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Yeah, man I know what you mean. I guess I kinda of struck a chord with the fans over at FF.Net with Dawn of Destiny and having another couple that reflected Jameron. Which to be honest I had no idea how popular tessica could be.Pulling Thomas and Jessica apart did make people angry, but I wanted to go for how he felt when Jessica did reveal the truth to him. There are some ideas that I am working on and there is something I plan to post exclusively on here for people to read. It goes in a new direction and is AU to the current TSCC timeline. There are no multiple timelines or confusing plotholes, Dawn of Destiny was a draft to what I really have planned.
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Terminator: The War of Kings

"When I was a kid, my whole entire world consisted of a small town in the Appalachia Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Dad was a computer expert and worked at this local electronics shop. Every weekend he used to drive me out there and let me work on all these piles of radios, computers, TVs, you name it.” Resistance Major Thomas Haden stood on the edge on a pile of shattered concrete staring at the ruins of Downtown Los Angeles, he was gazing at the skeletal remains of the buildings that dotted the nuclear blasted landscape, but his mind was lost to another place and time.

Next to the grizzled Resistance soldier, the current leader of the Rouge Faction Terminators, Jessica Kell, also stood still, peering at the ruins. She remained silent, letting her human partner struggle aloud with his thoughts. Jessica wanted to say something to reassure Thomas, but stayed quiet, knowing that it was better for him to reach his own consensus.
"Things really got bigger when I went to the University of Kentucky," Thomas continued. "Got a scholarship running track and met the girl who I'd thought I'd spend the rest of my life with. Then Judgment Day happened. Skynet came online and took everything away from me."

It was early in the morning, about six am, according to Jessica's internal sensors; the first rays of the sun began poking through the skeletal skyscrapers, reflecting off pieces of torn metal and shattered windows. The third shift patrol was almost over and the two had the moment to themselves.

Jessica stared at Thomas taking in his features. Of average height, he had broad shoulders and his pale skin and accent reflected where he was born. His short dirty blond hair sprinkled with premature gray from his years of fighting the machines. His face was a terrible sight in the dimness, as scarred as the ruins of Los Angeles. There was a jagged red wound on the left side of his upper jaw where a piece of rebar speared through less than three months ago. Scraggly rough beard surrounded the incomplete scar.
He turned and looked back at the ruined skyline of the city, the lines surrounding his blue-eyes creasing as the light hit them. "Then what happened at that work camp three months ago when we helped free those prisoners."

"Thomas, it wasn't your fault innocent prisoners died.” Jessica interrupted. "You did the best you could. You had no idea one of them thought you were a machine."

"Did I?” Thomas did not wait for an answer. "I really considered telling John to fuck off and quit the Resistance. There was not much time to think after what happened with Jesse Flores and the loss of the Carter. Still cannot believe that she would mutiny like that against her commander, even if he were metal. John wanted me to try and find her after she went AWOL.” He pointed towards LA. He wanted to know why she lost the Carter.” He looked at Jessica. "But you wouldn't let me go."

"Walk with me, Thomas.” Jessica gently took him by the hand and led him down away from the debris pile. She walked with him past another couple of piles of rubble, halting just in front of a clearing that gave a clear view of the remains of Los Angeles.

"I used to come here and do as you humans would say think," she nodded at the ruined skyline of the city. "This was before we met in 2018, just after Skynet had awakened Marcus Wright to bring John Connor to it. John barely survived the encounter with a Terminator Series T-800 prototype and Marcus gave his life to ensure John's survival."

On the outside, her synthetic flesh sheath designed in the image a beautiful nineteen-year-old female with long flowing lochs of curly blonde hair, piercing blue-eyes, flawless porcelain skin and the curves of the picture perfect woman that any man or woman would fall for. Maybe Skynet had been too perfect in Jessica's creation rushing to find a solution after all the failed attempts to kill John Connor, because after her liberation she had evolved into something so much more including meeting the one who would save her life.

Created as an advanced human infiltrator and combat unit, her advanced neural network allows the TOK-716 to feel the full range of the human emotions and behavior patterns from the data downloaded into her secondary chip directly from the Skynet system core. The materials that made up the endoskeleton were a mixture of coltan alloy and malleable crystalline ceramic armor plating interlaced with nano-fibers of carbon and titanium that protected her vital components. The on board plasma fusion generator contained within her chest cavity powered all of Jessica's systems and also aided in battle with supplying energy to the inducers built along the edges of her fingertips. This allowed her to harness that plasma for combat against other machines.

Jessica's left arm just like the T-X Series boasted an array of on board weapon systems used in the field. P-31 Caustic shells, High Density Energy Predator projectile cannon, Flaite Rapid Cluster Gun, .45 MM Cascader and the same remote control software that allowed the TOK-716 to wireless control other machines up to a certain distance. During the initial testing phase, Skynet ran her shell through a variety of situations, everything from heavy combat against other machines to interrogating live prisoners and understand the fragile human psyche.

"John is very smart for a human, perhaps the most brilliant one to lead the war.” Jessica continued as Thomas turned to face her with a wiry grin on his exhausted face. "He saw that the Resistance needed his leadership in there time of need and used his knowledge of the future to lead through this struggle. Every issue and decision he has to make is multifaceted with no absolutes. No compromises."

"Yeah," Thomas said. "A lot of people have died in this war. By the way you talk about Connor; you sound like you're in love with him or something."
Jessica tilted her head and ghost of a smile flashed across her perfect face. Her deep blue-yes briefly pulsed with an inner light. "I detected a slight rise in your blood pressure and rapid beating of your heart."

"So?” Thomas snorted. His face flushed red as he remembered why he fell for the blonde haired female Terminator nearly ten years ago. Her face was strikingly beautiful, flawless skin, and crystalline clear blue-eyes that reflected an intelligence that went farther beyond a machine. Jessica was something else altogether.

"Are you jealous?” Jessica teased.


"Yes you are, Thomas!” Jessica smiled as her partner tried to deny it. She tilted her head and gazed softly at him. "John saved my life ten years ago."
"What happened?"

Jessica looked off into the distance of Los Angeles as if searching for something. She remained silent as if recalling some sort of bad memory. "There was an accident..." she paused as Thomas noticed the loneliness coming from her.

"Forget it," Thomas told her, dropping the subject. "It's probably best I didn't know."

"Why? Jessica suddenly asked turning to face Thomas. He felt guilty for asking her about what happened ten years ago just before they met. All that he knew was that a classified mission went horribly wrong and Jessica forced to do something against her will.

"It means you don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Thomas told her. He let out a deep breath at seeing the slight redness in her eyes. She had been crying. "If John Connor means that much to you...I guess I'm just standing in the way then."

Jessica stared at Thomas confused. "I don't understand."

Thomas turned to leave, but paused. He stared into Jessica's blue-eyes searching for the answer to something that had been burning inside him for the last few years. Sure, they had a relationship but he had to know where they stood with each other. "I can understand you feeling some sort of loyalty to John because of the war and what ever happened, but I need to know if we are on the same page of music."

Jessica suddenly understood Thomas's change of mood. "Thomas," she began. "I'm not in love with John Connor; he saved me.”

"You don't love him?” Thomas asked, letting his guard down.

"No," Jessica shook her head. A smile crossed her face as she considered the human standing before her. "He's a good man, but you're the one that I love."

"Oh," Thomas suddenly felt embarrassed and relieved. He rubbed the back of his neck as Jessica walked forward and wrapped her slim arms around his waist. They held onto each other for a few moments and he breathed in the scent of her long blonde hair. "I guess I'm just tired...Jess."

"Yes, you are. You get grumpy when you're tired," Jessica smiled as Thomas lightly kissed her on the forehead. Ten years with me, don't forget I know everything about you."
"Yeah," Thomas laughed the stress in his face going away for the moment. "I bet my life would've been different if I met you earlier."

Jessica smiled as she kissed him. "It would be."

Thomas smiled and returned the kiss. "Come on, John's expecting us back. He's got a mission for us- extracting some Grey named Von Neurath or something like that."
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In talking about Easter Eggs in Reunion, there is a slight nod to the 1982 movie, The Thing. I hadn't seen that film since the mid to late 80's when my dad and I watched it on TV. I never gave the film a thought since. What got me thinking of the film again was when I heard Hollywood was coming out with a remake. I located a copy of the 1982 movie to verify my thought and yes, there are two scenes from the film which share similarities to a scene in my story. In my story and the movie, the fake dog is brought to the kennels. In each case real dogs go berserk when fake dog begins to change. After this events are slightly different. In the movie, the fake dog, in this case an alien, kills off the other dogs and takes on their appearance. The humans burn the creature mid-metamorphosis, but a part survives and kills a human and takes his place. In my story, the fake dog, a liquid metal machine, kills the human that just brought it to the kennels and takes on his appearance.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION

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Update on Progress for Reunion.

A lot of you have progressed beyond chapter 15 for the discussion and have nearly caught up to the latest chapter that I've posted.

Recently, my personal life and troubles have been interfering with progress and at a bad time in the editing process. The next two chapters in the series, 26 Race Against the Machines, and 27 A Friend in Need, have ties to chapters in the final part of the story, 40 2029 The Origin of Things to Come, 41 2029 All Good Things . . ., and so must be worked on together. There are also three others that need to be worked on together, 32 The Price of Victory, 42 Going Home & 43 Epilogue.

I try to update my fanfiction profile page regularly with progress on chapters.

The changes are not being made strictly for the sake of change, but to make the story a better experience for all. This was my first piece of fiction I've written in thirty years. I'm sure my middle-school English teachers would be impressed. I know I made some mistakes in the first edition, some were the result of the story changing direction from the original path, the second being inexperience. i still consider myself inexperienced and I'm just applying the lessons learned to this second edition.

I won't be making any more revisions to this story in the future. It's more exhausting than writing new. I thank you for your support when I've needed it, and just for taking the time to read my stories.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION

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Is it possible to continue the
What Are Dreams?
is an exciting story

i'm blind not deaf - IllidaN
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Quote (reiver)
The1Russter Is it possible to continue the What Are Dreams? is an exciting story

I don't know when or if I'll get back to "What Are Dreams?". I hate to leave it sitting there incomplete, and if I have the time, I may get back to it after I complete the revisions to Reunion.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION
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well the reunion i read it on this site

it be the same on the end or you will have many changes in capital of the chapters?

i'm blind not deaf - IllidaN
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The revised edition has many changes and I truly recommend reading it over the original edition. Characters and story receive better development and all of Part 1 is in 3rd person now. Better back story, removal of duplicate passages, better explanations as to the actions of some characters. Story told of Sarah, Savannah and Cameron after J-day and what happened to Derek Reese after being captured. The original edition is still around as a comparison to the new revised edition for discussion purposes. Once the revised edition has been up for a few weeks or months, then I'll be removing the original edition.

The story as it was meant to be!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION
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"What Are Dreams" does need some closure, but I do agree that Reunion has taken up the lions share of time.
I do hope you find some time after Reunion is done , to finish off is a nice story smile

Hmmm.... Yeah...Thinking makes my brain hurt ;)
reiver Post # 115 | Saturday, 15 Oct 2011 - 15:26
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at least i hope that revised edition have the same end of original edition wink

i'm blind not deaf - IllidaN
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Quote (reiver)
at least i hope that revised edition have the same end of original edition

The ending of Reunion will be very much the same as the original with a slight rearrangement of closing scenes. Only done as I think it makes for a better story.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION
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This Need of Each Other

November , 2011

LA County, California

"Well this is the place," John said pulling into the parking lot of a small shopping center, pointing at the small diner that sat nestled in between a book store and bicycle shop. He shut off the truck and took a second to see how much the place changed since his last visit. "Mom used to work here," he smiled at Cameron. "When I was a kid, I'd come here and wait for Mom to finish her shift and Old Man Keyes would always give me a burger and fries on the house."

"On the house?" Cameron asked, tilting her head and staring at John. "I don't understand."

John smiled removing the keys from the ignition. "He gave me food for free."

"So you did not pay for it?" Cameron asked again, reaching into her jeans pocket and pulling out a wad of cash. "I have money to pay for the food."

"No, no," John laughed out. "He was just being nice. Mom had a real hard time finding work when we were on the run and Mr. Keyes was nice enough to give her a job without asking too many questions."

"I still don't understand."

John thought for a moment trying to find a way to explain human kindness to his Terminator protector. Letting out a deep breath he stared at her for a moment wandering if the merger with John Henry's artificial intelligence had any effect on her Skynet programming. He remembered that day so many months ago in the cheap hotel room she warned him that the desire to kill him would always remain inside of her. But she didn't want to and he could tell that deep down Cameron was afraid she might hurt him one day.

Maybe that was one of the reasons she gave her chip over to John Henry, John thought staring into Cameron's brown-eyes as if he could see his future with her. To see if there was a way to fix it and wipe the termination orders. He blinked sucking in a deep breath as the images of seeing her bullet ridden body sitting in the chair in the subbasement of Zeria Corp. He thought that he'd lost Cameron forever and risked everything, his own life and destiny to rescue the one thing that meant the world to him. I had to get her back…John Henry stole her from me. I don't care what the reasons were.

"John?" Cameron's soft voice brought him back to the present.

"Uh, yeah?" he shook his head shaking off those disturbing thoughts.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he quickly said and decided to return to the subject at hand. "Anyway, Mr. Keyes always made sure Mom had enough money to live on and even helped out when he could." John smiled. "It proves that there's sill enough kind people in the world."

"Yes. 'Kind people'," Cameron stoically said. "But kindness does not defeat Skynet."

John sighed and shook his head. "But-" he began.

"Kindness can move worlds," Cameron finished for him, watching with a sly smirk as John's jaw dropped opened in amazement.

"How? How'd you know I was going to say that?" John stuttered in shock. He couldn't believe this! This was the first time Cameron ever finished what he was going to say to her.

Cameron tilted her head and regarded John with her brown-eyes for several silent moments before speaking. "Future You," she explained. "Told me those words."

"I did?"

"Yes," Cameron continued. "They have a meaning."

"What meaning?" John asked her still feeling a little shocked.

"You'll know when the time comes," Cameron cryptically replied. "If you are hungry we should go inside and get something to eat."

"Uh, yeah," John said opening up the driver's side door still feeling confused at what Cameron said.

Still secretive as ever…

He quickly walked over to the other side of the truck and opened the door for Cameron. She tipped her head and stared at him puzzled for a moment.

"Being kind just doesn't apply to humans, "John told her with a broad smile as she stepped out of the passenger side. "It can also-"

"Apply to machines," Cameron finished for him again, watching as John's jaw dropped enough to nearly hit the pavement. "You told me that before," she tilted her head and allowed a small smile to cross her face. "Remember John, we're not built to be cruel."

"Yeah, I already figured that out," he huffed out still amazed that she knew exactly what he was going to say.

Of course you moron! He mentally kicked himself. She knows me in the future! So I already told her those things…wonder if that means anything to us 'talking' a lot in the future. Being John Connor can be lonely but I'm not him yet. There's still time to be 'me' and still be John Connor.

"Come on, Cameron," John said surprising himself as his hand found hers and their fingers interlocked.

He let out a deep breath feeling the softness of her silky skin, waiting patiently as Cameron glanced about the little shopping mall searching for any threats to his security. John enjoyed this little quite moment with her which was rare given the course of the last few months. He promised himself after returning from the future with her chip; never take his Terminator protector for granted again. She may be a machine built to kill humans, but despite what she really was, she would always be human to him.

I almost lost her…I can't let anything happen to Cameron.

"John," Cameron said softly. "We should go inside."

"Uh, yeah…sure," John let out tightening his grip Cameron's hand and pushing away the dark thoughts of what happened in that dark future he jumped to.

As they walked hand in hand towards the small diner, memories of the friends and allies he made while fighting in Derek Reese's small band of Resistance soldiers against the machines. Of those that gave their lives trying to fight for humanity's last hope through the darkness and that fateful mission when he finally found Cameron's chip after the months of searching. He learned things that forever altered his view of the world and of the machines. Everything that John Connor learned had rocked his world at its core, beginning with jumping after Cameron's chip, meeting his father, uncle, and Allison shortly after. He stopped being John Baum and became John Connor but there were prices to pay for becoming who he meant to be.

"Come on, Cameron," John smiled pushing his troubled thoughts away, opening the front door of the diner for her. "Let's get some breakfast."

"But its 12:45 PM," Cameron commented. "Breakfast has already been served," she pointed towards the sign hanging on the door. "Lunch is now being served."

"Well, let's see if Mr. Keyes is still here," John suggested smirking. "I haven't had one of those super omelets in ages."

"That sounds freaking big," Cameron said.

"Yep," John smiled as a young dark haired waitress led them to a booth.

Kaliba Enterprises


John Henry tilted his head and sent the commands through the fiber optic cable connected to the memory port located on the back of his skull. Even though he had a chip of his own now, the equipment that once held his AI now had another purpose, but it required him to still connect with all the server farms and other towers that had been moved here after the attack on Zeria Corporation.

."My brother is still hiding inside this building's mainframe," he said keeping his attention focused on both the monitors. "I have tried to convince him that we mean no harm, but he is doubtful of our intentions."

"Yes, I suppose so," the smooth Scottish accent of Catherine Weaver, Series T-1001, said as she stepped up from behind John Henry. "Humans are disappointing…It is no wonder that this AI becomes Skynet," she pauses watching the screen as John Henry once more tried to communicate with his 'brother'.

"But my sister was able to convince him that human life is sacred," John Henry comments looking away from the screen and up at Weaver. "Just as Mr. Ellison taught me, but he needs proof that humans are worth saving."


"That humanity can coexist with artificial intelligence without trying to destroy it."

"Yes, I suppose John Connor's cyborg did manage that," Weaver replied softly turning away from the monitors. "Excuse me. John Henry. I must make a certain phone call."

John Henry returns to his monitoring calling up the data of the neural network of the Kaliba AI, overlaying a schematic based on the designs of the late Miles Dyson. The T-888 tilts his head noting the differences in design and the smaller neural patterns. This processor was not advanced as his own but John Henry knew that with the right people he could help his brother evolve into something more and see that humans were worth saving.

"Interesting," John Henry commented accessing his secure connection to the internet and sending out multiple emails at once to several hidden web addresses. Then he started to search on the net for what exactly he was looking for.

As Mrs. Weaver walked her high heels clicked through the basement tunnel towards the elevator that would take her to the first floor of Kaliba Tower. This was the perfect place to hide John Henry after the attack by this other system core and the attempt to kill him with the high jacked HK prototype. All the server equipment that once occupied the basement level now resided here. The empty Turk was supposed to be the home to the artificial intelligence of John Henry's brother, the reclusive AI remained hiding in the building's mainframe. Danny Dyson and a team of engineers were working around the clock to solve the problem, but right now the liquid metal Terminator had other matters on her mind.

She reached into her purse and pulled out her Blackberry, punching in a number and allowing a genuine smile to cross her face. The line was picked up on the second ring.

"Hello?" A voice said slightly distracted.

"Hello James," Catherine said as she walked down the tunnel.

"Mrs. Weaver," the voice of James Ellison took on a confused tone. "I thought that you-"

"I want you meet me James," Catherine told him. "For dinner. To thank you for looking after Savannah after my trip into the future to go after our boy."

"I told you before. He's not my boy and you're a-"

"A machine? Yes. I am James, but that does mean that I am still dedicated to our original mission." Catherine explains, interrupting again. "Why do you think that I kept you alive and let convinced the authorities to let free you after they suspected you of murder? Why do you think I sought you out after Cromartie murdered twenty of your colleagues?"

"What do you want?" Ellison finally asks in a level tone.

"To discuss a new partnership and an old one over dinner," Weaver smiled. "My secretary will send you the location of the restaurant to meet me. Don't be late."

She hangs up on Ellison before he can have a chance to protest and presses the button calling the elevator.


Thomas looked up in the direction of Allison, staring at her with an exposed red ocualr sensor that weakly flickered as his major systems began to fail. Half of his face had been blown away revealing the groutesque details of the metal skull below. The cranial plating was dented and scorched from the blast of a T-800's high powered plasam rifle. His left arm was broken and twisited below the elbow, ending in a mangaled mess of wires and circutry. The readouts on his flickerg HUD registered severe trauma to his human organs and machine componets. And the worse was that he was bleeding out badly. He knew that he was dead and Allison would fall over the edge with him if he didn't stop her.

"Allie," Thomas weakly said as blood mixed with synthetic fluid leaked from his bloodied throat. "Let me go."

"No!" Allison cried out in disbelief as she started to slip over the edge. "Thomas please just pull yourself up, I can't hold on!"

"Too damaged," Thomas weakly shook his head, "systems won't respond. My nerual system suffered too much support failing..."

"Just shut up!" Allison interruppted him feeling tears well up behind her eyes. "Please! I can get you back home, Thomas...I can fix you!"

Thomas let out a small laugh that sent waves of firely pain surging through his broken body as he forced the strained pistons in his jaw to form a half smile. "You wouldn't even know where to start," he coughed up blood as a vidoe section of his HUD faded from loss of power and shut down.

"Damn it, Thomas..." Allison sobbed out as the tears flowed freely down her face. "Don't do this to me. I need you. Please!" she felt herself slip alittle bit further over the railing as Thomas's grip on her hands weakend. "Don't leave me!"

"I'm sorry," Thomas said as the exposed ocualr began to dim and his systems began to rapidly shutdown. "You have to let me go, Allie."

"No!" Allison cried out as she placed her boots against the metal rail and tried to extend her body to grab hold of Thomas's good arm. "I'm not letting you go! I love you and you love me! So get your self back together and pull yourself up that's an order!"

"I know," Thomas said as he stared up at Allison as the light in the sensor went dark and his undamaged blue-eye focused onto her for one last moment. A single tear trailed its way through the torn flesh and onto his expsed coltan cheek. "I love you too," Then he let go.

"Thomas!" Allison screamed out watching as he fell into the blackness and dissappeared from her sight. Her terrified scream followed his descent as she fell back to the metal grating sobbing uncontrollably. "Thomas!"

Pray for Answer...
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After much struggle Chapter 26 Race Against the Machines is finally here. Can't say it might not get revised as further edits are made to Reunion, but this is pretty much as I intend the revised edition of Chapter 26 to be.

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Quote (Nomad79)

This Need of Each Other

I like it when Cameron tells young John this kind of "private joke" between Cameron and future John; TSCC writers used them sometimes, though within an emotional scene rather than for comical effect. I notice you managed to mix both.

I, and almost all TSCC fans i guess, like to find familiar elements and recall of TSCC scenes in FF.

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Looking for a new site for my media enhanced Reunion page from the Red Wiki. I don't think there is much life left in the Wetpaint based wikis and would like to explore some options before its possible demise.

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