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Queen Armageddon by Robbs-servant
TerminatorEmily Post # 31 | Tuesday, 15 Jan 2013 - 04:06
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You are welcome. smile

I'm sure I will. Um, I hope I'm allowed to ask you questions. Um... and I bet this may seem like a stupid question but what did you use to create your covers? photoshop? or something else?
Also what editing software did you use for your trailer? And if you want me to I can always help you with your trailer if you need it any new trailer you plan on doing.

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robbs-servant Post # 32 | Tuesday, 15 Jan 2013 - 04:19
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Believe it or not, I'm using Paint, yeah, the oooold school lol. Nothing else, so it takes hour to make covers like those.

I use AVS Video Editor, the test version, without the tools. Its free so, why not.

If I need help, I'll contact you. Thanks smile
TerminatorEmily Post # 33 | Tuesday, 15 Jan 2013 - 04:45
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Well all of your covers turn out great.
haha yeah. I use imovie for my projects.

allright cool.

No problemo.


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robbs-servant Post # 34 | Friday, 18 Jan 2013 - 02:48
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A New character just been casted !

There is the Journal Entry

A new character will eventually join Queen Armageddon. This character was very difficult to cast, because of his own perception of Threepolis. Mysterious and discreet, this is a person who will identify himself during the season.

This character has its own story, it is a neutral character. It will be up to you to see it as a good one or a bad one. This character will be played by Christine Woods.

A lot of stuff is coming soon.
- Episode 3
- New Soundtrack
- Eventually a Promo-Art

Stay tuned for more episode of Queen Armageddon on The Summer Glau Wiki :

or on twitter :


Stay tuned for more !!!

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robbs-servant Post # 35 | Monday, 28 Jan 2013 - 06:36
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Queen Armageddon
~ ~ ~
Kingdom of Batrayal


- Summer Glau as Alison McCallister

- Shia Labeouf as Jonathan Cole

- Mel Gibson as Russel Benedict

- Yvonne Strahovski as Maggy Sawyer

- Billy Bob Thornton as Robert Edwards

- William Fichtner as Francois LaRive


- Peter Jacobson as Doctor James Handry

- Zeljko Ivanek as The Doctor


- Wiley M. Pickett as Bruce

Episode 103 - Darwin's Theory - Part One

Narration Alison McCallister : Like a flower in the desert, alone for ever. forsaken, by faith and by man, good bye, the future. The people are telling me to turn the page, like an evolution of who I am. There's nothing left for me in the world of the dreamers. I can't turn the page, because they burned the book... Now I feel like there was demons all around me, laughing about my fate...


The middle of the night, Russell woke up, quietly he rose in hospital gown. He went out quietly of his room he walked on tiptoe down the hall and saw a door open to the right, it was the toilet. The man who came out was the guard supposed to watch his room door.

Russell ran impulsively to him, he plate him on the floor in the bathroom, closing the door behind them. Russell didn't wanted any suspicion, but with a police officer on the ground, going out of the hospital would not be easy. He put his arms around his neck and gripped him with his forearm, the police officer debated until he fell unconscious.

Russel dragged him up to a toilet and sat him on it, pants to his knees , he closed the small door behind him. On leaving, he looked at each side, the corridors were empty.

He rushed to the elevator that led him to the great hall. Without being noticed, he left the hospital crossing paramedic and hurry people, sick and wounded. He left this place as a ghost.


8 hours later...

Alison was going to get dressed in civilian clothes. Face without emotion, dark eyes, she fell on a picture on the table next to the bed beside tissues. A picture calcined and faded, it was the picture that Jonathan found under the steel box.

Without a word without trace, there was only the picture that reminded her of the hours of interrogation which had just happened...

3 hours earlier...

In an interrogation room dark, the light above does not fully illuminating the room. Stainless table with two chairs, one on each side. On one side, there was Robert Edwards with a file in hand, on the other, Alison McCallister.

Edwards in jacket and tie, glasses on nose, said, while looking at the file :

- My colleague has asked several questions and you do not stop saying that you knew nothing. Its weird because I think that you know a lot more than we do.

Alison had his head down, she said, watching her hands on the table, in a trembling voice :

- I don't.

Edwards closed the file and removed his glasses, put the file on the table and bend his glasses. He crossed his fingers and said, seeking the look of Alison

- Are you really looking to found those who did this to your family ?

- Are you really asking me if I want ? Yes, yes I want, more than you think.

- Then why slowing us down ?

- I do the best I can...

- There hasn't been any stealing, everything was too fast, they came with the intention to kill you, you, your husband and your daughters... Jill and Lise ? Right ?

- Lisa, her name, is Lisa.

- Right... With so few information, we almost could believe... You were in the game...

- No ! I'm not ! Stop this ! I would never do something like that ! What kind of person do you think I am ?!

- Someone desperate who have a lot of debts, which does not live a very beautiful life . Cases like this, we have at least 3 per day in this city. A family member who decides to end his life, taking his family with him...

Alison shed tears on the cold metal table. Trembling, holding her pain front of agent Edwards.

He saw that she did not seem to want to talk anymore. He opened the file and put one by one the pictures of the crime scene. He said while putting them in front of her

- I'm sure that you'll remember. Here is your apartment, as you can see, the gasoline has really burn any matter relevant to the investigation, it also includes evidence of your innocence.

- There is someone who got me out of this hell...

- Probably... Here is where the remains of your property are currently in the rubble. A woman just under your apartment was burned to 3rd degree on the entire body, it's a miracle that she can breathe. She suffers terribly ... This are the bodies, those are more difficult to look I think...

Alison began to cry, the unbearable pain, the darkness of these pictures was torturing her. She pushed the pictures with her hands towards the agent Edwards. She said out of breath :

- What do you want from me !

- The truth.

- I already told you !

- Calm down, I talk about the ''full'' truth. We already know the song, what I want to know is why they go to your apartment especially. Why kill your husband, your childrens and try to kill you ? You have a link with these men, nobody complicate his life so much without reason.

- I've never seen these men, it's the same thing for my husband and my childrens !

- It ''was'' the same for your husband and your childrens. It is normal that you still talk about them  to the present... I listen to you and... I do not think you have done this, or even that you are involved in these actions. But I believe that these men you have mentioned targeted your family and I intend to find out why.

- Nobody is better to hunt 3 killers than a bastard...

Edwards smiled, he said:

- So... Tell me what you know about your husband's relations.

- Go to hell.

- It seems that even pictures of your deceased family will not make you talk. It seems that your collaboration does not depend on them. I think they would like you to help us, if They were here, I strongly believe that they would tell you to help us.

- They're not here anymore...

- No, of course. That's why I'm so surprised That you won't help us. I mean... If my family was killed, I would love them enough to help the justice. Its look like their deaths does not hurt you more than that...

- If you're saying another word about my family, I swear to god I'll kill you.

- Relax, I'm not looking for the third world war. I'm trying to help the case, but you seem completely disinterested. The summary of our information is limited to three rather large men, tattooed and dangerous. We know that gasoline was used and we know that there are 3 victims. We're clueless without your help. Please, tell us what you can.

- I can't give you an information that I don't have.

- I understand... My condolences.

Agent Edwards gave a slight sigh and stood up. He went through the door next to the large mirror and immediately, Maggy rushed towards him like a furious dog :

- What was that !

- We call that, an interrogation. I can teach you, if you want.

- You destroyed her.

- I'm not in the FBI because I'm charming.

- If you had drawn an information, we could at least be consoled ourselves by saying that it would yield results.

- We got the confirmation that she was not into this and she can't tell us anything new.

- I knew it when she arrived in that hospital room.

- The instinct is for those who are not ready to go see under every rock. I prefer to check everything constantly than having wrong all time. We must look for any suspicious stuff that can be linked to her husband. Whatever it is, we must stop at every detail. All the financial record, the man was working somewhere, we need everyone he worked with in a room like this one again.

- Research has already started. We will have the results in the day.

- Excellent, lunch time... Sorry for the interrogation a bit rough, but it's the best way to clear someone. Now we just almost guarantee that she has no connection with these events with the exception of being the victim.

- It is not to me you should apologize...

Maggy went away with a sad look, arms crossed.

3 hours later...

Alison got dressed, she put on her shoes and took the picture. She left the room, she looked empty and sad.

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2 weeks later...

In the morning, in the office of a psychologist, Alison was lying on the little cot in leather made for the patients. The psychologist was sitting, legs crossed in front of her. He took notes in his notebook. Alison was in black t-shirt with V neck, below she had a white long sleeve shirt. Wearing jeans, loose hair on the front of the shoulders. She had her arms crossed, looking at the ceiling. Sunset in front of the large window facing downtown. The psychologist said, while taking his notes :

- Events like the one you lived bring questions. Question our own existence, wondering why we survived rather than someone else. The loss of one or many family members in such circumstances often challenges who we are, where we come from and more importantly, where are we going. The answers are different for each person in this world, everyone make its own reason. Before these events, the answers to these questions came naturally. You lost away from your landmarks, this will naturally disorienting you, until new landmark replace them. It's clear that the importance of your losses will naturally slow your healing, but I want to tell you that everyone, without exception, can get out of any situation. Will, in this case, is the key. Your only obstacle is you and your memories.

- I don't know if it's true...

- What ?

- That everyone can get out of any situation.

- Doubt is quite understandable and natural. Even I lived a drama a few years ago, a tragedy that I never thought I would get out of. This is a therapy just like this one that allowed me to empower myself and go forward. Today, it is a chapter written, darker in my past and the events that occurred around you can become a chapter of your past. It is important to not harp on the guilty or regret. These are two common feelings in a context such as yours, but both leads nowhere.

- Maybe...

- You look far away in your mind, is there any element that you want to share ?

- Last night... I had a nightmare...

- What kind of nightmare ?

- It was exactly what happened... I was seeing by a crack in the door... they were burning and screaming. There was so much fire, so much smoke everywhere... I couldn't stop watching. I was trying to scream but I couldn't...

- I'll ask you a question, very hard to answer. Answer it, only if you want to, no pressure. Did you actually saw them ?

- No, no I didn't...

- Which feeling was in your mind, in your dream, fear ?

- No, I was angry, very angry...

- After who ?

- Those who did this.

- In suffering... many take refuge in very categorical emotions. The Guilty, nostalgia taking control of their lives or in your case, hatred, resulting sometimes in revenge. I want to tell you that many people are quite advanced in this abyss and they find that there are things worse. Remains on the surface, take refuge in emotions such as these are often time bombs that is poisoned you.

- You suggest me what ? Send them love letters ?

The psychologist gave a slight smile and said :

- No, but don't use your time to think about. Don't take a break at work only to think about how much you hate, it's not a solution. Things get worse and nothing really change. Hate is a very expansive hobby, it cost a lot of your time, it's the only thing you can't get back. Hate will only nourish a vicious circle that leads nowhere. This is exactly like a drug, this hatred carbide dream of revenge that will never happen. You close your eyes and believe it, but this isn't reality. It is a fiction, a version of your world, a better life.

- I've always been very complex in the world of emotions. Managing my emotions is something that I haven't. The ''drug'' you are talking about, I know exactly what it is. Because I use it a lot.

- The ideal would be to replace these ideas by others. Spent your time on a project for example.

- These ideas, it's like a project for me...

- I see what you mean. Be aware, however, that the management, acceptation and reconciliation are emotional stages that you will join. Everyone has a rhythm which is their own, do not worry about your emotions today.

- And if I don't get over this hatred ? And if the only thing that looks like a project to me is to harm those who have harmed me ?

- A feeling like this is like a phobia against which you feel unable to fight. For the illustrated take vertigo. Stop wanting justice for you is like a parachute jump for the person with vertigo. They both are paralyzed in a fixed state, it is totally impossible for you to do this action. However, without the parachute jump, this is not skydiving. What the person afraid to jump and you fearing not having justice have in common more precisely, it is to have a parachute in the back. Do not be afraid to jump, the parachute is here for that.

- I don't even know why they did this, maybe... Its not finished yet...

- You are afraid of having camping bag than a parachute strapped to your back. This is understandable, knowing that life will never let you look inside. But so many people got over their bad experiences, you can do it as much as anybody. The strength to do it resides in you. Don't be afraid to set a foot in front of you, even if you walk on a wire.

- I'm doubting about my ability to do it, I just don't want to let it go. This is what I want to feel, whatever if it's good or bad.

- Keep idea like this one in your mind is just going to disturb you. Leaving this idea is also leaving all those bad feelings. I fully understand that for you, the best thing to do would be to talk the arms and fight.

Alison suddenly opened her eyes, she looked out the window with the sunlight rising into the room, flooding a yellow-orange color. She said, during she straighten :

- That would be the best thing to do, yes...

- The greatest battle take place in your heart, in your feeling. You can act with negativity, but it will provid you nothing but a lot more pain. It's not a solution and it will never be a solution. That kind of idea can destroy you very fast, faster than you think. I understand your desire, but like me with my boss, I can not tell him what I think of him. You must learn to put a safety on your emotions strong as rage. The events that occurred in your life recently drove down emotional barriers of your consciousness. You are easier to hurt, more direct and less able to manage your emotions. Many impulsive idea will come in your mind, the thing is, to don't nourish it with desire of accomplishment. This is pure impulsivity, it is a human nature that makes people unpredictable in such circumstances.

- ...You know, I've never been the kind of person who forget an idea... But thanks...

Alison stood up and put his jacket as she handed her leather boots, he said, straightening :

- The session end in 14 minutes.

- It is 14 minutes to add to the next one, Mr. Handry.

- Call me James, but you have something in mind ?

- Yes, I think I'll start a project...

Alison walked to the door and went out, closing the door behind her, the man said :

- Good luck, see you at the... next session.

Alison closed the door behind her and turned fast, just front of Jonathan. She made big eyes surprised to see him after all this time. He gave her a smile, he said :

- Alison ... How are you ?

- A little bit better than last time you saw me in this hospital bed.

- Yeah... I can see that.

- It is rare that patients got tracked by a nurse.

- Lets say that fate made most of the work.

- Mmmh... Yeah, I need to go.

- Right... A lot of thing to do, I can understand that, with all the things that happened...

- No, its not work... Today is the... fune... the...

Unable to pronounce the word without trembling, she sighed, Jonathan said :

- I'm, I'm so sorry, I will continue do what I was doing...

Alison looked down, she just turn in another direction and went away. Jonathan watched her leave, questioned. She said that the funeral was today, she is alone, maybe its where he belong after all...

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After all this work, my computer died. I need to restart everything I've done, sorry for the next trailer that was supposed to came out.

Will try to bring you the part 2 for valentines day.
chrisdvanne_ Post # 38 | Thursday, 07 Feb 2013 - 13:14
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Sorry to hear that! I hope you had a backup; part of your work can be found online at least.

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Youtube
robbs-servant Post # 39 | Friday, 08 Feb 2013 - 02:49
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I didn't have any backup, so I'm rebuilding everything from my memory. Hard work, but new stuff will come very soon smile
robbs-servant Post # 40 | Monday, 11 Feb 2013 - 00:21
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Here is a new promo-art, after the Part two of Darwin's Theory, its going to be :

Queen Armageddon Episode 104 : No More Valentine's Day

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TerminatorEmily Post # 41 | Monday, 11 Feb 2013 - 00:38
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I love that cover! smile

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robbo Post # 42 | Monday, 11 Feb 2013 - 03:55
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great cover tears of flowers with blood on her hands no more valentines day. brilliant cover, smile
robbs-servant Post # 43 | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 - 06:27
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Thanks for Sharing Queen Armageddon !
Darwin's Theory Part Two is coming with the new trailer !
Stay tuned for more

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    Episode 103 - Darwin's Theory - Part Two


    At the police station, in the office, Maggy was surrounded by mountains of files. She had spent the night working on the case of the Old Brooks fire surrounding the death of the family McCallister. White shirt, blue jeans, black boots, loose hair, the black leather jacket on the back of the chair. She was staring into the last reports, no trace, no mark, no clue. There was no camera, no security. There was no way to connect this case to a criminal database. Three tattooed and dangerous mens, it doesn't lack in Threepolis. Its a real battlefield out there.

    Commissioner Huffman passed just to the left of Maggy's office. Then he stopped abruptly, he turned around and approached the edge of the desk. He said to Maggy, seeing that she was not paying attention to him :

    - Maggy.

    - Oh, Hi.

    - Old Brooks Fire ?

    - ... Yeah...

    - Put it in suspends.

    - In suspends ? Are you kidding ? There are so many case, if you put something in suspends, this is equivalent to the give up.

    - Suspend it, abandons it. Call it whatever you like, there are cases like this three times a day, in addition to an alarming degree of homicide and armed robbery. We cannot focus our energies on a single crime. We're not going to manage this city with such methods, and you know that.

    - Yes, I know... Its just... When I saw her in that hospital bed, I had memories in mind. I just want to do things right this time.

    Huffman took a chair and approached the desk. He sat, elbows propped on his knees, hands together :

    - I understand that you are personally involved in this case. Your past is catching you up, it happens to all of us. The important thing is to move forward. This case is screwed, and you know that, it wasn't even a decent sketch of only ONE of these guys. The chemical mixture used for the propagation of light isn't 100% identifiable by experts. It is a ghost hunt, move on.

    - I only ask you 72 hours. If I got nothing, we let those guys go.

    - Let those guys go ? I never said that.

    - No, but indirectly, Its the same thing, right ?

    - I really want to catch all the criminals of the city, as much as you Maggy. But sometimes there is no alternative, some cases can not be resolved. Once you have understood this, you'll probably get my job.

    - Hopefully I'll never have that chance. I think there is always an element that allows...

    - What ?

    - You said that experts were unable to identify all the products in the mixture. And if we find someone who does this mixture. It takes someone to make an operation like this, not anyone. Someone who knows a lot about it.

    - Make the global list of all lovers of chemistry and go see them one by one. Excellent plan, see you in 2080.

    - I know someone who can give me the answer, please, 72 hours.

    Huffman leaned, he looked at the window behind Maggy, then looked into her eyes. He said, rising with the desk :

    - 72 hours, nothing more.

    Commissioner Huffman left with the smile. Maggy briefly displayed a smile on her face. She opened her drawer, she took the pistol in her holster and put it on her belt. She put her chain with police badge around her neck and stood up by closing the drawer. She put her leather jacket before being in front of Robert Edwards, coming out of nowhere, right next to the chair that Huffman has moved. He says :

    - A promotion ?

    - I'd say... A clue.

    - What ? Wha... You have something ? What is it ? Why do not you just close the case ?

    - I know someone who can help us. We will find who give the chemical equipment to these basterds.

    - Great...

    - What ?

    - Nothing, lets do this.

    Maggy goes directly to the elevator, followed by Robert.


    In the afternoon, at the Longates Cemetery, Alison was there, in a black robe with round neck. There was no one around her except the priest. He spoke loudly and clearly of the world, the better world in which they are now. The three coffins of dark wood, a larger and two smaller. While the man spoke of hope for the future after death, Alison saw his life turn into purgatory. Her mascara flowed down her face, it was a farewell which she was not ready.

    Alison was away in her thoughts, her attention was dissipated in the echo of the voice of the priest. She closed her eyes a few seconds, leaving her mascara running down her face, then she reopened. The sky was gray, the place was dark, the priest suddenly stopped and looked at Alison, holding his bible with both hands. The grass was suddenly in fire all around, it spread into the trees. The priest stared and said in an emotionless voice :

    - You have a rendez-vous with death, At some disputed barricade. It may be he shall take your hand and lead you into his dark land, close your eyes and quench your breath. You have a rendez-vous with death and you, to your pledged word is true, You shall not fail that rendez-vous... Alison...

    The illusion vanished when Jonathan put his hand on the right shoulder of Alison. She turned around suddenly feeling the hand arise. Jonathan still had his hospital uniform. She turned her eyes to the coffins descending quietly in the darkness of their hole. She said in a low voice, tears streaming down her face

    - They're gone... They're all... gone.

    She raised her eyes on the grave of her husband « Jason Scott Jameron. »


    In the afternoon, Maggy was with Robert in an old boat shed deserted, wet, dirty. They drew their guns, seeing that there was nobody. The ceiling was leaking, they could see the water running here and there in the big hangar, full of boxes. There were every size and every color. Robert said, walking alongside Maggy :

    - So... We're looking for some kind of junkie ?

    - Not exactly...

    Robert and Maggy walked between the boxes, a grinding noise was heard behind them, followed by a voice with a strong French accent :

    - Drop your weapons.

    Maggy lowered her gun and turned around, she saw a man in a suit with tie knotty which was almost undone. He had an Ithaca 37, a shotgun. He was pointing in their direction, Maggy said, while a slight smile appeared on her lips :

    - Why you, you don't drops your weapon first, we are cops, remember ?

    - Who is really a cop in this city of shit ? What do you want Maggy ?

    - I need information, information that only you can give me.

    - Why would I help you ?... put your guns down, I don't want this to turn into a disaster here.

    - If I had a choice, I wouldn't be here. We put down our guns, you tell us what we want to know and we're going to leave for very long time.

    - Yes, and tomorrow I have mobsters who want to embedded me in concrete ? No thank you, I helped you last time and things haven't been very nice for me.

    - I did come back for you, Francois.

    - Fran... cois ?

    - He is french.

    - Et fière de l'être... Came back huh ? Tell me about it... Follow me...

    The french man put his shotgun on his right shoulder and walk away, between the boxes. Maggy and Robert put their guns back in their holster and followed him. There was a small space in the middle of the mountain of boxes with a wooden desk, like the ones we found in the lawyer's office or the bank's office.

    He walked to the leather chair he sat in and crossed his legs leaned against the desk. He gave a sigh and said, holding his weapon with both hands, towards the ground :

    - Who's he ? Your new boyfriend ?

    - Shut up Frank, the Old Brooks Fire, what can you tell me about that ?

    - It was actually a fire and it happened in Old Brooks. What am I supposed to know ?

    - The gasoline, it has been mixed with foreign products. Not the kind found in the street.

    - You would be suprised where people found those stuff. Batteries, cigarettes or even a drug store. It's easy to make a fire, Goldilocks.

    - You know exactly who bought these products and who used it.

    - I'm selling stuff, this is what I do. Do you remember everybody you see when you're selling cellphone in a mall ? No, you don't. I'm not running after people, people are running after me. If they want my equipment, they need to come back. I am not responsible for the use of these tools, I am only the one who sell... I'm not looking for violence Maggy...

    Maggy looked around and saw a green box with yellow printed writing, it was written [RPG - Rocket Launcher]. She looked at Frank and said :

    - Oh really... So If I'm buying a rocket launcher, you really don't know what I'm going to do with that, right ?

    - I don't know who they're Maggy.

    - You know someone... And I want to meet that ''someone.'' I'm talking about the guy who helped them, these killers are not scientists, someone make the mix for them.

    - I don't know...

    - Why aren't you in jail ? You're useless !

    - We already made a deal.

    - I'm a cop, I can change the deal when I want.

    - I'll see what I can do, maybe someone know something about all this. See you when I got something.

    - If by someone, you mean you, and by maybe, you mean, you will think about it... Yes, alright. Oh and did you ever heard about ''Russel Benedict'' ?

    - Nope, but I'll keep an eye open.

    Maggy turned around, discouraged. Maybe Frank would give her the information she is looking, but in 72 hours, she need to advance the case really fast.

    Robert and Frank glanced a déjà vu which make Robert smiled. He turned around too and followed walked with Maggy going out of the shed. Robert said, walking by her side :

    - You should put him in jail.

    - He is able to follow a deal and he has some connections. If there is movement in the import / export, he can give me useful information.

    - But it doesn't always work obviously...

    - He is less cooperative since the gangs war started in Threepolis territories. He must choose a side and hope it's the winning side. This is how the crime works here. We have no control... That's why we have the worst statistics in the United States.

    - Why did you chose this city to be a detective ? You could have gone in many better places than this.

    - I grew up here... I may die here too...

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    In the evening, a few miles from the cemetery was an Italian restaurant. It was an outside terrace surrounded by a small white wooden fence. Over the fence, there were strings of round lantern of white tissue, lighting all around the small round tables of stainless.

    Alison was having a coffee with Jonathan at a table close to the fence. Alison still had her funerals dress and Jonathan still had his hospital uniform. From this terrace they could see the calm sea. Alison watched, neutral air, she was thinking. She was frozen by the events, events with which she couldn't make peace. After more than 30 minutes of silence, Alison suddenly said :

    - These lanterns remind me where I went with my husband and my daughters every summer. It was in Florida, Boca Raton. They were brought to the beach every year, like a tradition. Last year we couldn't went there, we had no money. Generally, we didn't really have any money for this, but we went there anyway. This time we were really full of debt. I told my daughters ''next year''. Now that we're ''next year'', I think I made a fake promise...

    - You couldn't know...

    - Having fought so hard against my emotions, I realize that I'm at the same stage that I was in the beginning. I'm still angry and... down... I feel that I can't fight, I just can't do it. I can't get over it, its not going to happen... I don't want to...

    - What do you want ?

    - I want justice...

    - They didn't catch them ?

    - Not yet... And even if they do... They'll go to jail for 5 or 6 years. Maybe less... They took everything from me, and they're going in jail.

    - We can't change the world, we just have to... deal with it. I'm not a doctor but, you should try move on, I don't know. Maybe... just do something, you have a work, or something you want to do...

    - I'm a dance teacher, in Old Brooks. I'm teaching to teenagers ballet.

    - You should get into it, maybe its something that could help you. It's one of the thing you didn't loose, you should probably keep it that way.

    - Yeah... I really like this job, but, its not enough to live. I was living in Old Brooks, and even if this was one of the worst place in the city, I wasn't able to pay the bills. I'll need another job...

    - You have something in mind ?

    - No... I don't. But I've a lot of thing in mind actually... Do you think I'll get what I want someday ?

    - This is the famous question... But if by ''what you want'' you mean justice, yes, I think that someday, they'll find those guys. They're paid for that right ?

    - Thanks for everything, I know I'm just crying every time you see me but... thanks for being there. You know you don't have to do that, you know... I'm just another patient.

    - Maybe...

    Jonathan smiled to Alison who answered him with a smile. Alison stood up and said :

    - I... really need to go, I've a lot things to do, and so... thanks, see you next time.

    Jonathan stood up, seeing her going away. She walked quickly between tables, she rushed to the exit. He said before she go out of the fence :

    - Yeah... of course, I... Understand.

    Alison walked away.

    For Alison, it was inside that the questions and emotions raged. For Jonathan, it was all around him, his hasty departure, the box, this way of separated him from the events so clear and precise.

    The three men were running away, it was a manhunt that wasn't going to end, because Maggy Sawyer has nothing more than 48 hours to found something, she must do the work of a week in two days. An impossible thing, these men were already gone.


    At the boat shed of Frank, there was a chair on each side of the desk, on each side, there was a man sitting. Frank was there, a glass of whiskey in his hand, staring at the open bottle, half empty on the desktop. On the other side was Russel, who was at his 6th glass.

    Russel was wearing a long grey coat, obviously old. Russel was clearly disheveled and tired, very tired. After the last days, he had no life. His world has stopped turning, he is set on the research for his daughter and alcohol. The searches were not conclusive, but drinking was, he drunk a lot every day.

    Frank said to him, looking at him, crashed on the desk, elbows propped:

    - So you talked about Glock, isn't it ?

    - Yes, I made a list... Thank you for not giving me to the cops.

    - I did it for me, for my benefit, don't thank me.

    Russel took out a sheet of his pocket, dirty, crumpled, with an almost illegible writing. He gave it to him and said, while Frank took it :

    - I'm not like those you're selling to normally. I'm doing this to rescue my daughter...

    - I understand. I know what its like to be separated from those we love. My wife died of cancer a few years ago.

    - A heartbroken traficant, its poetic.

    Russel stood up and said :

    - Mine died in a car accident, we have that in common then... Hum... You mind if I take the bottle ?

    - It doesn't cost me anything, have fun.

    - Thanks, I'll be back tomorrow with the money.

    Russel suddenly took the bottle and walked slowly, very slowly, he was drunk. He hit a few boxes while he was going away. He was drinking again and again. He may be drunk, but tomorrow, Russel will be ready to begin what he wanted to do since the disappearance of his daughter.

    2 Month and 6 days later...


    In the district of Wellingthon Garden, the poorest district of Threepolis. No bus were going to the center for a simple reason, organized crime were controlling this area of the city, the cops are not welcome here. There are gangs, mobsters, who are left to their own business by a corrupt system.

    There was a large abandoned warehouse, out of sight since a decade. The place was dark, the windows in the top of the walls were covered with old newspapers. The ceiling was very high, leaking, the rain outside was flowing inside. The concrete floor was dirty, full of garbage and rock.

    At its center, there was a bath, an old bath stained of grout of rust. There was a man in jeans with a dark blue shirt tied in. He was in the water up to his chin, the icy water, the water was freezing him for several hours already. He was bleeding from the face, broken nose, bleeding down his face, lips cracked, the eyes were messed up. Bleeding eyebrows along its tampes, his forehead was full of blood. He was unconscious since the beginning of the evening.

    Next to the bath was a wooden table, she had an old green paint clear dirty for many years. Damaged, scratched, worned. Below was a generator turned on, there was a toaster connected, it was on the wooden table. Beside the toaster, there were slices of bread.

    The man woke up, he felt the cold grasping him, trying to move, he felt the chains holding him to the bottom of bath. He also felt pain in his leg, his right shin, probably broken in two, the ankle was definitely sprained.

    He took aware of the presence of Alison McCallister, all in black leather, she was wearing gloves. She had long and loose curly hair. She took two slice of bread and putted them in the toaster, she said :

    - Hi Bruce.

    - Where am I ?!

    - I'll need your help.

    - What ? Who the fuck are you ?

    - It doesn't matter. You burned an apartment in Old Brooks, two month ago.

    - I don't remember.


    - Okay ! Relax ! What do you want from me ? Do you want money ? Another appartment ?

    - I want the name of those who helped you.

    - I don't know who they are, I just worked with them two or three times, no big deal.

    - I hope you have a good memory Bruce, because you don't want to know what will happen if you can't answer me.

    - We're just executors, we're not in this personally. Even if you found them, they don't have any answer to give you.

    - I hope they do, because if they don't, they'll regret it. Playtime is over.

    Alison turned the toaster on and took it by the wire, she suspended it over the bath. She quietly let slip the wire, she said to Bruce :

    - The names !

    - You're psycho ! I... I can't help you !

    - Give me what I want, and I'll let you go.

    Alison left the toaster suddenly fall close to the water, the man tried to break his chains, he was panicking, trembling. Cold, pain and fear was felt in him.

    He said, with tears in the eyes, so scared :

    - I don't know anything !

    - Are you sure of that ? Are you ready to die for those guys ?!

    - Joe Raven ! The name of the boss, his name is Joe Raven. He's a god damn psychopath, like you, he like to play with people. He don't have mercy for women, kids, he's an asshole, but... damn he paid me very well.

    - The other name.

    - Everyone call him Goldsmith, he stoled a teeth made out of gold from the mouth a dead guy a year ago. Now everybody call him Goldsmith, he's a pyromaniac, he burned his best friend just for fun.

    - Thanks.

    - Now, can I go ?

    - No.

    - WHAT ?! I told you everything I know ! I swear !

    - And I believe you, but the thing is... That you killed my husband, you killed my daughters. I've no mercy for people like you.

    - NO ! You can't ! Please ! I've money ! You said you would let me go !

    Alison dropped the toaster in the bath, electrocuting instantly Bruce in the cold water. Leaving him in his painful death, Alison put her black hood on her head and went out , her hands in her pockets.

    Narration by Alison McCallister : Evolution, according to Charles Darwin, is focused on natural selection. No species evolve by choice, each species has evolved to adapt to their way of living and their environment that surrounds them.

    Evolution is daily, in small scale in our lives. Sometimes it is our instinct that changes what we are and what we do. The evolution is also what we think, what we want and what we are doing. Each of these things turns us into something else. We are all different specimens that changes in different ways, I think that for the past two months, I evolved from prey to predator.

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