Catch and Release (Alphas)

Catch and Release is the seventh episode of the first season of Alphas, an American science fiction dramatic television series created by Zak Penn and Michael Karnow. It follows a group of people with superhuman abilities, known as "Alphas", as they work to prevent crimes committed by other Alphas. In episode "Catch and Release," Summer Glau plays a rogue Alpha with an ability for inventing stuff nobody ever seen before.  She is somekind of super-MacGyver, but her stuff is much cooler than Richard Dean Anderson could ever imagine. She has a past with Doctor Rosen’s team. Now she Is on the run, and it is up to our team of Alpha heroes to bring her in.
Plot Summary: The team is ordered to find and protect Skylar (Summer Glau), an Alpha with the skill to build almost anything that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Gary's mom, after the events of the last episode, tries to keep Gary out of the Alpha's office. Skylar is chased by NSA for sending encrypted messages to someone called "Z". It turns out that Z, short for Zoe, is Skylar's five year old daughter who created a method of super encryption, enabling Skylar and Zoe to communicate safely. The Alphas let Skylar and her daughter go to live in Canada in peace in exchange for the tracking system which Rosen then destroys, in order to protect the Alphas from his superiors who might want to use their powers for ulterior motives. Gary confronts his mother, telling her he won't leave the team.
Episode: Season 1 Episode 7
Original air date: August 22, 2011
Director: Kevin Hooks
Writer: Michael Karnow
Guest actors :
Summer Glau: Skylar Adams
Skyler Wexler: Zoe
Summer Glau as Skylar Adams in Alphas 1.07 Catch and Release.
Summer Glau as Skylar Adams in Alphas 1.07 Catch and Release.

Alphas 1.07 Catch and Release - Promo:

Skylar Adams quotes :

Skylar: "Later flunkies!"
Nina: "A few more tweaks, you could probably turn that into a time machine. "
Skylar: "I already did. I'm visiting you from the future. "
Nina: "Yeah, but the future you would have even more tattoos."


  • Because Skylar made Gary a cell phone that had a direct line to her,  everyone was expecting Summer Glau to come back in Alphas.