Allison from Palmdale - Summer Glau Wiki

Episode Number: 4


Original Air Date: September 29, 2008

: Toni Graphia

Director:Charles Beeson

Special Guest(s):
(Busy Philipps).Kacy Corbin
(Leah Pipes) Jody
(Jon Huertas) Trevor
(Jillian Armenante) Rita
(Garvin Funches) Police Officer
(Fay Wolf) Lila
(Enrico Natale) Customer
(Roberto Sanchez) Desk Sergeant
(Jeff Leaf) Helmut
(Ralph Cole) Male Prostitute
(Amy Tolsky) Housewife
(Ali Chen) Secretary
(Laura Leyva) Doctor
(Ace Gibson) Slacker
(Jessica Makinson) Woman / Mrs. Young
(Ray Conchado) Security Guard
(Mackenzie Smith) Savannah

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Episode Synopsis

A software glitch causes Cameron to forget who she is. She goes missing from the Connors and is taken in by a street kid named Jody. Cameron and Jody end up at a halfway house where Cameron meets with a social worker who uncovers some of Cameron's distant memories.
Meanwhile, Catherine Weaver meets with Agent Ellison to discuss his future at Zeira Corp, and Ellison does some digging into Weaver's past.

Plot Danglers

he episode opens with an unknown woman running along a dark tunnel, forcing her way through a door before being snagged by a large net. Immediately we cut to Cameron, who was apparently remembering this (since I doubt terminators day-dream).

Cameron is in the car with John, who drops her off at the supermarket while he hits another store.

While pushing a car through the supermarket Cameron has another flashback and while in a daze she knocks over a bunch of produce. The police are called in and during that conversation she flashbacks (or is it a flashforward?) to an interrogation by a skinless terminator. Cameron tells the terminator her name is "Allison, Allison Young."

Cameron ends up in custody where shes befriended by a blonde named Jody. Cameron introduces herself as Allison.

John goes to the supermarket and finds out Cameron was taken by the cops. Cameron and Jody are released at the same time and, after seeing her wad of cash, Jody invites Cameron to join her.

John is searching the streets for Cameron and Jody.

We're back to back-story Cameron, who is in a dungeon-like room being fed a plate of rough-looking food. Cut to Cameron and Jody, who is relaying a little of her story as the two appear to be connecting. Just then a dude arrives and begins yelling at Jody, followed by a straight right hand to her jaw. The guy then grabs Cameron, but instead of ripping his arms off and beating him with them she the guy all her cash to get rid of him. Whaaa?

More friend-building between Cameron and Jody as the two check into a halfway house, and Cameron lists her name as "Young Alison "

More back-story interrogation of Cameron, which is cut together with a present-day visit by a halfway house counselor. Similar questions are asked by terminator/counselor, and the biggest revelation is hearing Cameron describe a father, a mother and a sister, the latter of which gave her a bracelet the terminator is asking about. She tearfully tells the terminator a previous birthday party never happened because "everyone was dead." We then find out in both interviews that Cameron is from Palmdale.

The phone rings in a house somewhere and a young woman answers. "Mom?" Cameron asks from a phone in the counselors office, "its me, Allison." The counsel gets on the phone and we confirm that the woman is a Mrs. Young, and she is pregnant, presumably with yet-to-be-born Allison. (Or is it Cameron? My head hurts.)

John finally finds Cameron at the halfway house. When he confronts her she has no idea who he is and doesnt recognize the name Cameron. He tells her shes a machine and that her "chip is messed up," which prompts another flashback. In this one Cameron is running from something, past cages with humans and animals and eventually leaps off the edge of what turns out to be an aircraft carrier and into the water. Immediately shes grabbed by a net.

Back at the halfway house Cameron ends up shoving John into a way before security makes him leave. Flashback Cameron is thrown on the floor, looks up and sees . . . another Cameron! This new Cameron tells her (in the same voice as the skinless terminator from the interrogation) that "you shouldnt ha
ve run."

New and old Cameron talk, and it becomes clear that this terminator has replicated the girl named Allison. (But if our Cameron isn't Allison, how could she have been reflecting on memories that occurred when Allison was by herself? Man, my head hurts.)

Cameron tells Allison that shes very brave, which "must be why John Connor chose you." Cameron tells Allison that the humans are all going to be killed, but that "some of us don't want that. Some of us want peace." Cameron tells Allison that she wasn't just chosen by John Connor, but by "us" and demands to know where his camp is.

We're back in the counselor's office and Cameron tells the counselor she is a machine programmed to infiltrate of the human resistance and to find John Connor. The counsel then asks Cameron what she will do when she fins John Connor: "I'm going to kill him and hang his head on a pike for all to see."

Cameron starts asking Jody questions about her life, sounding very much like the flashback interrogation. The counselor calls the authorities about Cameron's threat, but when they arrive the girls are gone.
Cameron and Jody arrive at a house where Jody claims to have babysit, while John sits in his car nearby. As Jody's stories from earlier unravel, it becomes clear this house belongs to Jody's parents. Cameron keeps interrogating Jody, and we flashback to the Cameron/Allison meeting where Allison had lied to Cameron in an attempt to expose her as a terminator.

Cameron grabs Allison by the throat and kills her, saying that she has already helped her get to John Connor. So apparently our Cameron isnt one of the good guys after all. Fooey.

Back in the house Cameron starts getting all Camerony on Jody, accusing her of lying and grabbing her by the throat. John comes in to find Jody lying on the floor, still alive, as he and Cameron flee.

Our last scene is John and Cameron driving together, with Cameron beginning to copy some of Jody's fabricated bio as the episode comes to an end.

Best Quotes

Cameron: Fixed me? Why would you fix me?

Cameron: I think... I'm a machine.

Councelor: A machine. What kind of machine?

Cameron: From the future.

Councelor: What do you do in the future?

Cameron: I'm an infiltrator.

Councelor: What do you infiltrate?

ameron: The human resistance.

Councelor: I see. Why?

Cameron: It's what I was programmed for.

Councelor: Programmed.

Cameron: To find John Connor.

Councelor: Why's he so important?

Cameron: He's the one who saves mankind.

Councelor: Saves them. From...What?

Cameron: Extinction.

Councelor: And what are you gonna do when you find John Connor?

Cameron: I'm going to kill him and hang his head on a pike for all to see.

Cameron: I got it at this awesome thrift store in echo park.

Episode Trivia

Alison's street buddy, Jody, was an artist who saw right through her. She sketched Alison with the terminator structure.
Alison in the future saw a tiger, bear and monkey in cages near the people on the aircraft carrier.