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Summer play Barbie dolls at FX Shox 2006
chrisdvanne_ Post # 1 | Saturday, 03 Mar 2012 - 01:30
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What happens when a man is a fan of scifi and Firefly while his wife is a fan of sewing and artwork? They create the Firefly Barbies.

Action Figures - Firefly Barbies

Each is handmade, with repainted (and, in some cases, resculpted) faces. She changed the hair on a few, and combed the Internet and the local toy shops for clothing and accessories.

Say hello to the Tams. River, previously a generic Barbie, now has distressed and dyed hair, repainted face, homemade dress, combat boots, and a big ol' honking gun. We also have a bloody axe (from a KISS figure) to add, when appropriate.

Action Figures - Firefly Barbies

Let's film Firefly season 2!

Action Figures - Firefly Barbies

These dolls look very nice, sometimes even better than action figures showned in the River Tam Action Figures thread . More informations about the making of the dolls and a description for each doll of the cast at Firefly Barbies by Cabridge

But the story doesn't end here since Cabridge went to the FX show (Florida eXtravaganza) scifi convention, held in January 28-29, 2006 in Orlando, Florida. Summer Glau and Alan Tudyck attented the convention for signing and photo op.

Cabridge had one with Alan first :

Then he was on Summer's line; here's the story of his meeting with her.

Summer was wearing a light dress and was there with (I believe) her sister.. The pics offered at her table were one promo pic of River from "Firefly," two from "Serenity," and a glamour portait head shot. She's not nearly as crazy looking in person (or else she hides it better than River) and is, in fact, lovely (see pic above). She signed my picture and signed my wife's as River — my request, as Teres identifies strongly with River. Summer laughed and looked mock-alarmed, then said, "Well, that could be good…"

While I was talking to her Alan loudly responded to something someone else asked with "But it's really her fault." Summer looked at him, puzzled, and he continued, "Somebody sees the future, did she tell me to duck? No!"

"I wanted your seat!" Summer said, laughing.

FX Show, Florida

Cabridge came back next day with the Firefly Barbies this time and showed to Alan and Summer who had a blast playing with the dolls.

Alan Tudick at FX show 2006

Summer gave her doll a delighted reception. "Ahh! That is so cool! Ooohh…" She played with her doll self for a few minutes and posed for photos before turning to her sister. "Look! A River doll!" They gave it back somewhat reluctantly.

She also recognized James, my son, from yesterday, which made him inordinately smug for an hour or so afterwards. I'm not entirely sure his feet were touching the ground for the first few steps away, there.

Alan Tudick at FX show 2006

Nice story isn't it!

More photos of the FX Show 2006 in the gallery.

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