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Greeting and my apologies.
TheSavior Post # 1 | Sunday, 25 Sep 2011 - 03:14
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I know that many forum doesnt care if a member or tenfolds, go around and doest tell to other members, but since i like very much this one, i make to you all my apologies. i'm not active on this forum about one or two monts, but you all ar not forgotten. Simply i'm working to my plan, my so distrusted pal, my "oh so laught" plan, so i dont have much time to come by and say hello. i'm on a tour, a long far away long tour and i cannot say when i can come back, but i sometime feel the need to come by and greet you. i'm not lost forever, simply i'm working, and so internet is not alwais on my reach. i take my time, tonight, to say thanks to everyone, expecially to Fermy and Michelangelo, [and termininjator who take time to play with me on the never ending game] and i proise i will come back as soon as my work permit to me.
Thanks again for every single bit of time you give to me, since it was special.
As often stated by Cromartie, thanks for your time.
I will come back ^^
I hope, with good news. for now, farewell to each one, i often think about here with sweet thoughts.
Farewell and be happy. I ow you much and that will not be forgotten.

The Savior

"This isn't the first time we've done this..."

The world is Maya The Illusion. Illusions are the foundation of reality. I am the Lord of Illusions.
chrisdvanne_ Post # 2 | Sunday, 25 Sep 2011 - 08:20
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Hi, TheSavior and thanks for your nice words.
It's very true that the goal of the Summer Glau Wiki is not only to give the latest news or pictures of Summer Glau but also to build a community of fans. In the past, other members have also took some 'vacation' from the Summer Glau Wiki and having some news before their return is very appreciated.
Just like you, i had to reduce my presence online for professional reasons. A collateral damage of your new situation and mine is that the Viewers Club is in a hiatus because the chat we had before, during and after the viewing itself matters as much as the viewing itself; i hope we will find a news schedule for the Viewers Cluc asap.

I take this opportunity to say to the other members of the wiki that i have not forgotten you (especially Nomad79) but i have not find a proper organisation of my time yet.

I wish you the best for your project TheSavior and don't hesitate to give us news when your schedule allows it.

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Charley_Dixon Post # 3 | Monday, 26 Sep 2011 - 02:10
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Quote (michelangelo)
other members have also took some 'vacation' from the Summer Glau Wiki

Yes, I need to apologize too. I did not post for a while and I probably even missed some interesting discussions. I hope I'll be back to normal by the end of this year or in first months of the next year.

Cameron: My brother says if you want to be good at anything, you have to practice every day. Forum » General Discussions » General discussion » Greeting and my apologies.
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