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Terminator SCC Season 3 Infinity
Marcel93 Post # 1 | Tuesday, 19 Jun 2012 - 10:01
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This is my third Final Season of TSCC. A rather gloomy story begins in the future. A new hunting, new enemies and new friends ...


Chapter 1.

Questions and Answers

What had happened, why is not John Connor Derek remembered, no one knew why this name? John certainly was surprised when he saw his father standing in front of him, alive, but which required his full attention was Kyle Cameron knelt beside him and stroked a dog and Ansah ....
, You are wearing my jacket boy, what's your name? "Kyle asked him kindly, and looked closely at the John ....
, My name is John Connor. "More he could not just bring over his lips, he was cold and he not only had a jacket on the really warm.
,, John Connor so well, I Kyle Reese, my brother Derek am have you even been met already, I just wonder how you're without which we could remember it, especially as it Looks Naked came here? "John wondered just what he should say, and looked to see if maybe Weaver could be anywhere, but was looking forward to the road to John Henry and Cameron much more.
, You can do it we explain later, we have here gone for a Triple Eight guard is here soon, we emerge should go, "said Kyle, and showed John the way to the jeep. They Underground a gear drove along the well dug was. Since 2023, the resistance must fall back on something because it's too dangerous on the surface of tags and also at night. The jeep stopped after a half hour drive in front of a large gate, opened it slowly and sluggishly. A small base was customary, probably the command bunker of resistance John thought so!

The jeep stopped and all got out again, take care Allison beg you to our guest and besorgst him something to wear? "
,, We made Kyle! "Allison was her name? John did not understand the world anymore. When these Allison touched him, he felt cold but not heat. Was it a man? John hesitated but then, Cameron?" he whispered briefly, Did you say something? "said Allison, but John shook his head ....
, My name is Allison Young, if you want to know it, so here is your living room, there is something to put on, Kyle will come get you soon as a permanent near, "she said curtly, and disappeared again. A small room, right Handsomely decorated. But what John did not understand why no one remember his name or even know. But then it dawned on with the current journey he had Fallout his future, he was never there began the war, so was he never leader of the resistance. John fell on his bed and put his hands over his head., 'No no no, everything is wrong! " said he always rose to the door and stand in front of him, Derek, Kyle wants to see you! "

Along with Derek, he went in a slightly larger space, the command center, Kyle was waiting for him along with another man ..., Ok, I will be brief and you need us to explain anything because our agent has all seen, "John was a little surprised, then the strange man began to speak ....
,, You're not from this time, I've seen how you came with another non-human person by the time field, in which year are you? "John was totally confused, the man walked up to him and sat down next to him , thus we do not misunderstand, I'm not a man, I am an emissary of resistance machines and you come with a T-1000 model by the time field, which allows two conclusions, either working for you or for Skynet resistance that is from what time you are! " John was chalk bleaching but answered, 'I'm from the year 2009, I traveled with Catherine Weaver by this time to rescue a friend who means a lot to me. "The machine began to smile and stood up, The Prophecy fulfilled, Mother is back! " John did not once again ...

, 'Where is she now? "Said the Terminator quiet ....
,, I do not know, after our arrival, disappeared right after she and I met on you. "The machine gave John her hand, It is my honor to welcome John Connor must be!" How on the world he knew his name?
,, I'm going to explain everything later John Connor, it's time to take Requires, if you allow Commander Reese, John Connor, I would like to base our opposition, that's just pure formula "Kyle hesitated but allowed it. Even without John to ask the machine and John got into a car and drove off. It was a quiet ride to John broke the silence, 'What are you a model? "
,, I'm a T-800, but my name is Steven. Many machines in the resistance opposed to name but some, especially infiltrators have to be better addressed by name. "John was again more talkative and Steven peppered with questions ...
, What is actually happening? "
, This journey was to bring some events to the need to run, as the resistance machines. That was Cameron's raison d'être, but apparently we Skynet is always one step ahead, we must begin where we left off from there. This is no longer remembers you, I think this question is already answered, or did you? "John nodded, What do you mean the start over?"
, You have to go back, stay together with Cameron, Skynet. Because if this war is prevented, everything else is superfluous. "John did slowly to what the Terminator was going, and stopped to ask the rest of the paths they remained silent. John had a few replies but again churned up some questions that But it would be answered soon .....

After several hours of driving and not knowing where he was actually holding the terminator to the Jeep. John had slept briefly and not noticed that she had left the tunnel complex and were on the surface. When John got quite dizzy from the vehicle, he could not believe his eyes. The world he knew was in ruins. Sunken houses adorned the now former Skyline of Los Angeles. It was night, it rained. The Terminator went to an old abandoned house, it probably was once a family home, but that could not pass judgment just as it looked. John Followed the terminator into the building, it was pitch Finster, so dark that you can see his hand before his eyes could not, however, John Oriented to the heavy gear of the machine so as to avoid obstacles. John suddenly realized that it just went down a staircase that led into the cellar of the house so John thought. Then remained standing T-800 and turned to John ....
, What do you get to see now, will stay with you! Only a handful of us know, "he said very seriously, and opened the door. A bright light blinded John, he narrowed his eyes something to watch after a few seconds the light was back to normal, and John was quite amazed that he found . In the basement, it got a Huge complex of several stories handed down. He also saw countless machines were doing their work, as she noticed him she saw him only in John that was very unpleasant ...

, Do not worry, they are not used to have people here, and if it is almost always the same as Kyle Reese! "
, What is this? "John asked the Terminator ...
, The command center of resistance machines, from here we will rise up and defeat Skynet, we must not, when you meet your mission John. "They both got into an elevator and drove a few meters down. When the elevator to the have arrived, John was standing in front of a door ....
, What is it? "
, You will learn the same. "
He opened the door and saw three machines, a machine that looked like Cromartie male, then he saw Catherine Weaver and someone else ...
, Cameron! "Shouted John, but it was only on a bed, Disabled ...
,, John Connor, it's nice to meet you, my name is John Henry "John turned to the other machine to ...
, 'What have you done to Cameron? "
, You helped me, they invited my basic data on their CPU and gave it to my body, because their was damaged. We jumped in 2020 to get enough time to build the. I invited Cameron's confidence in this new CPU and it created a new old body if you want to look at it, in the image of Allison Young. Here is the CPU, I think you they would like inserting. "John Henry gave John the CPU and with a gesture he pointed to Cameron. John walked slowly over to her and put her slowly to the CPU. She shrugged her short and her eyes opened ....

, Cameron can you hear me? "John asked, looking at her. Cameron smiled and then looked at John
,, I'm sorry John, I wanted to leave you, but it was not necessary. "It just came over John Cameron he grabbed and hugged her, which was odd, they replied that gesture. John then read off again and Cameron stood up. ..
, Then they're all back beisamen, Cameron told you I downloaded the most important information in your CPU, then it applies only to solve one problem, "said John Henry, John looked at him quizzically, then Catherine said ...

,, Through this journey we have damaged the space-time continuum, Kyle Reese is the sticking point, he must save your mother or there is no John Connor. Since you've wiped out your future, there is no one knows you, therefore, not your mother or anyone else. As you noticed he's a T-800, but he is the most he has a T-888 CPU, its hydraulic system is better, and it may therefore take up with new models, but it is not made of coltan, there were only two of its kind, and we have had and this is Skynet infiltrating to the command bunker of the human resistance. He will call for reinforcements to kill everyone there, in exactly 5 hours. We need to move Kyle Reese in the 1984 travel to fix the time, you, Cameron and Steven, we will send back a few months after your departure, so everything remains as it is! "

John was again pale chalk, Skynet is the command to attack bunkers, life will be wiped out and you think of a plan! "
, In five hours, you should go! "Weaver went on to John, I'll go along." John Henry nodded and they left the room and all four went back to the jeep. John and Cameron went back to a talk there, but to discuss it except maybe a little thing, but first they kept for themselves. With speed they drove back to the bunker to the plan to accomplish ....... John now had some answers, but it was not enough for him ....

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speedcreed114 Post # 2 | Wednesday, 20 Jun 2012 - 05:27
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Is it a part of the first charpenter of the season 3???
There will be a season 3??? D:
Gaoga Post # 3 | Thursday, 21 Jun 2012 - 11:21
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Thanks for sharing this Chapter 1.

"He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat."
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