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Adam Raised a Cain

Adam Raised a Cain - Summer Glau Wiki

Adam Raised a Cain

Episode number: 21
Original air date: April 3, 2009
Writers: Toni Graphia
Director: Charles Beeson

Special Guest(s):
Larry Cedar as Detective Crayton
Mackenzie Smith as Savannah Weaver
Jeffrey Pierce as Water Delivery Man/T-888
Austin Highsmith as Debbie
Jill Remez as Teacher


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Episode Synopsis

John is one step closer to catching Weaver while on his mission to rescue Skynet's latest target. Sarah and Ellison's reunion causes a change in their plan. Weaver discovers Ellison's secret.

Plot Danglers

The Connors find an image of the next target of the mysterious group who attacked them, Savannah Weaver, who John met at Dr. Sherman's office. Savannah is caught communicating with John Henry, trying to teach him to sing. Her teacher concludes that she was talking to a stranger and consults Catherine Weaver. Weaver advises Savannah to not talk about John Henry to others, as they will not understand. Later, at the Weaver's residence a Terminator posing as a water delivery man arrives and shoots Savannah's babysitter. John Henry, who was monitoring the house while talking to Savannah,uses a headpiece to instruct her to hide. He guides her down to the garage but the headset was soon out of range and the Terminator finds her BlackBerry and locates her in the garage. John is able to save her and Cameron engages the Terminator. Derek is killed by the Terminator after Cameron is temporarily offline. John, Sarah, and Cameron leave with Savannah. John Henry has monitored the entire incident. News of Savannah's disappearance spreads fast and the police question everyone. Ellison tells John Henry not to show Weaver the video surveillance. Savannah tells John about John Henry. The detective leading the case presents Ellison proof that an old case of his involving the person who killed Andy Goode was found dead at the Weaver residence. Sarah meets Ellison in a movie theater to handover Savannah. The police are waiting for Sarah when she walks out and they arrest her. Derek is buried in the same graveyard as his brother.

Best Quotes

Ellison: What are you doin' here?
: Taking you to Sarah Connor.
: The plan was to meet at the tunnel.
: The plan changed. You'll take a left. I'm gonna need your gun.
: I don't carry one anymore.
: You lied to me once before. I should've killed you then. Drive!
Sarah: We don't kill just to kill.
: I never have

Episode Trivia

In the summer that I was baptized my father held me to his side
As they put me to the water he said how on that day I cried
We were prisoners of love a love in chains
He was standin in the door I was standin in the rain
With the same hot blood burning in our veins
Adam raised a Cain
All of the old faces ask you why you're back
They fit you with position and the keys to your daddy's Cadillac
In the darkness of your room your mother calls you by your true name
You remember the faces the places the names
You know its never over its relentless as the rain
Adam raised a Cain
In the Bible Cain slew Abel and east of eden he was cast
You're born into this life paying for the sins of somebody else's past
Daddy worked his whole life for nothing but the pain
Now he walks these empty rooms looking for something to blame
You inherit the sins you inherit the flames
Adam raised a Cain
Lost but not forgotten from the dark heart of a dream
Adam raised a Cain