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obsessed with Summer
REG Post # 16 | Friday, 06 Jul 2012 - 14:52
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Quote (Jason_Connor)
I know those feelings. I was lucky enough to met her at Emerald City Comic-Con. It was short but i'll never forget that day. I just have to think about her and I feel happy. I fully admit that i'm a fanboy and nothing will ever change that. I have had horrible days and I've taught myself to bottle those up and bury it. But when I watch Summer's work it helps me move on and bring back some joy. I feel like I owe her a debt that can never be repaid and that she deserves so much better than any support I can offer. However, I am glad that she takes time out of her day and visits her fans. No offense to Seattle but the joke is that it's mostly known for rain and not much else. When I heard that she was coming to Seattle of all places, I was very happy. I will always be a loyal fanboy and I hope to meet her again one day.

so i am not alone in how i feel about her. i kind of knew that but it's good to hear it from other fans smile
i used to bottle up feelings too and sometimes still do. but since meeting her as i have said before on forums and other places on the web all i need to do is think of that moment(s) or think about something i have seen her in and i immediately feel better.
i think the same as you Jason. i can never repay her for the wonderous entertainment she has given us and also that she appreciates her fans so much smile

Quote (Alex)
Having said this though, I have not met Summer in person. It sounds like you were fairly cool, calm, and collected when you met her and that is what she will most likely remember should you meet her again. I think that most of us fall into the category of best friends she hasn't met yet as one film critic described it (from an interview on YouTube with Sean Maher and Summer - Chuck the Movie Guy?).

it appears that i was cool, calm and collected but i wasn't completely. i'm sure you have all heard this several times by now, but i was very nervous when i was talking with her to the point where i stuttered. i guess i was star struck. it didn't happen when i met Jewel Staite or Morena Baccarin. so that goes to show that i get very nervous around people that i really like.

Quote (chrisdvanne)
I like very much the fact that REG and a few others members of fans can express fanboyish feeling sometimes (in this forum or on Twitter for example) but everytime one of those "obessed fans" met Summer at a convention, the pictures and comment they share with us shows that they have the utmost respect for Summer.
Some want to make us believe that Summer should be afraid of her fans but i think they're wrong.

yes i have so much respect for her smile there are some obsessed fans that cannot handle being around celebrities. and i saw a few of them. i think that they have lack of boundaries or didn't learn about respect or something. those are the fans that give us a bad name. no disrespect intended.

No power in the 'verse can stop me.
MattM Post # 17 | Tuesday, 10 Jun 2014 - 17:48
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I tend to have Summer on my mind most of the time myself. But this was before I met her in person.

Quote riversfeet ()
Here's what a friend of mine told me a couple days after Comicon:

"I think meeting her in person has made you that much more obsessed with her."

I would have to disagree with that. In my case, meeting Summer in person made me appreciate her even more. At first, I thought I was going to be nervous to the point that I could barley say a word to her. But I surprisingly felt comfortable around her, as if I was around someone I've known for a while. 

I guess you could say I have a simple infatuation with her (or in layman's terms "a crush"). I tend to be open about this with my peers, even though they sometimes bust on me for crushing on someone 8 years older than myself; I just simply shrug it off.

Yes, I am aware that she has a man in her life; I have learned this back in November 2013. Sure, I'll admit I was a little jealous at first, but I got over it. I simply told myself, "Hey, as long as she's happy, I'm happy."

Although I think it would be awesome to be friends with her and get to know her on a personal level, I'm simply content with the fact that I had the opportunity to show my appreciation for her and that I am able to offer my unwavering support for her.

I sure hope I get the chance to meet her again someday...
PurpleHayes Post # 18 | Thursday, 12 Jun 2014 - 03:02
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For me being 'obsessed with Summer' is like having her as my very favourite flavour! For instance you like Ice Cream? Yes?! Who doesn't? And so imagine you worked in an Ice Cream parlour serving and tasting 100 000 different flavours and never really having a favourite they are all just 'Yum' and then 'slightly different yum', Ok enough Ice Cream for today and then one day Joss Whedon and Josh Friedman come into your Ice Cream Parlour and tell you that they have discovered an entirely new original flavour like no other and when you have a taste it's amazing in more ways than you can describe and you can never eat too much and you probably never will find something tastier so you gorge on it eating more and more until you are just so full to bursting that you can hardly go near anyone without talking about Summer Glau.


do i make myself well understood?

I think it's good to have a favourite. If you don't have a favourite everything is a little bit less interesting don't you think? Or at least no specific thing is as interesting. What will you get excited for without it? Will the thrill be much less without a favourite? I think so. Summer is my favourite because of a million reasons all of which can be seen in her work and interviews but simply it's her cute mannerism and the glee! Yes the Glee! it's not a word I use very often but as was mentioned, watching her shows can provide instant cheer from the lowest of moods! It hardly matters if she is playing a sad scene, although the impact of that is not lost, she makes me gleeful and cheery and excited by doing hardly a thing, and that's all increased because she is the favourite flavour. Summer Glee. Summer Brightness Happy Sunshine Lyn-Glee you could call her.

That's why she is my favourite flavour and the fact she is a celebrity I will possibly meet and never really know makes things less complicated, in that, if I felt so strongly and talked so much about some girl from down my road maybe, and that girl isn't my gf, well then it would be weird and probably not OK or healthy, and that's why I'm cautious around this word 'obsessed', because obsession isn't a thing people are comfortable with being the focus of. I try my very hardest to avoid stepping into the 'Big-Bang Theory' territory of 'creepy nerd who dreams about me'. I would normally have a predilection to have looked upon my whole fanboyism as reflecting negatively on myself in that way (way of comparing myself to completely uncool characters in a show i don't particularly like) but instead I chose to embrace it and not allow others to embarass me for it and so for the most part I won't shy away from the SG fandom because nothing else is guaranteed happy hours unless I actually go to a bar!

All of the enthusiastic, excited, happy, optimistic good vibes and tone of writing you see in my posts on this site, all of that positivity comes from Summer, believe it.
So make the most of it, but don't let it go too far, don't let it be a distraction, at least is what I tell myself.

Summer FTW!
Glau for President!
A cute puppy for every man woman and child! etc.
diya123working Post # 19 | Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017 - 11:40
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nice thread , i liked it most and love to reply. Forum » General Discussions » General discussion » obsessed with Summer
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