TV Series: ALPHAS (2011 - 2012)

In Alphas, Summer Glau plays Skylar Adams, whose Alpha ability allows her to create technology years beyond our most advanced modern tech - and improvise some very formidable weapons from the most innocuous of objects. Summer appeared as a guest on the show in season 1 and as a recurring character in season 2.
Alphas poster
The cast of Alphas season one.
Plot summary: Alphas follows a team of ordinary citizens with extraordinary mental and physical abilities. Taking the law into their own hands, the unlikely team, led by Dr. Leigh Rosen (Emmy Award-winner and Oscar nominee David Strathairn) investigates cases that suggest other Alpha activity to uncover what the CIA, FBI and Pentagon have not been able, or willing, to solve. These gifted individuals must balance their quirky personalities and disparate backgrounds with their not always visible powers as they work to solve crimes, stop the ticking time bomb and catch the enemy.
Creator: Michael Karnow, Zak Penn
Network: Syfy
Release date: July 11, 2011 (USA)
Genre: Action | Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Production credits: BermanBraun, Universal Cable Productions
David Strathairn: Dr. Lee Rosen
Ryan Cartwright: Gary Bell
Warren Christie: Cameron Hicks
Azita Ghanizada: Rachel Pirzad
Laura Mennell: Nina Theroux
Malik Yoba: Bill Harken
Mahershala Ali: Nathan Clay
John Pyper-Ferguson: Stanton Parish
Summer Glau: Skylar Adams

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In Arrow, Summer Glau plays Isabel Rochev, the beautiful and dangerous Vice President of Aquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company looking to take over Queen Consolidated.
Summer Glau as Skylar Adams.

Episode Guide  (click on the title of the episode for more informations):

Season 1, episode 7: Catch and Release

Summer Glau in Alphas 1.07 Catch and Release
Original Air Date: August 22, 2011
The team is ordered to find and protect Skylar (Summer Glau), an Alpha with the skill to build almost anything that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Gary's mom, after the events of the last episode, tries to keep Gary out of the Alpha's office. Skylar is chased by NSA for sending encrypted messages to someone called "Z". It turns out that Z, short for Zoe, is Skylar's five year old daughter who created a method of super encryption, enabling Skylar and Zoe to communicate safely. The Alphas let Skylar and her daughter go to live in Canada in peace in exchange for the tracking system which Rosen then destroys, in order to protect the Alphas from his superiors who might want to use their powers for ulterior motives. Gary confronts his mother, telling her he won't leave the team.

Season 2, episode 6: Alphaville

Summer Glau in Alphas 2.06 Alphaville
Original Air Date: August 27, 2012
Determined to find what the ability-enhancing device (photic stimulator) is fully capable of, Dr. Rosen brings the team to a small community for refugee Alphas, in order to request help from Skylar Adams. Dr. Rosen's daughter compromises everything when she exploits her relationship with Hicks to feed Stanton Parish information. During their visit, Skylar's daughter Zoe gets kidnapped by Parish's men, who want the device back, which amplifies both Scipios and Rachel's abilities. Zoe is rescued by Hicks, Bill and Skylar. In the end, Dr. Rosen tasks Bill with finding the mole in their midst, and Skylar is approached by Stanton Parish. 

Season 2, episode 12: Need to Know

Summer Glau in Alphas 2.12 Need to Know
Original Air Date: October 15, 2012
Parish's plot thickens causing possibly thousands of deaths in the long run. Dr. Rosen picks certain members of the team to move forward against Parish, while the others are left in the dark, causing trust issues. Cornell is caught after trying to capture Mitchell. Skylar and Zoe are held captive by Parish's men and forced to design a gadget that will lead to the "end of the world". Gary gets booted from the hospital. Dr. Rosen and Hicks find Parish's center and learn about his plan. Dr. Rosen stays behind in the center to take out Parish while Hicks warns the group. Dr. Rosen is shot and left for dead. 

Season 2, episode 13: God's Eye

Summer Glau in Alphas 2.13 God's Eye
Original Air Date: October 22, 2012
Kat threatens to walk out on everything, while Bill is the only one who can get through to her. Dr. Rosen is healed as much as possible by another Alpha. Dani returns in what appears to be Dr. Rosen's hallucinations. The team races against time, learning Parish has set the photostimulators to go off at 8:18 PM on the 150th anniversary of the day he discovered he was an Alpha. Gary visits his mother in the hospital, where he runs into Dr. Rosen. He helps him find Parish's "god's eye view", in Grand Central Station in New York City, where Parish plans on watching the "end of the world". The team, helped by Skylar Adams, races to find and disable Parish's bombs, while Dr. Rosen and Parish square off.

Trivias :
  • There are references to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in almost every episode of Alphas with Summer Glau.