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Queen Armageddon by Robbs-servant
chrisdvanne_ Post # 1 | Friday, 19 Oct 2012 - 16:04
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Status: Offline is a place where fans can express themselves creatively, whether it is fanart, fanfiction or brand new creation for instance.

Robbs-servant has decided to share with us his brand new project, starring Summer Glau. Robbs-servant's project for Queen Armageddon includes 24 episodes for the complete season, casting, soundtrack (which will be entirely free to download at the release of each episode) and more.

TSCC season 3 : 'Queen Armageddon' by Robbs Servant

Robbs-servant started by presenting his project via his journal on deviantart; here's the entry inwhich he introduces 'The Project Queen'.

The project queen (who will soon have a full name) is a project that I am preparing for over a year. All the characters in at least one year of development. I had all the time perceving as good as the bad guys and even hybrids, crossing both sides of the line.

The picture I labeled to the main character is Summer Glau. A killing machine with a broken heart in a race for a final revenge. My inspiration for the style of the character comes from Cameron Phillips in TSCC, his physical skills from River Tam in Firefly Serenity, a psychological character of Alice in Resident Evil, Skylar in Alphas, but mainly designed from scratch. In Co-starring there will be Shia Labeouf, Mel Gibson, Billy Bob Thornton and many others.

I have carefully designed these characters for a long time, the main thing that affect what they are, it is the environment in which I installed. A corrupt world, dirty, and especially violent. A place where money is power. It is a dark history, where we choose our hero and our villain. Everyone going after something, sometimes it's the death of the others that brings us peace.

A trailer is coming soon. This is a trailer of the first season, with events and characters especially important.

Stay tuned for more posts to come...

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Youtube
robbs-servant Post # 2 | Sunday, 21 Oct 2012 - 06:28
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Hi everyone !
Here is a new Journal entry of the project. A trailer, the first episode and of course more Journal entry will come very soon smile

Journal entry about The Protagonists :
In Queen Armageddon, there are 4 protagonists with 1 main protagonist (played by Summer Glau). The 4 characters repeatedly intersect with common goals, sometimes opposite. The good and the bad is a matter of point of view, in other words, everything depends on the protagonists that you prefer.

The Queen : The Queen is played by Summer Glau. She's the Most Important of the four protagonists. The Queen is the first bullet of a world war that is happening in a dark city, where blood is law. she is both good and evil, an angel without mercy.

The Queen - judge juror and executioner ...

The Dark Citizen : The Dark Citizen is played by Shia Labeouf. The dark citizen is one of the four protagonists, he is a protagonists that each bit is assigned to hero. Sometimes his victories are defeats of some other protagonist.

The Dark Citizen - Dogs eat Dogs ...

The Outlaw : Outlaw is played by Mel Gibson. The Outlaw is one of the four protagonists. His impulsive actions have vast repercussions both positive and negative on the situation of other protagonists. He is definitely the most unpredictable character of Queen Armageddon.

The Outlaw - Here to shoot you right in the face, not for negociate...

The Detective : The detective is played by Yvonne Strahovski. Detective is one of the four protagonists, it is probably the most being hang to justice. Attractive, she is a rose that knows how to use its venom.

The Detective - Brought back the order in the chaos, a bullet at the time...
robbs-servant Post # 3 | Friday, 26 Oct 2012 - 04:52
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Stay tuned for the trailer of the first season and of course all the coming episodes right here :

And right here, at I'm answering questions on twitter, for those who have some, just tweet wink
robbs-servant Post # 4 | Sunday, 28 Oct 2012 - 01:45
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Here is a new journal entry !

The soundtrack of Queen Armageddon is a unique mix of music of all kinds. Classic rock, the latest music, but also lesser-known or forgotten groups.

This is both a compilation of music surrounding the story and also for many of you, some small discoveries. A theme song is still possible, it is possible that something remains to be seen about it.

Anyway, the soundtrack of Queen Armageddon will be 100% free for everyone, and can be downloaded at will. Without worries of copyright or broken links. Everything will be arranged so that each reader can have access to the soundtrack of each episodes.

Episode 1 is coming and the trailer too.

More Journal Entry very soon ! Stay Tuned !

More news about the casting and the characters will come very soon !

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robbs-servant Post # 5 | Tuesday, 30 Oct 2012 - 02:21
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A New Journal Entry about characters !

Those characters are those who aren't protagonists, but very important in Queen Armageddon :

The FBI Agent : The FBI agent is played by Billy Bob Thornton. This is a man who watches over himself. He does his job to get rid of it, no overtime. This is an obscure character who fights for his own interest.

The FBI Agent - F ! B ! I ! You know what this mean ? Federal ! Bureau ! Of Get the fuck out of my way !

The Dealer : The Dealer is played by William Fichtner. This is a character from very often at the heart of some of the darkest intrigues. This is a good man who did his best to be a bad man. Half angel, half-demon, he is a character with a very eventful journey.

The Dealer - Do you have any idea who you're stealing from ?! You and your friends are dead !

The Psychotic : The Psychotic is played by Samuel L. Jackson. Divorced and on medication, he is a character that bears its name. This is a policeman who pushes his work to the extreme. Returning from Afghanistan after spending three years there, he completed 11 years of service in the armed forces. He suffers from psychosis, paranoia and possibly schizophrenia.

The Psychotic - And if our actions was to kill somebody. It would be crazy, right? And if it saves your life? It is excused by an act of survival ... why ... WHY is an act of dismantling is judged balanced because we have a reason to do it ?

The Agent : The agent is played by Thomas Jane. He is an hardworker, something which happens to be elusive. Something sure, he is a good man. It is one of the characters being less hybrid between good and evil.

The Agent - When the blood flows in the streets, we must invest in the stone.

The Hacker : The Hacker is played by Thomas Dekker. This is a character younger than the other, having grown in this world of violence and crime. He practices ''every man for himself.'' Despite himself, he found himself in a world where death is at any street corners.

The Hacker - Stop running after me ! I'm just the computer guy !

Killer-Striper : The Killer-Striper is played by Rose McGowan. Very young, she ends up in drug cartels, in the worst part of the city. Now she is dancer in a club run by the local mobster. She is waiting for a chance to get out of this life, a chance that never seems to come.

Killer-Striper - I want to burn my boss with fire and gasoline.

The Trailer is coming soon !

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robbs-servant Post # 6 | Monday, 05 Nov 2012 - 09:20
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Here is the promo of the first episode of Queen Armageddon

Promo - First Blood :

robbs-servant Post # 7 | Tuesday, 06 Nov 2012 - 10:30
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Here is a new Journal Entry ! Presenting the universe of Queen Armageddon !

The story of Queen Armageddon takes place in the same way as in Sin City. The similarity is the inexistence of the city, however, although it is not a real name, we can recognize the traits of some actually present cities.

The name of the city is Threepolis. Three symbolizing the three destinies of soul. Heaven, hell and purgatory. This is a large city, with a lot of building and a lot of streets.

A city where the middle class is a thin line between the rich and the rest of the world, being in constant misery. All crimes are repeated every day by a variety of criminal, desperate people or any kind of psychopath.

It is a corrupted world led by the mobsters. A dark world where the blood is the law. Revenge, money, power and even love are the origins of the characters in this universe. Hope remains for some, hope no longer exists for other.

Episode One - Coming Soon !
TerminatorEmily Post # 8 | Wednesday, 07 Nov 2012 - 03:55
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it sounds really cool!

☮"Just because no one has been fortunate enough to realize how wonderful you are, doesn't mean you shine any less." - Summer Glau☮
robbs-servant Post # 9 | Wednesday, 07 Nov 2012 - 08:18
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Thank you biggrin

Stay Tuned, the first episode is coming this week tongue
robbs-servant Post # 10 | Friday, 09 Nov 2012 - 21:54
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Queen Armageddon's first episode ! Tonight (Hour of New York) !

Stay Tuned !

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robbs-servant Post # 11 | Saturday, 10 Nov 2012 - 06:04
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Queen Armageddon
~ ~ ~
Kingdom of BAtrayal


- Summer Glau as Alison McCallister

- Shia Labeouf as Jonathan Cole / The male nurse

- Mel Gibson as Russel Benedict

- Yvonne Strahovski as Maggy Sawyer

- Billy Bob Thornton as Robert Edwards


- Robert Lasardo as The tattooed killer


- Zeljko Ivanek as The Doctor

Episode 101 - Take my love, take my child, take me where I cannot stand...

Narration by Alison McCallister : The equilibrium point eventually capsize, a perfect balance and constant, never lasts forever. The equilibrium is governed by a harsh reality that is gravity, as happiness is governed by reality. Within a few seconds, paradise can become a nightmare, but the nightmare can't become a paradise in a few seconds. It is a cruel reality in which we always must fight for happiness , yet you can lose it in a snap.

The light descends into the dark and everything burns. Whether we think we have no one in this world and whether we believed to have no more future, there will always be a determining element which leads us to revenge. Revenge does not bring peace, but it relaxes a lot ...

At Threepolis in the neighborhood of Old Brooks, sleezy apartments blocks are counted by thirties. Controlled by a local mobster that weighs heavily on the population below a middle class that does not seem to exist. With corruption and violence in every neighborhood of the city, building a life seems to be impossible.There is no alternative for those who are last among all social classes.

In an apartment block in a particularly hostile place, three men in leather jackets climbed the stairs. These men were not children at heart, they were armed with sawed-off shotguns. The echo made by their footsteps echoed from everywhere, heavy steps by dangerous men.

They rushed to the 3rd floor, apartment 308, at the end of the hallway. Once at the door, two hard knocks were given.

Inside the apartment, a husband was playing with his two daughters in the living room and his wife was preparing the dinner. It was a rather small apartment, the paint of the walls had been deteriorating for several years.

The father, hearing the fierce knocks on the door, got up and rushed into the entrance hall, but his wife was already at the door. She opened it and immediately regretted it. On opening, she received a punch in the face, she collapsed immediately, her husband rushed to her to catch her.

It was a moment that seemed to be without end, the light had just gone to total darkness. The man had his wife in his arms, bleeding from the face. The men took advantage of this moment, panic and saw fear among people that where helpless.

The head of the first of three men to cross the door frame was shaved, a small beard and numerous tattoos. He looked like a killer and he was. The man withdrew the woman from the husband'ss arms by projecting her into the arms of the man just to his right. He gave a slight laugh serious from the back of his throat. The husband was on the ground, terrified, in tears. He looked at the man's eyes, the one with shaved head, his eyes were in the direction of his children.

Despaired, he tried to get up to protect his daughters, but the tattooed man stopped him. He struck him severely in the face, he did not ask any questions or claimed nothing from him. His men were there to spread fear and death, they wanted nothing in return, neither money nor information.

The face in blood, he could not do anything. They put his wife in the closet at the entrance and blocked the door thereafter. Crying, she was helpless, until she heard water flowing on the floor, down the stairs, into the kitchen. It was not water, it was gasoline. One of the men suddenly dropped a matchstick. The screams echoed around, the temperature was quickly mounting.

Spreading flames, the screams were intensified. His family was being burned, while the three men were leaving the apartment. The smoke always growing, the woman collapsed, she was unconscious...

She woke up in a hospital bed, disoriented and confused. She was in a hospital gown, in a room completely white. She could hear the noise of the machines around her. It was very illuminate, they were certainly in the morning. She felt bad, not realizing quite what happened last night.

She straightened suddenly seeing a doctor approach, a list in the hand and a pen in the other. He had the looks of a man rather older, perhaps sixty years old. Rectangular glasses, a slight white beard, head shaved. Blue eyes stopped on the young woman who had obviously woken up. He sat down on the edge of the bed, at her right, he removed his glasses and said seriously:

- What I'm going to tell you is not easy to hear. We spent the night trying to keep you alive, but your husband, Warren, and your daughters, Jill and Lisa, were not as fortunate as you.

- Wha... What...

The lady was crying, now she remembered it well, and details as everything else. The smell of the smoke, the unbearable heat, the screams of pain.

- I'm sorry Mrs. McCallister...

- You do n... You can't have ...

- There was no chance of rescuing them madame, it was already too late when firefighters arrived on the scene. But it is a miracle that you survived.

- A miracle ?!

The woman jumped up, throwing himself on the messenger of death. Strangling him of all his strength, because after the realization of the event came the rage.

A male nurse, young, in the late twenties, was passing very close. Seeing the situation, he rushed to the aid of the doctor, taking the woman from behind to stop her from hurting the doctor. He told her :

- Calm down ! Caaalm down !

When the young woman stopped to struggle, she began to cry. It was the end of everything, the day she fell into the darkness ...

3 hours later, on the other side of the window of his room was a woman with a police badge on her belt. A black leather jacket, black jeans, blond hair and bright blue eyes, the woman was in her late twenties. She watched the survivor of the fire, then a man in a suit approached tie, showing his badge FBI to the girl. He was about 50 years, he said :

- Robert Edwards, FBI. Are you the detective in charge ... Margarette Sawyer ?

- Maggy, Maggy Sawyer, yes it's me. What can I do for the federal bureau of intimidation ?

Agent Edwards smiled sarcastically saying :

- What do we have here ?

- Alison McCallister, just 30 years old. The interrogation did not really take place, we only asked her few questions about it. If we believe what she said, three men went to his apartment, his family was savagely beaten and burned with everything they have.

- She is the only one left ?

- Her husband and two children had gas directly on them, so yes, she is the only survivor.

- What are you waiting to start the interrogation ?

- The great FBI agents tell me how to do my job. I know what I have to do, Mr. Edwards, let me do my job. She is traumatized, she wants to finish the case much more than us, believe me. So let.

- We're not sending FBI agents as spectators, we work together or I will take over. The choice is yours.

- Alright, but I start the interrogation, not you.

- As you wish. Let's go.

- Not now.

- Every second that passes, these haywires are taking advance, they are further away every minute. Bring it or I’ll do it myself. What the...

Agent Edwards looked over the shoulder of Maggy, he saw a man with nurses coming at full speed, saying he been shot. Edwards cut the discussion and rushed to the door frame of the room, he asked the nurse blocking the door frame :

- What happened ?

- A man shot by some kind of killer, we know nothing more, he is not conscious, please sir, move, you should not clog the passage.

30 minutes ago...

Outside the city center, in a suburb, at 4120, there was a small house. An old house rather poorly maintained, owned by a man in his late forties.

The door of the house was open, in the middle of the room was a man with his daughter in his arms. A man with cropped hair, no beard, pointing a Colt 45 in their direction, saying :

- We told you Russell, you had to refund us, we even extended the deadline because you are nice. Now you tell me where the money is. WHERE !

- I have no money, but let me just enough time to pick it up. Hurting us will not give you money, patience, please.

- We are not known to be very patient in the neighbourhood. If you don't have it, it's the mortuary.

- NO ! No, don't , don't do that. I can get the money, all the money, if you wish, I give you DOUBLE !

- Give me something, and I'll give it back when you have the money.

- What ?

- Give me your daughter and when you have the money, I'll give it back exactly like she was today.

- Never ! Never ! This is my daughter! It will take too much...

- Oh Oh Oh, so soon is rather long...

- I give you everything I have in 72 hours !

- I do not give a shit about your house or your moldy furniture crumb Russel !

The man fired on Russel and took the little girl in his arms, fleeing by the way which he had entered. Russel, was on the floor in blood, the tears in the face, he lost hope.

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robbs-servant Post # 12 | Sunday, 11 Nov 2012 - 07:09
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Here is the promo of the Second episode of Queen Armageddon

Promo - Only revenge is left :

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robbs-servant Post # 13 | Sunday, 18 Nov 2012 - 22:02
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The trailer of the first season of Queen Armageddon !

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robbs-servant Post # 14 | Wednesday, 21 Nov 2012 - 04:45
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The soundtrack will be here soon. The Album of the complete soundtrack will be named :
The Queen's Tears / Twitter keyword : #Queentears

100 % Free, more than 40 track of all kind, for everyone.

A Release date, with the download link will be here ! Stay tuned !
robbs-servant Post # 15 | Saturday, 01 Dec 2012 - 01:20
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The Queen's Tears Album / #Queentears cover will be here TONIGHT !

Stay tuned here or at Twitter @RobbsServant

Don't forget to follow @chrisdvanne and myself for more news about Queen Armageddon ! Forum » Creativity Section » Fanfiction » Queen Armageddon by Robbs-servant (A complete written mini series and more)