Specialties:Resistance fighter
Allison Young
Hobbies:Protecting John and the Resistance fighters
Nickname(s):Ally Alison Ltd Alison Young.
Personality type:respectful caring
Weakness(es): Cameron
She is also timid
She doesn't eat much while being captured but that makes her weak against the enemy.
Strength(s):She Refused to give in to her own fear's and tell were the resistance base is and defends john against the Model-TOK715 Cameron Phillips there for she is fearful.
She is brave and can tackle any situations that come at hand even when she was cornered by the machines on the Air craft carrier when she got captured.
She doesn't like the food that machines gives her.
she can sense danger from a mile off and has a keen eye for her escape routes out of the skynet prison ships.

  • --- My name? Why should I tell you? Go ahead. I'm dying to hear it. Allison! Allison Young!
  • --- My sister gave it to me for my birthday. July 22nd.
  • --- saw a boy ride by on a solar mountain bike, and I told my Dad, "That's what I want" And he said, "Next year"
  • --I wanna go home.
  • --I don't know what you're talking about.
  • --I told you where the camp was
  • --I'll never help you get to John Connor.
  • -- Why are we having this conversation?
  • --

  • ---Alison is branded by a skinless Terminator after being asked her name by Cameron. This has led to speculation that this was Cameron's first endoskeleton appearance, however, there are several observations that discard this theory:
  • ---Cameron kept Allison blinded with a bright light, a common interrogation technique that is meant to intimidate and keep the interrogator's identity concealed.
  • ---It's hard to tell but in the scene of Alison running through the cages, all of the humans are grouped by race. The elaborate indoor portion of the ship set was actually built on the TSCC sound stage (the same one that houses ZeiraCorp) to accommodate four featured animals: the wolf, the bear, the chimp, and the tiger called Sascha
  • --We hear Cameron's uncalibrated voice for the first time. This makes her the second Terminator who has spoken in their true voice, Cromartie being the first as seen in the episode "The Turk
  • --Alison possessed a bracelet she claimed was a gift from her sister. In actuality it was an ID badge used for access to Resistance camps
  • --Cameron's lies are revisited several times in this episode, from her attempts to coerce Allison about a machine faction not interested in the eradication of humanity, to her direct lie to John about the source of her new necklace.
  • --Alison Young is her name, she was close to John thats why she was chosen to be replicated.

  • ---Alison from Palmdale
  • ---Born to Run