado and Oliver in a desperate situation.


Season 2, episode 4: Crucible

Summer Glau in Arrow 2x04 Crucible
Original Air Date: 30 October 2013
Oliver discovers a man who goes by the name "The Mayor" is bringing illegal guns into the Glades, so Oliver sponsors a "Cash for Guns" event to help clean up the city. Unfortunately, The Mayor crashes the event with his gang and seriously injures Sin. The Canary is furious when she learns her friend is in the hospital and sets out for revenge. Meanwhile, Felicity stuns Oliver with a bit of information about the Canary, Donner asks Laurel to dinner, and John reconnects with an old friend.


Season 2, episode 6: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Summer Glau in Arrow 2x06 Keep Your Enemies Closer
Original Air Date: 13 November 2013
Amanda Waller sends A.R.G.U.S. agents to kidnap John. Waller informs John that Lyla has gone missing after following a lead on Deadshot in Moscow. When John tells the team he's headed to Russia to rescue Lyla, Oliver and Felicity decide to join, but things get messy when Isabel shows up on the tarmac and insists on joining Oliver's "work trip". Meanwhile, Moira's lawyer, Jean, tells Thea that dating Roy, a known criminal, is hurting her mother's case.


Season 2, episode 8: The Scientist

Summer Glau in Arrow 2x08 The Scientist
Original Air Date: 04 December 2013
A seemingly impossible robbery at Queen Consolidated’s Applied Sciences Division brings Central City police scientist Barry Allen to town. Citing a similar case back home, Barry offers to help Oliver and team with the investigation. Oliver senses there is more to Barry than meets the eye, but he’s distracted by the similarities between this current case and something that happened on the island. Meanwhile, Felicity takes a liking to Barry, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Oliver. Sin asks Roy for help when a friend of hers goes missing. Roy is surprised when Thea not only encourages him to help, but joins the search. Unfortunately, Sin’s friend is connected to Brother Blood, and their search ultimately gets one of them seriously injured.

Season 2, episode 18: Deathstroke

Summer Glau in Arrow 2x18 Deathstroke
Original Air Date: 02 April 2014
Slade (Manu Bennett) makes his move against Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the repercussions are enormous. While Oliver scrambles to protect his family, a key player in his team starts to question Oliver’s decisions. Meanwhile, Isabel (guest star Summer Glau) makes her move to take Queen Consolidated away from Oliver.


Season 2, episode 19: The Man Under The Hood

Summer Glau in Arrow 2x19 The Man Under The Hood
Original Air Date: 16 April 2014
Oliver (Stephen Amell), Canary (Caity Lotz), Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) return to the lair and find Slade (Manu Bennett) waiting for them.  An epic battle breaks out and one member of Team Arrow is sent to the hospital.  Thea (Willa Holland) hits her breaking point, but just as Oliver is about to reach her, Slade intervenes and Oliver is faced with a choice – his battle with Slade or his family.  Meanwhile, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) struggles with a new secret.


Season 2, episode 21: City of Blood

Summer Glau in Arrow 2x21 City of Blood
Original Air Date: 30 April 2014
After Slade (Manu Bennett) threatens to take everything Oliver (Stephen Amell) loves away, Oliver decides the fastest way to stop further bloodshed is to surrender to his enemy. Knowing that surrender will surely lead to Oliver’s death, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) go to extreme measures to keep Oliver from confronting Slade. Meanwhile, Thea (Willa Holland) considers leaving town, and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) resumes her crusade against Sebastian Blood (guest star Kevin Alejandro). Finally, Slade unleashes his assault on Starling City.

Season 2, episode 22: Streets of Fire

Summer Glau in Arrow 2x22 Streets of Fire
Original Air Date: 07 May 2014
Oliver (Stephen Amell) rallies his team as Slade’s (Manu Bennett) soldiers attack the city. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) gets a call from S.T.A.R. Labs with game-changing news and Thea (Willa Holland) comes face-to-face with her father – Malcolm Merlyn (guest star John Barrowman).

Season 2, episode 23: Unthinkable

Summer Glau in Arrow 2x23 Unthinkable
Original Air Date: 14 May 2014
Slade moves forward with his plan to kill one more person in Oliver's life. While Oliver has fought all year to be more than the killer he once was, when Slade kidnaps someone close to Oliver’s heart, Oliver is pushed to the edge and realizes sometimes it takes doing the unthinkable to stop the monster. Meanwhile, Diggle takes on Amanda Waller with a little help from some friends, and Thea turns to Roy in her time of need.


Trivias :
  • Isabel Rochev's appearance was hinted in season one; her name was glimpsed on Robert Queen’s 'list."

Character's name Isabel Rochev was glimpsed on Robert Queen’s list

  • We got a glimpse of Isabel Rochev (even if her name was not mentioned) in Arrow 1×22 “Darkness At The Edge of Town”.
    UPDATE: in the light of the Arrow season 2 finale, it was Amanda Waller and not Isabel Rochev.
    Near the middle of the episode, we return on the island and found out what Fyers’s boss end game is. Fyers, the man leading the operations on the island, is going to destabilize the Chinese economy by shooting down a Ferris Airlines plane. We see Fyers calling his boss using a satellite phone saying "It's happening". The man at the other end of the line then reports to a lady, visibly at the head of this whole operation.
    The woman is only shown from the knees down as she is sitting in a chair, and of course the actress supposed to play the part was not cast at the time this episode was filmed 

Glimpse of Isabel Rochev in Arrow 1×22 Darkness At The Edge of Town