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Everything on Wonder Woman Reboots
robbo Post # 76 | Monday, 18 Jul 2016 - 03:25
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Jenkins On The Origins Of "Wonder Woman"

Ahead of its first big publicity push at Comic Con next weekend, the director of the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film Patty Jenkins has spoken about how she came onboard the DC Comics adaptation. 

It turns out that Jenkins has long been keen to do the property, as long ago as back in 2005 and long before the whole DCEU was dreamed up. "When I made Monster and they asked me what I wanted to do [next], I immediately said, 'I want to make Wonder Woman.'Everybody knew I wanted to make a superhero movie."

Things didn't pan out there. She was then linked with "Thor: The Dark World" a years back before departing that project with Alan Taylor taking over. Despite leaving the project over "creative differences," she says she has no hard feelings about Marvel's decision: "I'm still so grateful to those guys for hiring a woman to direct f--ng Thor. Why would you do that? You don't have to do that."

With "Wonder Woman" on the other hand, both her and the studio's goal were one and the same - a straight-forward origin story.

"There was a period of time when we had two very different visions and I wanted them to find the right director for the job. It turned out we had a shared vision after all. I didn't want to do anything more complicated. From my point of view, this was the movie I was talking to them about for about eight or nine years. I've met with ten different people at Warner Bros and then it all came together in this one moment. Part of the reason I'm in such a good mood is this is the movie I've wanted to make my entire life. I feel so grateful that I get to be able to do this."

Jenkins is currently in post-production on the film which is due out early next year. 

Can't wait to see this, should be pretty good. 

Via: EW
robbo Post # 77 | Sunday, 04 Jun 2017 - 01:48
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Wonder Woman Breaks Opening Weekend Records For a Female-Directed Film 

Warner Bros/DC's 'Wonder Woman' is breaking all kinds of new ground.

On top of being the first superhero movie of the decade fronted by a female character, 'Wonder Woman' has also attracted the most positive critical reaction of any DC Extended Universe movie to date (rated 94% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing).

Whether it will also wind up one of DC's biggest money-makers remains to be seen - but it has already broken the US record for opening weekend takings of a film from a female director. 

Reports suggest that, as of Saturday 3 June, the film from director Patty Jenkins has taken $97.1 million (approx £75.3 million) at the US box office, following its opening on Thursday 1 June. 

This does not include international weekend takings, final figures for which are not yet available, although Box Office Mojo lists 'Wonder Woman's international box office haul as $47.1 million (approx £36.4 million) as of Friday. 

Either way, this is a good bit more than 'Wonder Woman' was predicted to make at this time, initial projections having indicated it would open to the tune of $65 million in the US. 

Looks like Wonder Women has hit the ground running, and the Jenkins/Gadot combination has worked a treat. Good for them!

Via: Forbes
robbo Post # 78 | Wednesday, 07 Jun 2017 - 03:14
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13 Characters We Want to See In Wonder Woman 2 

Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce a sequel to Wonder Woman, but given how well the movie is performing we assume it's only a matter of time. (And director Patty Jenkins has already hinted at her plans for a sequel.) Of course, one big question surrounding Wonder Woman 2 is which characters should appear in the film. 

We have a few ideas. We've picked 13 DC characters we think would be perfect for a Wonder Woman sequel, including classic villains, Greek gods and a couple familiar faces from across the DC Extended Universe.

1) Cheetah - Cheetah is easily one of Wonder Woman's most iconic foes, and a natural choice to appear in the next movie. There have been several women (and even one man) to call themselves "Cheetah," but we'd like to see the Barbara Ann Minerva Cheetah in the spotlight. This character has both the power to go toe-to-toe with Diana and the tragic back story to make for a compelling antagonist.

2) Circe - We've seen Wonder Woman defeat the god of war and hold her own against one of the strongest monsters in the DCU. How do you up the ante from there? One option is to pit her against Circe, a sorceress who's as accomplished in the supernatural arts as Diana is in warfare. Circe has remained one of Wonder Woman's most devious and powerful foes over the years, and it only makes sense for that rivalry to carry over into the comics. 

3) Doctor Psycho - While hardly the most physically imposing of Wonder Woman's enemies, Doctor Psycho is nonetheless among the most dangerous. This powerful telepath can control minds, shape dreams, levitate objects and even fire devastating psychic blasts. It doesn't help that he's also psychologically unstable and deeply misogynistic. Doctor Psycho's presence in the next movie could serve as an opportunity to get a little meta and acknowledge the struggles female superheroes face in achieving equality on the big screen.

4) Amanda Waller - As the head of ARGUS, Amanda Waller has a vested interest in keeping tabs on any and all metahumans who appear on the scene. Given that she basically created the Suicide Squad as a response to Superman, we think she'd be very interested in meeting Wonder Woman. And that could pave the way for a very interesting dynamic (assuming Wonder Woman 2 takes place in the present). Both woman are ultimately devoted to defending their world from any and all threats, but they go about that mission in fundamentally different ways. Is it possible that Diana's mission of love and peace would inspire even someone as cynical as Waller?

5) Artemis - As much as the Amazons are presented as an ideal society, even they aren't immune to jealousy and betrayal. That's definitely the case with Artemis, a woman who was once considered the greatest of Themyscira's warriors until Diana surpassed her in skill and reputation. The two women have a complicated relationship, to put it mildly. Artemis even took over the Wonder Woman mantle for a time in the comics. Artemis had a small appearance in the first movie (played by Ann Wolfe), but we're hoping to see her take on a larger role in the sequel. 

6) Zeus - The first movie alluded to Wonder Woman's origin as a daughter of Zeus. We're hoping that the sequel will elaborate on that origin and bring Diana face-to-face with her absentee father. Yeah, they said he died in the first movie, but who knows --- maybe the Greek gods still around somehow? And if so, what plans do they have in store for Earth in the aftermath of Are's death? And is Zeus as noble as Hippolyta's stories made him seem, or is he more the selfish, mercurial god we know from Greek myths?

7) Hera - If Zeus is going to appear in Wonder Woman 2, then it goes without saying that his wife Hera should join him. Cold and aloof, Hera isn't particularly fond of mortals or her husband's habit of bedding them. Hera's most memorable DC appearance came during the New 52 Wonder Woman series, where she was forced to live as a mortal and help Diana protect Zeus, who had been reincarnated in the form of a baby. That could make for very entertaining story fodder for the new movie. 

8) Hercules - We'd also like to see Zeus' most famous son make his DCEU debut. Hercules has a pivotal role in the Wonder Woman mythos, as in many versions he's presented as a villain who once enslaved Hippolyta and the Amazons before they came to Themyscira. Needless to say, Diana might have a bone to pick with her half-brother when he finally resurfaces. But rather than treating Hercules as a simple antagonist, we'd like to see the movies follow the example of George Perez's Wonder Woman comics and explore his newfound humility and desire for forgiveness from the Amazons.

9) Donna Troy - Like many DC heroes, Wonder Woman has had multiple teen sidekicks over the years. Donna Troy is basically like a younger sister to Diana, with many of her powers and a similar desire to make the world a better, safer place. We'd like to see that relationship form in the movies as Diana ends her self-imposed solitude and becomes a more active player on the world stage again. That said, hopefully the movies can leave Donna's convoluted back story and pointless baggage out of the equation. 

10) Batman - Batman is basically the glue that holds the DC Extended Universe together right now, and he and Wonder Woman have taken it upon themselves to assemble a team to confront the looming threat of Darkseid. It makes sense for Wonder Woman 2 to continue fleshing out the Batman/Wonder Woman relationship. Perhaps the DCEU can even draw inspiration from the DC Animated Universe and position Batman as a love interest to Diana?

11) Nemesis - Thomas Andrew Tresser became a major figure in Diana Prince's life in DC's 2006 Wonder Woman series, which cast both characters as agents working for the Department of Metahuman Affairs. As a skilled fighter and master of disguise and a one-time love interest for Diana, Nemesis seems perfectly suited to fill the void left by the late Steve Trevor. The character's ties to Batman and the Suicide Squad could also help build new links between the Wonder Woman movies and the rest of the DCEU. 

12) Medusa - As one of the most iconic monsters in Greek mythology, Medusa seems like a natural choice for a Wonder Woman movie. Whether Medusa is going up against Perseus or Wonder Woman, the challenge is the same - how do you defeat an enemy that can turn you to stone with one glance? In the comics, Diana had to resort to blinding herself with Medusa's own venom to even the odds. 

13) Giganta - While her origin story and the source of her powers varies, the basics always remain the same with Giganta. She's a woman with a deep hatred of Wonder Woman and the ability to grow to a height of several hundred feet. Giganta isn't necessarily an ideal choice to be the lead villain in Wonder Woman 2, but as a supporting character she holds plenty of potential. Captain America: Civil War didn't quench our thirst for scenes of superheroes battling giants. 

Via: IGN
chrisdvanne_ Post # 79 | Wednesday, 07 Jun 2017 - 06:35
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Quote robbo ()
Wonder Woman Breaks Opening Weekend Records For a Female-Directed Film

Great Hera, the Wonder Woman movie is crushing it at the box office! She has always been a cosplay favorite though.

summer glau with wonder woman cosplay

Side note: I posted this earlier in another thread but this one suits better. Thanks for the heads up robbo :-)

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robbo Post # 80 | Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017 - 02:15
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Full Trailer: "Prof. Marston & The Wonder Woman"

Annapurna Pictures has debuted the first full trailer for Angela Robinson's "Professor Marston & The Wonder Woman," the upcoming feature about the creation of the iconic comics character Wonder Woman.

Luke Evans plays 1940s Harvard psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston, the inventor of the lie detector and creator of the character who defends his feminist superhero against charges of 'sexual perversity'.

At the same time, he maintained a secret - his inspiration was the two women with whom he was in a polyamorous relationship with - his wife Elizabeth Marston (Rebecca Hall) and their lover Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote).

Both were empowered women in the field of psychology who defied convention and built a secret life together with Marston. Connie Britton and Oliver Platt also star.

"Professor Marston & The Wonder Woman" opens on October 27th.

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