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Terminator: The War of Kings
Nomad79 Post # 1 | Thursday, 20 Dec 2012 - 09:35
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He is the son of General John Connor. When he was only ten-years-old, John Connor sent Thomas back in time before Judgment Day to live a life without the machines. His protector, Jessica Kell, was also sent back to 1963 to set up assets and arrangments for Sarah and John's younger self to use when Cameron found them in 1997.
Now he is alone in 2013...targeted by both the Resistance and Skynet.

Thomas must learn to trust Sarah, John, and Cameron...
Most of all he must learn to trust his Terminator protector, Jessica Kell, TOK-716...and the leader of the Rouge Faction.
Where Future John Connor failed in the future...
Thomas must succeed.


From the journal of General John Connor

My name is John Connor, leader of the human Resistance in the war against the machines and the war for our very own survival. On April 22, 2011 Sky Net ,a military defense program, created by the United States Air Force in conjunction with the Kaliba Group decided our fate in less than a micro second. After becoming aware the artificial intelligence spread out onto the Internet and taking over all civilian and military networks, unleashing Armageddon. Over three billion innocent lives died in the nuclear holocaust, every major city across the world wiped out as the AI took over all automated military hardware, turning that very technology against the ones that depended on it. In less than three hours the human race was brought to its knees and the brink of extinction. The machines have begun their war with one goal in mind. To exterminate the human race and hunt every one last one of us down till we are nothing more but a dim memory of the past.

I am still dedicated to my cause and destiny that was forged the very moment before I was born to lead the remains of the human race to victory over the forces of Sky Net, but my latest efforts have been met with mixed results.

My plans to forge an alliance with a rouge group of liquid metal Terminators have went wrong because of the actions of Commander Jesse Flores, second in command of the SSV Jimmy Carter. The mission should have succeeded but Commander Flores mutinied against Queeg, the sub's T-888 captain and scuttled the submarine after her man, Dietz, sabotaged the containment box for the T-1001. The Envoy from the Rouge faction witnessed the actions of the human crew members and refused my offer to join forces. The nuclear submarine was a valued asset and irreplaceable so were the lives of the Resistance personal that died. I have stripped Flores of her command and assigned her to the east LA bunker for her actions. I should have shot her myself but we need soldiers right now.

The results of Flores's actions have already spread across Resistance bunkers and reports of soldiers turning against the machines stationed there. I need to protect Cameron. I fear for her safety and feel that someone might be bold enough to try and destroy her. I can't allow that to happen…no matter what. I must keep her safe. There is only one way…I must send Cameron back to 1999 and protect my younger self from Cromartie. It tears me apart on the inside that I have to do this. As much as I love her and want her to remain with me in the future she must be sent back.

I must protect my son, Thomas.

Kate, suffered injuries from an attack by a Terminator and died giving birth to my son. He is only nine years old and has been sheltered from the war but does know of the machines. His protector is a reprogrammed TOK known by the name Jessica. She has watched and kept him safe over the course of these last few months. Thomas seems to have developed an attachment to Jessica and taken it upon himself to teach her how to smile.

I believe that my son's protector has also formed some sort emotional attachment to him and if she is anything like Cameron, Thomas has now become the center of her world and reason for existence. Jessica will only care for my son and do anything to keep him safe, never yell at him, never strike at him or leave him alone, but in order to strengthen that bond I must send her back to 1963 and make preparations for my younger self, my mother, and Cameron to use TDE technology to jump over my mom's death in 2005 and to meet up with the Resistance fighters I have sent to 2007.

I must separate the two of them if not by years then by at least decades as much as it pains me to do so. Thomas is already so attached to Jessica and I know it will break his heart to send her back, but she is a Terminator after all and well suited for the mission. Now I must also prepare my own son to be sent back to the past, we don't know the effects of the TDE will have on the mind of a ten year old child, but it is my hope that Thomas will have the chance to live a normal life. It is the only way to keep him safe from Skynet. I just hope that he will forgive me for what I am about to do. He must be given a chance to experience a life free of the war and free of the dangers of the future. As my son grows up into the man that will no doubt make me so proud one day will have that chance to live a life without the constant threat of the machines.

On his 20th birthday, I have programmed Jessica to reenter into his life and resume her role as his protector. Hopefully the bond that has already formed between the two of them will change into something more one day.

The war will end soon and I am afraid that humans will be on the losing side because of the actions of a few rouge soldiers that displayed the worst we had to offer. Now the free machines will see the Resistance as nothing but undisciplined savages, wanting nothing to do us and fight Skynet on their own terms. If this is the case than we have already lost the war.

Our only hope to stop Judgment Day and Skynet is the relationships of both my younger self and Cameron, Thomas and Jessica to prove that machines and humans can truly coexist on the face of the earth.

It's never too late.

TERMINATOR: The War of Kings
Jay Post # 2 | Thursday, 20 Dec 2012 - 20:36
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Very good so far for just a teaser. Is the full story out? I read a lot of TSCC fanfics and wouldn't mind reading yours.

Twitter: @KingFRJay94
Nomad79 Post # 3 | Tuesday, 01 Jan 2013 - 23:06
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This need of each other...


Serrano Point:

The wooden staff blazed in the sun, as if to reach out and terminate John Connor. Huffing, puffing, and his Resistance uniform caked in dirt and sweat, John quickly calculated the staff's killing blow and leaped sideways out of the reach of his opponent.

He spun and pulled in his free arm to hit the unforgiving surface of the hard packed dirt with his shoulder. With his other arm outstretched, he held his own staff as a balance and fought to center his body.

For one brief second, John was sure he almost had the advantage and knew his form was perfect, his tactics sound. Then he hit the rock hard ground and felt like if he had just fallen from twenty feet. The breath exploded from his lungs as fireworks of pain receded from his wide-open eyes. He watched the shadow of his opponent rise over him, as if to block out the searing sun.

John looked up and saw his opponent's rise to deliver the final killing blow. Flat on his back, he knew he was just seconds away from having his skull crushed. And then he saw his chance.

His opponent had underestimated him.

A more experienced Resistance soldier would have used the blade end of the staff to slash at the hydraulic lines exposed on the chest of a downed T-888, to render the arms useless. Then if the machine was still down, follow it up by jamming the blade into the unarmored portions to damage any delicate components. Then he could use the blade to pierce the Terminator's power cell and finish it off. T-888s were the successors to the T-800s, built for infiltration and not for combat. Less weight and less armor made the T-888s more susceptible to guerrilla style ambush tactics. If one could be brought down.

A perfect counterattack was what John had before him now. One swing from the blade end of his staff could disembowel his attacker, right across the stomach. The fight would be over in seconds.

Even as John calculated the proper angle for his swing, he saw the fatigue in his opponent's eyes.

There was a better way to end this fight.

John threw his arms up and shrieked in fear.

The blade end of the staff swept down through the humid air and struck John's unprotected neck only-

plastic. It was nothing but a child's toy.

"Ya got me," John moaned, faking a death throe.

His opponent giggled.

John got up and pushed himself up into a sitting position, grimacing as he pulled his attacker to his chest. He ignored the pulsing, throbbing pain of his shoulder in the joy of hugging the most precious thing in the world to him.

Thomas Kyle Connor.

He had been born ten-years-ago, his mother Kate Connor, died while giving birth. A Skynet Terminator ambushed the field hospital where she was and she sustained life threatening injuries. It was a miracle that the baby survived and John tried his best to be the father his child needed him to be.

Thomas's survival was a mystery, but to John it did not matter...his memories of Kate would always be in his heart and the child they created together. John gave love. He gave acceptance. He felt both of those returned and was grateful he had lived long enough to figure out that nothing else mattered.

John jumped to his feet and rubbed his hand on Thomas's head, tousling his bright blond hair, making his son squirm away, laughing.

"Time for lunch," John said. "Then lessons."

Thomas held up two fingers. "Two more rounds," he pleaded.

John smiled ruefully. The past few months every conversation had to be a compromise. Thomas asking for two more rounds meant that he would try to tire out his old man and ask Jessica, his terminator protector, for the last year to play with him. Which obviously meant his son had a deep attachment to her and just wanted to spend time with her, anyway.

But, John knew all about that kind of tactic. He had been taught by his mother and others, and so it seemed to be with Thomas. "You've been spending too much time with Jessica," John joked.

"Daa-ad!" Thomas's face turned a few shades red.

John tried not to laugh. His son was looking very embarrassed that his father would even think of such a thing.

"Hit the shower. Then lunch."

"And then Jessica can play with me?" Thomas persisted.

John smiled at his son. He lost the battle, but not the war. "Listens, mister. Scoot!"

This time Thomas listened and tossed the toy weapon towards John.

"Jessica!" the little boy squealed with delight as he caught sight of the tall statuesque blond haired Terminator, TOK-716, that just arrived at the outer border of the what could pass for a training pit.

John watched in amazement as the child ran like a gangly stork over towards the female Terminator and wrapped his arms around her slim waist. The little boy tried with all of his might to bear hug his protector as she looked down at him with a confused expression.

"John?" Jessica asked as she reached down and carefully undid Thomas's arms around her waist.

"I think he likes you," John said as Jessica tilted her head and returned her gaze towards Thomas.

"You should do what your father says," Jessica suggested in a soft tone. "It's important that you study your lessons."

"Okay!" Thomas replied as he grabbed tightly onto Jessica's right hand. "But remember you promised to play with me today!"

"Yes, I did," Jessica reminded him. "Now go study. I'll be there shortly to go over the lessons with you."

Thomas flashed one of his brightest smiles up at Jessica, let go of her hand and ran wordlessly towards the Hummer that was parked nearby.

Jessica watched Thomas until the passenger side door was opened and one of her reprogrammed T-888s helped him in. She switched to enhanced vision and watched as the vehicle rolled down the pavement towards one of the fabricated buildings that served as a school for the children of the refugees and soldiers that lived near or around Serrano Point.

"You are placing too much onto him," Jessica suddenly said behind John.

John started. He had been so engrossed in watching his son that he completely forgot about Jessica standing behind him.

"I'm doing what?"

Jessica, dressed in a light blue jumpsuit, tilted her head and those blue-eyes bored into John as if he was targeted for termination.

"You place too much on Thomas."

Jessica's direct bluntness surprised John.

"What do you mean I place too much on my son?" he asked, searching for more details.

Jessica only shook her head as if rendered speechless. After all she was Thomas's protector and seemed to act more emotional around the boy when they were together. A Terminator displaying this much emotion was unheard of. Even Cameron never really freely exhibited her feelings when they were together in private.

"I take it you don't approve," John tried again.

"He's only ten-years-old," Jessica began trying to disguise the disdain in her voice. "Thomas can already read with the level of a skilled adult. His math is below average for a child of his age. His brain cannot simply grasp the advanced lessons you want him to learn."

John frowned and came to the realization. His son was only ten, and already he was placing on him the ultimate expectation of destiny- leader of the Resistance.

"Thomas needs to learn about these things," John started.

"It is dishonest," Jessica countered. "Such behavior gives him a false sense of security. When Cameron tried to teach him, he believed that machines could never be trusted, because of what happened to Allison Young."

John sighed at the mention of Allison. She was the young girl that Thomas had bonded with two years ago and died by the hand of the machine made to replace her. She was one of the few humans that he ever trusted around his son. He was unsure how his son viewed the reprogrammed Cameron. Learning that his father was in love with Terminator that killed his 'Allie' created a certain distance between the two of them.

John sighed again, wiped his sweaty forehead, and looked past Jessica's shoulder to see Cameron leaning against the metal rail. She kept her eyes down and pretended to fiddle with some type of device that looked very much like a smart phone. No doubt she was reviewing intelligence reports from the SSV Jimmy Carter and the mission it was secretly sent on. Since her reprogramming, being by John's side was all that seemed to matter to her.

"Listen, Jessica, he needs to learn-"

Jessica cut him off. "If you are serious about teaching him about humanity, he needs to learn about machines as well."

"Not yet. Not at age ten."

Jessica growled at John. He had forgotten that the TOK-716 had advanced emotional packages programmed into her and her design was based upon the tenacity and prowess of the TX series. And that Thomas's protector developed a quirky habit of growling when frustrated.

"Thomas needs me," Jessica said with an air of authority as she spun on her heel and stalked off towards another Hummer.

John could tell that the TOK-716 was angry at him the way Thomas received his education. His son had a lot to learn and there was some things that the mind of a ten-year-old was not just ready to be taught yet.

She really does love him...he thought watching the blond haired female Terminator walk away.
robbo Post # 4 | Wednesday, 02 Jan 2013 - 02:04
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great bit of reading well put together, quite enjoyed your script is this just a teaser, or will they be more put together like this. like to spend a bit of time relaxing reading the T.S.C.C. fanfics. fascinating quite enjoy reading them, smile Forum » Creativity Section » Fanfiction » Terminator: The War of Kings (A new TSCC fanfic. Explores some new ideas and Jameron.)
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