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Queen Armageddon by Robbs-servant
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The Queen's Tears Album ( #Queentears )
The Official Soundtrack of the first season of Queen Armageddon !

For the free download go here :

Just use the link below for the free download.

Soundtrack of the episode 103 Part 1 :

You destroyed her :

Soundtrack of the episode 103 Part 2 :

From prey to predator :

See the next episode soon and stay tuned to get the soundtrack of the next episodes of Queen Armageddon

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When the game is ready, the war has to begin. Sometimes, you have to make the choice. The choice may lead you in the darkness, in the abyss...

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Here is the Cover of the first season of Queen Armageddon

Stay tuned for the next episode : No More Valentine's Day !

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Easter and Eggs

The Quotes of the FBI Agent/Robert Edwards (Billy Bob Thornton) : « F ! B ! I ! You know what this mean ? Federal ! Bureau ! Of Get the fuck out of my way ! » Was originaly said by William Fichtner in Drive Angry, starring Nicolas Cage.

The Quotes of the Dealer/François LaRive (William Fichtner) : « Do you have any idea who you're stealing from ?! You and your friends are dead ! » Was actually one of his quotes in the movie The Dark Knight, Starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger.

The title of Episode 101 : « Take my love, take my child, take me where I cannot stand... » Was directly inspired by the TV show called Firefly, in which Summer Glau played River Tam.

In the last episode, the poem '' I have a rendez-vous with death'' by Alan Seeger is appearing. The original meaning was about the first world war, but in Queen Armageddon, the meaning is the same, but the war happen in the street.

More Easter and Eggs will come, but now, stay tuned on the Summer Glau Wiki for the next episode of Queen Armageddon !

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Queen Armageddon
~ ~ ~
Kingdom of BAtrayal


- Summer Glau as Alison McCallister

- Shia Labeouf as Jonathan Cole / The male nurse

- Mel Gibson as Russel Benedict

- Yvonne Strahovski as Maggy Sawyer

- Billy Bob Thornton as Robert Edwards


- Stephen McHattie as Stanley Kobbs

- William Fichtner as Francois LaRive

Episode 104 - No More Valentine's Day

Narration by Alison McCallister : 3 months after the beginning of this nightmare, the perception of things has changed. We questions everything. Nothing matters without a fixed code which relies, it is only with that we can know what to do.

We should not be worry of those who are big, but those who have nothing to lose, people like me. We are those who have reason to be afraid, we're not fearing death, we're kissing him. It's a jungle, no law that causes countless homicide every day. I was a brutalized victim, I'm not anymore and they are going to understand it quickly. I have so changed since the last 3 months, I do not even know what I am now. In a city like at Threepolis, its the law of the strongest, the law of the smartest, the law of the rich. Power is a lucky wheel that makes unhappy at every turn.

Living at Threepolis, is playing Russian roulette permanently. This is what this is, like a cat stalking a thousand of mouse, it is impossible for the police to catch every criminals. 88% of inquiries are put on hold, so unresolved. Corruption is mixed with the mass effect blocking the justice system since longtime ago. Most of the time, the worst can escape easily to this system. This is where I come into the game.

I'm looking for revenge because its the only thing I still believe in. Justice is another word that mean revenge, its just less brutal, but deep inside, they're the same thing.

I'm just waking up...


At noon, the McWyatt tower in the center of town Threepolis, floor 46, the elevator doors opened, inside there was a former wine red stylized. There was Russel, a Winchester leaning on his shoulder, a gallon of gasoline in the other hand. When the doors opened, he shot in the air, and took back his gallon in hand before going to the president's office.

Upstairs, there were office, many office filled with people, frozen, panic, terrified. He paused, seeing nobody moved and said :

- If I was one of you, I would start running.

All suddenly began running towards the exit. While Russel continued his way toward the great gates of the office, the big boss. He approached, calm, he gently opened the door, entered and closed it softly behind him. He turned and saw a very large room, a desk in the center, while The walls were made of glass, we had an incredible view of the city from here. You could see far away, even if the buildings around were close.

Behind the desk, there was a chair facing the window, the wall of glass, the phone on the desk showed a name, telephone wire stretched up to the other side of the chair. We could hear the man's voice, a deep voice, an enthusiastic voice :

- Yes ! Of course. I think that Bryan was there... yes, exactly. So he told me what you wanted, so its going to be... Yes, there, I think its safer.

- Hi, Stanley.

- What the...

The man turned his chair and saw Russel, with his long gray coat, the gallon in his hand, the other holding his Winchester. The man in the chair was more than 50 years, he was bald-headed, blue jacket with red tie. A cigar in his hand, clear blue eyes, with a ''don't caring'' look. He answered and abruptly hanging up the phone :

- Who the fuck are you ?

- I'm here to kill you, of course, if you tell me what I want to know, you'll probably live.

- Really ? And you know that the cops are coming, right ? And you know that I'm not going to tell anything to a god damn psychopath.

- Shit ! I knew it, I knew it. That's why I've bring some gasoline, just for you.

- What do you want, psycho ?

- My name is Russel, and one of your little dog took something from me, and I want it back, now.

- I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe the cops will help you find out.

- You gived a lot of money to me, and I don't have the money to pay you back, so you took from me, the only thing I can't buy. Now, what I want to hear is, where is she ?

- I'm sorry, I really can't help you sir, I'm sure its really serious, but I don't know what you're talking about.

- When you'll swim in gasoline, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

- What ?

Russel approached the desk, he putted his Winchester on the desk, took his gallon with both hands and emptied the gasoline on the man in the chair. The man shouted, his voice was heard in the office, the echo was everywhere, but the office was empty.

The man choked the disgusting smell of gasoline, he was completely covered. He said roughly :

- What are you going to... Do !? Huh !? Do you know who I am !?

- Yes, I do ! Its sad for you, because, if your name as never came out from the mouth of one of your guys, I wouldn't be here. This is why I know you're inside of this shit !

- I'm rich, I'm powerful, you can't do anything to me without dying !

- I'm a guy with nothing to loose except his daughter, if I need to kill you to get her, I will !

- So many face, I don't even remember her, she's just a god damn number, and your another angry guy who want to rule the world.

- Your buddy, ''Bryyyyan'' is going to be somewhere I want to be. WHERE !!!

- After all this ? You're not going to go out of jail with your magic power... You're just another drunk weirdo...

- Maybe, but hey, you can't blame me, I just want to join the party.

- Or what ?

- I don't know... Maybe I'll smoke my cigar...

- Wha... No ! No no no no ! Wait !

- ''No no no no waiiiit'' what ?! Am I not just another drunk weirdo ?! Another ''angry guy who want to rule the world'' ?!

- No, please ! I... I've money, a loooot of money, more than you can imagine ! I'll give you... I don't know, maybe, one thousand, and you go away, deal ?

Russel took out his cigar from his jacket and lit it, he took the time to enjoy the flavours, the smoked going out of his mouth. He sat in the leather chair on the other side of the desk, then he suddenly leaning his elbows on the desk, on top of papers and photos, he said :

- See... I swear, I swear... During a second, I really believed that you were not giving a shit about what I was trying to tell you. Its weird you know...

Russel left the ashes fall on the desktop, close to puddles of gasoline. He continued :

- I've a daughter, and if you can't help me find her, why should I let you live ? I mean, you know exactly what I'm talking about... You being a bad guy, me being another bad guy trying to do the right thing... Funny, you're the worst, but if I burn you alive, I would be as worst as you are...

- Bry... Bryan is going to be, at the Jiovalla Hotel, tomorrow night, its somewhere between Green Park and the Wellan center.

- Thank you Stanley, you're a very nice little boy.

Russel put his cigar in the mouth of Stanley and straightened, he gave him a slap on the cheek and heard strokes hit the door, it was the police, they were there. They were right there, on the other side of these doors.

5 minutes earlier...


Maggy was with Robert Edwards, aboard his Cadillac Escalade, they had just crossed the security perimeter established in the street, at the bottom of the McWyatt Tower. The tension was palpable and journalists devoured the scene, every step, every word, every image. Everything was filmed by over fifty cameras, there was a crowd on the other side of the barriers. It was the first time since the last 50 years that an event like this happens. It was a cold dinner, dangerous and stressful that was served to Maggy Sawyer.

The officer in charge quickly approached Maggy and said, walking on her side, going to the door :

- A man armed with a rifle, a hostage, Mr. Stanley Kobbs, no contact, no ransom demand.

- Who's the man?

- Russel Benedict, we believes its him, we saw him in the surveillance videos. His daughter was missing for three months already, he never stopped to repeat to move faster. Must believe that he has dropped down...

- Or he found whom to attack to get what he wants. There are snipers around ?

- Two for the moment, another will be around soon. There is no clear visual, it is useless to put a crowd of shooter.

- We'll going through the front door then.

- This isn't how we proceed.

- This is how I proceed, If you don't like that, you can go back home, I can't waste my time.

- ...Understood.

The man went away and returned to the police barrier. Maggy entered through the front door in the main hall. Robert said once inside :

- You look bad ?

- If I could sleep...

While the two got into the elevator. The silence of several minutes in the elevator, when the elevator stopped at floor 46, Maggy unsheathed. Seeing her, Robert did the same. On the 46 floor, the swat was ready all around the door. The team leader approached Maggy seeing her coming, he said :

- He's inside, we didn't communicate with him yet.

- Excellent.

Maggy approached the door, motioning to Robert to stay a few steps away from the door. She approached her face in profile to the door, she said :

- Russel ! My name is Maggy Sawyer, I'm from the THPD. We need to talk !

On the other side of the door, Russel was looking out the windows, he saw the crowd below. The media were there, the sounds of helicopters were heard all around. Russel replied after a moment of silence :

- Stanley Kobbs is a bad man !

- If you let me in, we can talk about it !

- Stanley Kobbs is working with a cartel, they're selling weapons to all those gangsters down there. He know where my daughter is !

- How can you be sure of that ?

- Because he told me !

Maggy looked at Robert, the tension was palpable. You could feel the pressure, the voice of Russel showed instability. The job was to get out of the McWyatt tower alive with Stanley, Kobbs, but also not to lose control of the situation.

Russel removed his coat filled with tear gas, he put it around Stanley, still sitting on the chair. He took two long ropes were attached to each pin. He tied the ropes to the big doors and returned crouch behind the desk, he put a small brick of C4 on the desktop prominently with a minute on the clock. He screamed :


He fired in the air and threw his Winchester away from him. Hearing what he said and the shot, Maggy thought the worst, Stanley Kobbs murdered. A large size of the economy of Threepolis who dies because of the incompetence of a detective.

The swat brought break down the door, which triggered the tear gas that spread a dense smoke quickly across the room, the swat brought Stanley Kobbs out as soon as possible, a shot rang through the smoke. No visual on Russel Benedict, flown away, like the smoke that had spread and dissipated. Until a man made the discovery of the gift left by Russell behind him, with 23 seconds remaining, a C4. The man cried out seeing the explosive :

- C4 in visual !

All went on the run, they rushed to the back to hide behind the desk. The explosion completely destroyed the office, spreading a lot of smoke, ash, the air was unbreathable.

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It was like a ghost in the middle of tactical forces. He took advantage of the panic to borrowed one of their men and put the most important part of the swat uniform on himself. In a few minutes all was up and there was nothing left. A Russel Benedict disappeared, vanished. That's when he saw Maggy Sawyer, who had spoken with him on the other side of the door. She rushed to the stairs, he saw a man in a suit tie on her side who said :

- The stairs ? Are you insane ? You'll never catch him.

- I can try.

Russel realized that Maggy thought he was on the run. She tried to catch a ghost, and she didn't know where to look. He followed the unit running down the stairs, long and tiring, Russel had to keep the rhythm even if he wasn't in the same physical form as these officers.

When he came down, Maggy had already left the building. Russel came among these officers as if he was one of them, he now had a place and a name. He got what he needed to progress in his quest.


It was early evening, the sun was slowly going to bed. On the 6th floor of a apartment block in the district of Garretson, Alison was in a small apartment. Wood floors, paint the walls light, the largest rooms were still being painted. In the living room, not far from the small TV and chair, there was a treadmill. Alison was running on it, already over 10 kilometers. Tight black shorts, camisole sports, she ran without looking where she set foot. The TV was opened, it was the news, we could hear :

- Bomb attack at the tower McWyatt, the leader of the firm, Stanley Kobbs which let us remember, he was in courts of justice a month ago, for having connections with organized crime, doing illegal business with the notorious gang Hell's Fist, who was innocent, escaped unharmed of a hostage situation. Its current situation starts rumors of possible vendetta. The responsible for the attacks, Russel Benedict, is still the most wanted criminal by the authorities of Threepolis, a cash reward is offered for his capture, dead or alive. If you have information that could...

It was the same on all channels, there's always this kind of event to Threepolis, Alison rejoices when events strikes those who really deserves it. She ran, her eyes closed. It was warm as if she burned. She could imagine the flames that surrounded her behind, running faster. Panic, heat, choking, sensation of stalled. Alison suddenly landed the carpet, breathless, but above all, terrified. After three months, she feared what she lived as if it was yesterday. Trauma that she could not overcome.

This trauma was pushing constantly to seek refuge in a feeling of rage, it was all fuelled his life now. She had no dream or project, a simple goal, eye for eye, blood for blood and by the gallon. There's no more peace for her, no more valentine's day.


It was late in the evening, Maggy was still wearing her leather jacket full of dust she was viewing the security camera records. She was crushed against the desk, leaning on her arm, coffee in hand. She was rewatching the explosion again and again. She saw something in the smoke, a man fall. She lifted her head and stopped the video. She made a zoom on where he falls she saw a hand pull him by the leg.

She stood up and rushed to the temporary office of Robert Edwards, covered with paper. He was sitting, on the window side of the nose, dark jacket tie, he was surprised when she arrived and said :

- The unconscious man was not stunned by the explosion it was Russel. He stole his uniform. He took the Swat vehicle to return to here and he left through the front door.

- What ? Are you sure ?

- Absolutely.

- Where is he now ?

Maggy looked around, crossing her arms and said :

- I don't know.

- Maybe the french guy know something ?

- He doesn't know anything, its something else, something big.

- Something big ?

- The daughter of Russel Benedict has been kidnapped 3 months ago. Now, he will kill everybody stepping in his way to find her.

- Isn't that what everybody do in this city ?

- Yep... Thats the problem, everybody is a sheriff now...


In the middle of the night at the hangar of Francois LaRive, Alison was there at his side, they observed open boxes of weapons, automatic weapons, pistols, blunt weapons. Francois was proud of his wide range of firearms. Alison threw a glance, seriously, jacket and pants of black leather, sport style, dark red lipstick, mascara thick black around the eyes. She said, turning to the desktop :

- I'll take it.

- Which one ?

- All of them.

- Aaaaalright then, where's the money ?

- I don't have it yet, I need the guns to get it.

- You don't know how many time somebody told me that.

- I'll take them anyway, or you get the money in the next few days, or I take everything here and leave you with nothing.

- So... I don't really have the choice.

Alison look at him with a little smile and said :

- Its fun to make business with smart people.

- Humm... Thanks ?

- Do you have the file I want ?

- Yes, here, his name is Bryan Hussy. I would go after him right now if I was you, people says you'll have competition to get him.

- I always win.

Frank sarcastically smiled back, and returned to his desk to serve a glass of whiskey, he handed her the bottle and said :

- Want some ?

- Alcohol interferes with the judgment and reduces our sense to nothing.

- God damn... Did you ever took a break ?

- Did you ever shuted up ?

- I...

- Yeah... I'm the Old Brooks fire case. The break is over for me.


Jonathan was sleeping in his bed, squirming in his blankets in the dark, a messy room. He was crushed, face against his pillow in his apartment of Willon Street. His cell phone rang in his blankets, which woke him instantly, hard rock and rough. He sought and found after a few seconds. He replied, the blue light flooded the room immediately :

- Yeah...

- Hi bro, I've a job for you.

- How many ?

- Six hundreds.

- Alright, go ahead.

- You'll be a driver, tomorrow night. At Jiovalla Hotel, between Green Park and Wellan Center.

- There's no drug, and no shooting ? Because I'm not one of you guys, I don't do that.

- Relax, its just a meeting.

- Yeah, you always say that and its always something else. Just the fact to have been somewhere... Its killing me. If you lied to me, you'll regret this. What happen to the last driver ?

- The last driver just had an... overdose, today. So...

- Sorry.

- Be there.

The man hung up, Jonathan did the same, he put his cell phone on  the metal box found in the ruins of Old Brooks fire and crashed head again against the pillow.


Narration by Alison McCallister :

Sometime we're prisoner. We're in the dark, somewhere close to the worst and deep abyss. Most of us are good people, but we do a lot of bad things. Its how the world is working. I killed, and I will kill again. This is the only thing I can do now. Not because I'm the devil, but because this is what I believe in. I lost everything, they're still living in peace, thinking I'm done. They're wrong, I'll slowly reach them, each of them. I'll be there, I'll bring Armageddon with me. They'll pray for my mercy, but I'm not an angel anymore, I am, a reaper.

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The Queen's Tears Album - No More Valentine's Day
The Official Soundtrack of the first season's trailer of Queen Armageddon !

For the free download go here :

Just use the link below for the free download.

No More Valentine's Day Soundtrack :

They'll know my name :

I'm not an angel anymore :

See the next episode soon and stay tuned to get the soundtrack of the next episodes of Queen Armageddon


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Easter and Eggs

Did you know that ''Episode 104 : No More Valentine's Day'' was the first episode to have a unique soundtrack ?

The name of the dead husband of Alison McCallister, Jason Scott Jameron, have the term ''Jameron'' meaning ''John x Cameron'' from TSCC. Its a way to represent the relation between the two characters and also a little thumbs up to the fans.

More Easter and Eggs will come, but now, stay tuned on the Summer Glau Wiki for the next episode of Queen Armageddon !

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Queen Armageddon
will be at Ottawa Comiccon May 2013 !

Stay tuned for more !

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Next Episode Sneak Peek


Alison McCallister will fight Russel Benedict, but Jonathan Cole is in the middle of it ?
Is ''Bryan'' really there ?
Is that a trap ?


Stay tuned for the next episode of Queen Armageddon

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Next Episode Promo

Cats Eat Rats

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There is a new Journal Entry about Queen Armageddon here :

Queen Armageddon is growing up

Hi everyone !

Queen Armageddon is actually growing very fast, we will be at Ottawa Comiccon, May 11th, with Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau. For those who will be there, yes, there will be some free Official T-Shirts waiting for you there.

The official website is officially underconstruction, we're really optimist about it. There will be t-shirts, news... Eventually : Original Music, New Original Artwork, special feature, a presentation of the team (by the way, we are still building the team.)

The next episode will come after the Ottawa Comiccon, the episodes are now having a fixed size which is really cool, because I know guys waiting is the most irritable thing ever. So the more you wait, to bigger are the stuff coming !

So stay tuned for more news about Ottawa Comiccon and the new episode ''Cats Eat Rats'', coming soon !

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Actually planning more Comiccon, stay tuned to learn more about it !

For now, here is the Queen Armageddon design on the t-shirt you'll looking for, and have the chance to get one for FREE !

Be there with Queen Armageddon, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau !

More news coming very soon !
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Queen Armageddon and Summer Glau

Due to the cancelation of Summer Glau at Ottawa Comic Con 2013
We're not planning to give up the idea of having the autograph of Summer Glau, we're making plans, we may go to the Philadelphia Comic Con.

Stay tuned here, all the news will be there, also, follow the news live on Twitter, about Queen Armageddon, the Ottawa Comic Con and Summer Glau

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