The Fansite is a fan site that is built by the fans, for the fans, it is an online resource for all things related to Summer Glau's work. The site is frequently updated with new features and embellishments in a constant state of improvement. Here you can find: updated news, pictures, fan art, videos, chat rooms a discussion forum and much more.

This is not a gossips site where we discuss Summer's new love adventure or the party she went to last night. This is a place where we enjoy and discuss Summer's performance on stage, no matter what projects she's on, we fully respect and support her choices. Summer often praises on interviews the fact that her fans support her and give every work she does a chance is a blessing. Our turn to give her back all the supports she needs.

This site is always looking for pictures that we don't have up, so if you have scans, stills, shoots or any other picture that we could use, send to us. Full credits will be given.

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The gallery is at a separate host, but is well integrated with It is a coppermine gallery and we do not allow new user registrations. If you would like to have your pictures in the gallery contact admin. To download an entire album as a zip-file add all pictures in the album to your favorites first.



We have developed a reverse image search engine for the gallery called iSearch. Upload a small image from your computer to check if there exist a bigger picture in the gallery.

UPDATE: the iSearch hosting service went out of business and iSearch was closed on March 11th, 2016.


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Contact us about anything you want! Regarding Summer Glau of course. Our goal is to be the most updated Summer Glau fansite online and therefore we are always interested in new content like news, interviews and photos. If you have something that you think would interest don't hesitate send it to us.



Summer Glau does not have an official website, people should not be misled to believe that such site exist. This site is a pure fan site that does not pretend to be an official site in any way whatsoever. (formerly Summer Glau Wiki) strives to build friendly relations with other fan sites. We love the fact that there are so many beautiful blogs and fan sites spreading the word about Summer Glau's extraordinary talent, the more the merrier.

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