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Queen Armageddon by Robbs-servant
robbs-servant Post # 16 | Saturday, 01 Dec 2012 - 05:40
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Here is the Queen's Tears Album !
The Official Soundtrack of Queen Armageddon

Stay tuned for the episode two and more !

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robbs-servant Post # 17 | Sunday, 16 Dec 2012 - 22:53
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The next episode is coming ! Stay tuned !
robbo Post # 18 | Monday, 17 Dec 2012 - 01:52
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wow, wicked the eagle has landed as summer glau soars through earth wind and fire, smile
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The trailer of the first season of Queen Armageddon !

Awesome trailer!

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The trailer of the first season of Queen Armageddon !

Awesome trailer!

Thanks a lot smile

The next episode tonight ! ( Hour of New York )
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Queen Armageddon
~ ~ ~
Kingdom of BAtrayal


- Summer Glau as Alison McCallister

- Shia Labeouf as Jonathan Cole / The male nurse

- Mel Gibson as Russel Benedict

- Yvonne Strahovski as Maggy Sawyer

- Billy Bob Thornton as Robert Edwards


- Samuel L. Jackson as Shelton Williams Junior

- Chi McBride as Commissioner Jerry Huffman


- Zeljko Ivanek as The Doctor

Episode 102 - Wanted, Dead or Alive...

Narration Alison McCallister : Suspended in time, this is a dream. When everything can not be most perfect than at this instant. An ideal time at any point of view, no improvement possible. We're rather preoccupied by the negative ending and abrupt of that instant, than the moment itself. A moment in which you prepare the diner for your family. Everyone, happy, without worries. A moment later, you are in agony while your family burn in your haven of peace. This is the dark reality that has put an end to my life. I'm still alive, but I have no idea what made me a human being now. A heart beating ? A brain that thinks ? A well-filled past ? There is nothing left of me, nothing except a feeling inside, on which I have no control. It is as if everything inside me was screaming just like in this closet when I was dying.

Am I dead or alive ?


In the afternoon, the male nurse who briefly met Alison, was at the site of the ruins of the apartment block inhabited by Alison. Discreetly, he crossed the perimeter. He wore a brown leather jacket and black pants, hair dishevelled. He had his hands in his pockets, moving ruins with his feet, he looked at the remnants. Then he fell on something hard, he stopped suddenly. The man looked around, taking precautions. He bent down and began to unearth a small box of metal, probably steel. He hesitated to take it, stressed, fearful that someone sees him, he took it without thinking and quickly returned to his car.

He sat inside the car, looking around, nobody had seen him, like a ghost. He tried to open it, but he realized it was locked, he looked carefully and saw wheels combinations on the front. The box seemed very solid, it would not open without the combination. He threw it on the backseat, the box landed on the side, underneath, there was a burned picture. He stretched himself and recovered the picture carefully. In the picture, there were two children, a man and a woman. A woman he had already seen, the one at the hospital, the ''enraged.'' Box belonged to her for sure.

Uncertain, had he the right to give it to her ? Would it be something abnormal ? Or maybe she would be happy? Perhaps there is money inside...

He started the car and put his plastic card on his hospital gown, on it, there was his name, Jonathan Cole. He left the area in the direction of the hospital.


At the police station, the headquarters of justice, where the uniform is only the facade of the words : bribe , homicide, drugs, corruption and the favourite, ignoring the criminal organizations. It was the return of Sergeant Shelton Williams Junior. Returning from Afghanistan after spending far too long there.

Upon entering through the front door, the applause was heard. People shaking hands, Shelton was not left unscathed by the war, those who do not come back injured and traumatized, returning with psychological disorders more often than you think.

He spoke to the officers as if he had left the day before. Then a sound of emergency, an armed man took his 11 year old son in hostage. Shelton approached the police chief when the transmission was completed, he said seriously :

- I take it.

- You just got back Williams, stay here, the little guys will take care of this.

- How many times I fucked up Jerry ? Come on, its me.

- First, it is not ''Jerry'' its ''Mr. Huffman.'' Secondly, are you sure ?

- We're wasting time.

- Ramirez ! Here ! You go with Shelton.

- Yes sir.

- You give me a blue ? I'm not back to changing diapers and holding hands to cross the street Jerry.

- He's been here two months... This is the circle of life Shelton, the new ones learn from the old ones. This is what this is, being with the blue or being a bureaucrat, then move your old ass. Oh and Shelton, its ''Mr. Huffman'' stops the ''Jerry things.''

Shelton and Ramirez rushed to a police car, Ramirez driving, Shelton said, seeing that he was traveling at 60 Mph :

- This is your emergency speed here ? I bet your wife gave birth to your kid one block from your house.

Ramirez accelerated to 90 Mph, the smile on his face, Shelton said, laughing :

- There you go blue ! Out of the way civilians, here we come !

- It seems that you are a decorated hero ?

- Yeah, if you want to fuck up my day, don't stop, you're on the right track...

Shelton closed his eyes, took a deep breath, everything suddenly appeared as a headache and he remembered ...

November 2011 - Afghanistan:

Captain Shelton Williams Jr. was with his squad patrolling the area during the night, they had signs of enemy presence in the valley they were exploring. Shelton suddenly heard a low whistle that was becoming increasingly noisy until a bomb explodes behind him on his squad.

The rubble, the smoked... Facing to the cold ground, totally deaf, people died all around him...

Ramirez said:

- Sorry, if you don't want to talk about it, I understand, my brother was there.


Shortly before the beginning of the evening, Jonathan was in the hospital. Files in hand, he drew from his pocket the picture he had found. He put suddenly the folders... They are dead, all except her. The picture had darkened and calcined at the edges, but he clearly see the picture.

He picked up his stack of folder, drew the picture in his pocket and opened the file just before rushing to the doctor just out of the room. It was the old man who had first awakened Alison. Without saying a word, hearing only the sounds of the hospital, the two crossed, Jonathan gave the files to note the changes and went his way. He walked into Alison's room, simulating a routine check, the truth is simple, he is intrigued.

He saw Alison, lying in the bed, sinking into his bed as a dead. The haematomas on the skin, hair dishevelled, looking at the young man from the side of the eye. Jonathan stopped when he heard the voice of the lady :

- Is that you ? You're the one who stopped me ?...

He smiled and replied:

- Yeah, It's me.

- You have a name ?

- Jonathan.

- Do you believe that those who do evil things are going to pay for it, for what they have done, in the afterlife ?

- You don't want my point of view on this... believe me...

- Why ?

- I don't  think they will pay in their life or in their death. It is the injustice of this world...

Alison held her hands together, fixing, the eyes without soul. You could see the devastation that had not left her face since the fire, she had the same face, the same look, the same eyes.

Jonathan approached and sat in a chair next to the bed. Alison looked at him and smiled sarcastically, she said :

- I would like to believe in fairy tale. In a situation like this, I would be able to make myself believe that everything will be better tomorrow...

- You've survived.

Alison dropped a tear, her face increasingly sad. Tears came down to her chin, along her face plunged into emotional death. She said with difficulty :

- There is nothing left of me... I'm dead in that closet. I left my heart, I've left everything I had. I've left my past, but more importantly, my whole future... This is broken, this is dead. I left my husband...

Alison played with her wedding ring blackened. Jonathan give her a handkerchief box, She seized it and laid it next to her, without taking one. She said with a trembling voice :

- I have left my children... My girls... my angels... my princesses... I heard...

Jonathan lowered his gaze to the ground. Hands tightly together on his face. Alison looked at him and said :

- I heard them burned... I heard them calling me, I heard them screaming. But I couldn't get out, I couldn't do it, I was... not strong enough. Everyone is dead... Why did they get me out of there ?... It's so... useless...

- I'm... really sorry, if... If I can do anything for you, you only have to ask me...

Alison's head was facing the wall in front of her, the face in tears, crying, trembling. Jonathan stood up and said :

- I would be lying if I told you that I understand how you feel, but I sympathize with your situation...

Jonathan waited a few seconds for a response, watching her crying, he left the room. Once outside, he took a deep breath. He looked out the window next to the door he entered. She was lying on her side, crying.

The second half below

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In the evening, the police station on the fourth floor, the Criminal Section. In the office, there was movement, as usual. Everyone moves, people come with the guilty and the guilty with the money can afford to buy the key to leave without any condition. A vicious circle that rots the whole system. Among the few functional elements and loyal to the order, there is Maggy Sawyer.

The folders she requested from the archives had just arrived in the hands of the agent Edwards. Jacket in blue and black tie. He approached, a forced smile on his lips, in front of Maggy, ready to get to work. He said, as he leaned against the edge of her desk :

- I got it. You can go for a little break, the sleepless nights kills the good cops.

- Are you nice ? I have a right to be sceptical, I think.

The agent Edwards turned his face from fake smile to sarcastic smile :

- We work together on the case but I'm the boss. You go or I'll kick your ass out of the case, alright ?

- It sounded almost like an order. This is OUR case, I work.

- I insist...

Robert Edwards had his hands moving. He looked stressed by something. It seemed suspicious, anxious, worried and he sweated. Maggy put his black leather jacket and said as she went :

- Have fun. And no return on the evidence as I am not there.

- Of course...

Maggy took the elevator to go down to the entrance hall. The elevator was dirty, phone numbers were engraved everywhere. There were extinguished cigarettes on the floor and one neon of the two wasn't working. A police department just like his city, dirty, broken and never better.

The blonde in jeans, white shirt and black leather jacket came and rushed towards the exit. She took his burgundy Yamaha motorcycle, with yellow seat and handlebars. She put on her head a black helmet, through the streets with his motorcycle, there is no safe street in Threepolis. A few kilometers from the police station, there was an apartment block very descent for a city such as Threepolis. Maggy parked her motorcycle in its storage at the back of the building.

She returned to the apartment immediately, she lived at the 7th floor, apartment with a view over the city. Upon entering she fell on her black cat with green eyes, waiting on his huge kitchen counter near the entrance. The kitchen to the left, at the right, three steps to the center of the apartment, the living room. The sofa back to the large window, TV on the wall. A huge apartment, empty, Maggy lives alone for so long that she had forgotten the feeling of sharing a place with somebody.

She locked her door, again, again and again. 5 locks and alarm system on all the entrance, finally separated from the jungle. For Maggy, her apartment is the only civilized plot of Threepolis, not bigger than that. She gave the cat his food, took a spoon and pot ice cream. She put everything on the glass table in the living room, she get in underwear and wrapped herself in a blanket in front of an old movie. She was not concentrated, the film and the ice cream doesn't taste as good as she thought. She was alone and it was the only thing that she was thinking about, just like yesterday and the day before.


In the middle of night, Russel wakes up screaming and struggling. He was not aware of the duration of his sleep. He pulled off the wire of the medical devices, he wanted to get out. The nurses rushed to him and injected painkillers. The effect was rapid, then he sat on the bed, disoriented. He began realize what had happened, her hands in her face... her daughter was missing.

Narration Maggy Sawyer : I'm born in this city with a family looking for the American dream. Today, I am in a city where those who lives it can be counted on the fingers of the hand. We are all looking for our dream, but it seems that when one come close, the mirage disappears and the dark reality resurfaced.


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robbs-servant Post # 23 | Wednesday, 02 Jan 2013 - 02:14
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Here is a new Journal entry :

In the second episode of Queen Armageddon, we see a new character, Commissioner Jerry Huffman. Playing by Chi McBride who also played the police chief in I Robot (with Will Smith.)

He is a back story character. So the interesting thing about this character is how he is connected to some protagonist of Queen Armageddon. A good one or a bad one, you will learn more about him during the first season.

Stay tuned for more episode of Queen Armageddon on The Summer Glau Wiki :

or on twitter :

The Next Episode :

Darwin's Theory


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The Queen's Tears Album ( #Queentears )
The Official Soundtrack of the first season of Queen Armageddon !

For the free download go here :

Just use the link below for the free download.

Soundtrack of the episode 101 :

A family die, a Queen rise :

Hope is gone :

Soundtrack of the episode 102 :

No more love :

The sad reality :

See the next episode soon and stay tuned to get the soundtrack of the next episodes of Queen Armageddon

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New Promo-Art of
Queen Armageddon
A Mother Through Fire And Flames

The next episode coming soon !
Stay tuned !

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The Queen's Tears Album - EXTRA
The Official Soundtrack of the first season's trailer of Queen Armageddon !

For the free download go here :

Just use the link below for the free download.

Extra Trailer Soundtrack :

A family Repose in peace :

Welcome to Threepolis :

A crying soul :

See the next episode soon and stay tuned to get the soundtrack of the next episodes of Queen Armageddon


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terminatorpotter87 Post # 27 | Monday, 14 Jan 2013 - 10:55
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Again I have to say that is amazing thank you for sharing this with everyone

Thank you for explaining, Cameron TSCC
robbs-servant Post # 28 | Tuesday, 15 Jan 2013 - 02:26
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Quote (terminatorpotter87)
Again I have to say that is amazing thank you for sharing this with everyone

I'm very glad you like it, thank you very much for your nice comment smile

Everything around Queen Armageddon is growing bigger actually. Some people are interested to bring it on Ebook cool

It is comments like yours that make me keep writing. <3

Next episode very soon !
TerminatorEmily Post # 29 | Tuesday, 15 Jan 2013 - 03:20
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This is amazing. Just watched the trailer I love it. I love the clips you used. Very well done and the episodes are great.
Thanks so much for sharing this. You have such an amazing talent. Can't wait!

☮"Just because no one has been fortunate enough to realize how wonderful you are, doesn't mean you shine any less." - Summer Glau☮
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Quote (TerminatorEmily)
This is amazing. Just watched the trailer I love it. I love the clips you used. Very well done and the episodes are great.
Thanks so much for sharing this. You have such an amazing talent. Can't wait!

Oh my god thank you so much <3

The next episode (Darwin Theory) is two time bigger than the second episode (Wanted, Dead or Alive.) Hope you'll like it smile Forum » Creativity Section » Fanfiction » Queen Armageddon by Robbs-servant (A complete written mini series and more)