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Summer Glau Degrees of Seperation
FordStaff Post # 1 | Sunday, 23 Oct 2011 - 08:16
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Found an interesting site that can determine the degrees of separation between actors. It is called The Oracle of Bacon, because of an internet game that was started where the goal was finding the shortest connection from one actor to Kevin Bacon. The amount of jumps it takes is the Bacon Number for the actor. (Kevin Bacon because he was in a lot of movies I suppose). Pretty much degrees of separation just instead of knowing the person it is about having acted with them in the same movie.

The site can actually determine numbers for any actor though and it is not limited to Bacon numbers. For example we can take Nathan Fillion and find his "Glau Number" which obviously would be 1 because they were both in Serenity (the default setting uses only movies but television can be added through options).

Oddly enough Kevin Bacon is not actually the most ideal "center" by which I mean when you add all the actors Bacon numbers and average them it is not the lowest (the sight explains better ) . Summer Glau can actually approach somewhat to Kevin Bacon, but only if we include television connections with both of them.

With TV - Average Summer Glau Number = 3.096 ----- Average Bacon Number = 2.878 --------- Difference - 0.218
Movies only - Average Summer Glau Number = 3.522 ----- Average Bacon Number = 2.981 ------- Difference - 0.541

Summer Glau's Bacon Number - 2 --------> The Legend of Hell's Gate with Glen Morshower -----> The River Wild with Kevin Bacon

Here is degrees of separation (through movies and other things if you change options) between two actors -

Here is how good of a "center" an actor is -

Not trying to say that any of this has profound hidden meaning, merely fun to explore.

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FordStaff Post # 2 | Sunday, 23 Oct 2011 - 13:45
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It seems that "The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy" is a very common hop from Summer Glau to get to other actors that I have tried. Probably just a coincidence.

Terry O'Quinn - Tom Cruise - Morgan Freeman - Clint Eastwood - Harrison Ford - Will Smith - Natalie Portman - Jason Bateman - Elijah Wood - Samuel L. Jackson - John Travolta

All those actors connected in two hops through that movie. Does "The Legend of Hell's Gate" have a big cast or something. The vast majority of actors I think to try seem to be connected through some actor in it. I suppose it is not unlikely or anything Summer does have 45326 actors two hops away from her, but so far they all are hopping through the Hell's Gate movie. Perhaps her other movies do not have actors with many connections? Her only movie I have seen or am knowledgeable about is Serenity so I have no idea (does this make me a bad fan surprised ).

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chrisdvanne_ Post # 3 | Sunday, 23 Oct 2011 - 16:19
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Interesting site!
The entertainment site i visit regularly often show direct connections through sections like "Other actors Summer Glau worked with"; it allows these sites to excite curiosity of the visitors and encourage them to view more pages of the site (the Summer Glau Wiki does the same with the "You might also like:" line of the LinkWithin widget on a news ).

But it's the first time i see this kind of site where you can have the shortest links between two actors.

The results for the actors i tried myself (see screenshots) are somewhat different from your conclusion about The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy so i guess it was just a coincidence. Summer has not filmed that many movie so it's logical that they show up so frequently (her filmography can be found on the News page )

As you said it's fun to navigate through and run tests. Thanks for sharing that find!

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FordStaff Post # 4 | Sunday, 23 Oct 2011 - 23:27
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An alternate two hop path from Summer Glau to Arnold also in two steps is

Arnold Schwarzenegger--------> Terminator 2 Judgment Day with Colin Patrick Lynch ------->Serenity with Summer Glau

I feel this path is more appropriate for obvious reasons biggrin . You found jumps from quite a few of her movies that I could not get.

Probably still just a coincidence ,but it seems both of us are trying actors two hops away. Yet there are 45326 two hops away from Summer and 625749 + 593708 + 66172 + 4941 from hops 3 to 6. Should be able to find some actors more than two hops away but can not find many. Ron Howard is the only actor so far three hops I have found. Perhaps many of the actors in the system are not ones that will come to mind and they are the ones concentrated further away.

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