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TSCC fanfictions
T-900 Post # 256 | Thursday, 09 Jan 2014 - 08:26
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Terminator Fanfiction

Terminator: Vengeance

Amber Connor
Mike Reese
James Connor
The T-900
The (Arnold) T-850
The (Summer) T-830
The TX-1,000,000
Skynet's Army

Terminator - Vengeance/ Screenplay

- Story Plot -

It is now the year 2035 and over the course of the years the Human Resistance has been rising in power. Young Amber Connor, the Resistance's most gifted computer mind, finds herself on her own for the first time, with the solution to a mission to take Skynet's terminator factories. After her mother Kate Connor was terminated by Skynet in S.F. Amber, while protected by her step brother Mike Reese and a top of the line reprogrammed terminator the T-900, are trying to make it to her brother, Resistance Leader James Connor, in L.A.

Meanwhile, the (Arnold) T-850, a Resistance battlefield terminator, is transporting a super computer virus to L.A. from S.F. During the Arnold T-850's route, it and it's squad is ordered to turn back around to find Amber Connor, but stubble onto an unknown infiltrator's path.

Meanwhile in L.A. James Connor and his (Summer Glau) T-830 are having problems with Skynet. Skynet has suddenly changed it's strategies on the battlefield trying to terminate the L.A. Connor Base.

As Amber Connor, Mike Reese and the T-900 are making there way to L.A. a time traveling TX- 1,000,000 infiltrator has suddenly interfered with their timeline, coming from a point in the future where their current planned mission to take the Skynet terminator factories was successful. Amber Connor learns of the TX-1,000,000 infiltrator reviling her true destiny, with the infiltrator hot on her trail trying to turn the timeline into another direction.

- Story Format -

For this story I took my TX-1,000,000 machine character and entered it into the story passed the point of no return. Then near the end of my story I used that character to change the story at the last minute, turning it into a different direction and throwing the story into a sequel.

Terminator: Vengeance - Screenplay


No Fate
The1Russter Post # 257 | Friday, 07 Nov 2014 - 14:45
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I had completely forgotten about this thread until I received a PM from Talon asking if I was still writing fanfiction for TSCC.

The answer to that question is a resounding yes!

In fact at this moment I'm nine chapters into a thirteen chapter story called The Locket.

It is based on my annual Valentine's Day story, but repackaged into something new. It starts off slow. The first 7 - 8 chapters are fitted tightly around the existing episodes. In fact there are places where it would be good to have copies of the episode transcripts on hand.

The Locket is a slow build up to Jameron. We begin in S1 with the deleted scene of Charlie and John talking, work our way through the transition from S1 to S2, skip some large portions of S2 as I think they speak for themselves, touch down again near the end, then visit the final episode, before launching again into the unknown future. I take an interesting approach to Cameron's evolution, but one that I think could be possible in that bizarre future. Scientists are already doing experiments along those lines today.

The main story is a romance between our two leads, but you can't ignore it being a Terminator story. There will be some action, adventure and intrigue along the way. Not to mention a few cameos by some characters primarily known from the films.

Enough chat, here are the links:

The Locket can be read at:

Transcripts of TSCC Episodes can be found at:

For more information on The Locket, visit its page at:
Warning, this page does contain spoilers in the form of chapter summaries.

I hope you will enjoy the story. smile

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION

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meanoldmoe Post # 258 | Saturday, 03 Jan 2015 - 02:31
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CJ actually has come out with a novel do with AI.  he has a link about it on his Facebook page

Hmmm.... Yeah...Thinking makes my brain hurt ;)
Charley_Dixon Post # 259 | Saturday, 03 Jan 2015 - 10:14
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Quote meanoldmoe ()
CJ actually has come out with a novel do with AI.  he has a link about it on his Facebook page

Thank you, Moe. I'll definitely take a look.

The world's first sentient android uses her skill and cunning to survive being the world's first sentient android.

I wonder why CJ used the term "android" when the story seems to be about gynoid.

P.S. Glad to see you. Haven't seen you in a long time.

P.P.S. In case someone did not get what we are talking about: .

Cameron: My brother says if you want to be good at anything, you have to practice every day.
The1Russter Post # 260 | Monday, 02 Feb 2015 - 16:39
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The Locket
A romantic drama set in the fantasy/sci-fi world of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is now complete.

Chapter 13 to The Locket was posted at approximately 10AM EST USA.

Characters: [Cameron, John C.] Catherine W., John Henry
Additional Characters: James Ellison, and a special Cameo

Rated: T -- Does contain one love scene Rated: M.

Summary: It is the last days for John & Cameron's sojourn into the future.
John is troubled by the recent revelation. Catherine fulfills the favor
request of Mr. Ellison. John has a strange encounter w/ Catherine &
Allison. Cameron seeks advice from Lydia. Lydia is reunited with a lost
family member. Jameron love scene! John & Cameron prepare to return
to the past. The End. Ch. 13/13

Setting The unknown future following S02E22 Born to Run

This marks the final Chapter in a short romantic story that began a few years ago as an annual series of one shots.

I hope you enjoy the story.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION
The1Russter Post # 261 | Sunday, 26 Jul 2015 - 18:05
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The playlists that I created to go with my TSCC fanfic Reunion are no longer available for listening to online.
Grooveshark, a hosting site for music, has closed its doors voluntarily due to copyright infringement.
I am disappointed in losing both the site and the playlists.
I felt the music I selected added to the experience.
The good news is that you can create your own playlists using all the information at:
Reunion - The UnOfficial Soundtrack

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION

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Nick95 Post # 262 | Saturday, 17 Oct 2015 - 12:04
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Finally i post here my story crossover between Terminator and Arrow, hope you will enjoy it!

Part 1

December 2031

The war between humans and machines still continues and theentire planet is now involved ... troops Resistance Human World, led by John
Connor, prophesied leader of the Resistance, continue to fight this war fought
against a stronger enemy, but not manages to sink the shot put and end to the
war, despite deploy on the battlefield models terminator increasingly advanced
and intelligent, like the terrible T-800, physically very strong, very
intelligent, with a version of T-RIP (Terminator-Resistance Infiltrator
Prototype, cybernetic organism)) and completely bullet-proof but still
vulnerable to heavy weapons (such as rocket launchers, cannons and grenades)
and plasma, used by human soldiers for years, or the new T-900, with even of
armor above the endoskeleton in super-alloy Coltan ... .Notwithstanding
everything, Skynet was losing the war against humanity, started about 17 years
before the Day of Judgment and having as objective the complete extermination of
the human kind ...

A Starling City Queen and the two commanders Rochev resistfighting in the rubble of what was once a great city, regretting their friends
who fell in battle against the machines ... the old villa of the Queen, was
destroyed by the continuous bombings and raids by part of KC Skynet ...
Nick95 Post # 263 | Saturday, 17 Oct 2015 - 12:06
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Part 2

The bunker of the Queen, used as headquarters by the Resistance Human Starling City and the two commanders, now lovers, now married,
and Queen Rochev ...

A Skynet need a solution to win the war ... .eliminate John Connor and his commanders of units using T-RIP? It would not do anything to
remove them this ... no ... you have to go back, destroy them before the war
... in the year 2014 ....

December 24, 2031, 23 hours, Oliver’s Base , Starling City...

"Hey Isabel, watch out tomorrow, okay?""Quiet Oliver, I will be back soon ... my love" .. said that she
kissed him and began to undress initiating a sexual relationship ...

The December 25, 2031, at 11 am the convoy was attacked by a number of Rochev T-900 killing all the humans, except Rochev which is just
stunned ... which awakens 17 hours later with a T-900 that the tip a plasma gun
to the head ... "What's your name?" ... .. "your name, female
human!" ... "Rochev ... Isabel ..." .... "Repeat" ...
"Isabel Rochev!" ... "Why do not you give up, human? Do you want
to be exterminated? "..." Who am I talking about? A man? A MACHINE
??? !!! "... In that moment came a Terminator identical to Isabel, same
eyes, same hair, same voice, grabbed Rochev by the neck and said," a
machine "... after that, she broke the neck to  the human, killing her.

The next day, at the base of Oliver ...

"Sir, the convoy of Isabel was bombed yesterday ....not there are survivors, Rochev is gone, we have not found his body, if the Terminator
have taken her, for she is over ... condolences, sir, I know you and Colonel
were together. "

"When  Felicity died, Isabel's been there ... I wanted to tell her that I loved her"[/font]

"I think she knows, sir, she loved you ... to madness"

This Terminator, called "Cameron" is a model T-715T-900 TOK RIP scheduled for assassination missions, just like the other models
T-RIP, this particular one is programmed to eliminate John Connor and Katherine
Connor at their base in Los Angeles, but its mission, which lasted just 10
days, end up failing and Cameron is reprogrammed by John Connor and Katherine
to fight Skynet and its army.

January 2032

Skynet discovers that the supreme commanders the Resistance would be untraceable in the past, then sends three Terminator in the past, in
the year 2014, with the aim of eliminating the best lieutenant of John Connor,
Oliver Queen, before it becomes the leader of the Resistance of Starling City
Nick95 Post # 264 | Saturday, 17 Oct 2015 - 12:06
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Part 3

Just heard this, John Connor program Cameron to defend Oliver Queen at any cost and sends her, using the Time Displacement Equipment
present in its base, in the year 2014, to reach Oliver Queen to Starling City
and protect him from the T-900 T-RIP , T-810 and T-RIP TX sent to eliminate him
... the wife of Connor, secretly reprograms a T-888 T-RIP to kill Felicity
Smoak, considered responsible for the construction of Skynet ...

Starling City, January 2014

The January 11, 2014, at 3 am, a luminous sphere surrounded by electric lightning is formed in one of the many slums of Starling City,
leaving a curved figure, naked, a man with his face devoid of any expression, a
powerful physique ... he is not a man, but a machine, a cyborg Terminator ...
... a living human tissue above, metal endoskeleton beneath.=

=A policeman was the first victim of this killing machine ...=

="Hey you, are you okay?" "Give me your dress,gun and vehicle" "What ??" ... after less than one second
Terminator grabbed the policeman and broke his neck ...=

=20 minutes after another sphere surrounded by flashes of light appears and it comes out another figure curved, naked, kneeling ... a
woman, looks like a woman ... no, it's a machine, is the TX, alloy polimimetica
above, endosheletro of metal under ...

His goal? Delete Oliver Queen Isabel and Rochev, future captains of Starling City ...

At 4:16, a new ball of light appears, is the third Terminator, the T-900 ....

For the moment, the three Terminator must only infiltrate the humans ... then go on the attack and eliminate the goals ....

Three days later two more Terminator arrive in Starling City, one is Cameron, sent by John Connor. The other is the T-888 sent by Kate
Connor to eliminate Felicity, once arrived in the city, the two new Terminator
infiltrate between humans and and begin to search for their goals, Cameron spy
from afar Oliver Queen, to watch him The T-888 is beginning to develop a
strategy to infiltrate the Queen Consolidated and eliminate Felicity ... their
counterparts prepare to identify and destroy their targets ... the T-810 gets
hired at Queen Consolidated to approach gradually to Oliver Queen then kill him
... the other two cyborg trying the same strategy, but that plan fails and then
killing machines are forced to change plan and to seek a way to draw Queen of
the closet ...

In the following weeks, while Slade Wilson is preparing his revenge, the Terminator is ready to hit ...

Slade Wilson: "only when Oliver will have lost all that he loves, the trafiggerò an eye with an arrow!"

On February 5, the Terminator, to procure arms and ammunition additional rob one of the armories of Starling City, and Oliver,
completely unaware of the peril, on the role of and the Arrow to go to stop

Once arrived just one of the Terminator identifies and attacks him, being now a clear advantage, but is hit by Cameron Oliver yells

"What a hell! Isabel are you? "" No, I am a cybernetic organism sent here from the future to protect you, my name is
Cameron "," and them? Who or what are they? "," WHAT ARE ?!
"," the machines are sent here from the future to kill you,
Terminator, like me "" how ??? "" in the year 2032 you are
the commander of the Resistance of Starling City, you and the only Queen still
alive "" What ?? "" So, Oliver, so I have to protect you
"," I'll take you to a safe place, do not worry "

"Where have you been?" "Isabel, I ..""where?" "Isabel tonight I almost died!" "How?"
"the killing machines, robots are chasing me!" "really? Huh! It
'was just a bad dream ... "..." a second, she’s identical to you!
" "who? "" Uh ... no one "....
Nick95 Post # 265 | Saturday, 17 Oct 2015 - 12:08
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Part 4

Two days later, two new spheres of energy appear to Starling City, but this time leaving two human beings ...they  are of the Resistance of Starling City, and they are from the year 2032 too.

Their mission is unknown.

Night of the attack by the Army of Slade

That night Slade launched his attack in Starling City, using his army of super soldiers created thanks to Mirakuru, completely oblivious to
the fact that in the city there were five Terminator extremely dangerous, with
many weapons and ready to eliminate any goal.

When the battle and chaos began, the three Terminator Oliver Queen began trying to delete it and found it as he fought, in the guise of
Arrow, against the army of Slade, luckily Oliver, soldiers attacked the
Terminator Slade, being the latter dressed as policemen and were massacred in a
few minutes, it was then that Oliver realized that the situation was much more
tragic than what seemed, perhaps it would not come out alive but suddenly two
men in a van came and stopped at less than 20 meters from Oliver. quickly they
opened the side door of the vehicle and began shooting at the three Terminator
to cover Oliver, who started running toward the means to reach safety.

"Oliver Queen, right?" "Yes! You who the hell you are, who sends you ?? "" I am the captain Frank Carlson, 72 °
Platoon Support of the Human Resistance, he's Frederick Johnson, 16th Assault
Platoon of the Human Resistance, I have to Starling City, he is Los Angeles,
sent us John Connor to protect you! "" that you have weapons?
"" two Beretta 9mm, two assault rifles G36C, an Uzi 9mm and a rifle
cal Barret. 50 "" and will be enough to stop them? "" I do
not think! With these weapons we can address them, slow them down, damage them,
but not destroy the Terminatrix ever! "" What? "" What
looks like a blonde! "" And Slade? They attack him too ??
"" has to do with you? "" Yes! "" Then it is
condemned already ... "" Slade is strong, can defeat them!
"" Yes, we know that Slade is under the influence of Mirakuru, but
however, it is not strong enough to eliminate them! If faces them alone, he is
dead! "

Half an hour later ...

"... Sales ... Isabel Rochev is danger to Oliver Queen... mission ... protect Oliver Queen ... .Isabel Rochev must be
terminated," Cameron had found one of the targets he considered a danger
to Oliver, and once sure of the identity of the target, he attacked him without
delay ... but Isabel was ready to defend itself ... "What the hell? And
'identical to me! ", Cameron drew his gun and shot Isabel, which, however,
managed to escape the blows and began firing in turn against Cameron, doing no
damage, then he tried to bring the fight melee , convinced that thanks to
Mirakuru could win but Cameron immediately struck with a powerful straight
punch to the chest that sent him flying to the ground Isabel, it got up in a
rage and began hitting Cameron with his two short swords, but Cameron after a
few shots immediately stopped the two blades with your hands and broke them ...
that is done, strokes back with a kick to the stomach Isabel and Isabel flew to
earth again ... Isabel began to look his enemy and knew everything "is
over ... despite the Mirakuru, I have no chance against that kind of monster!
"... Cameron began to approach with a passed slow and menacing, and said,"
You are a danger to Oliver Queen, you have to be terminated "... Isabel
got up and immediately began to pull fists against the Terminator before him,
to no avail, after several, Cameron block the punches of Isabel and then struck
again with a kick ... grabbed his enemy by the neck and pulled on weight,
Isabel looked into his eyes and Cameron said "you kill me, you do not kill
me ... I still ... I won!" Hearing this, the Cameron broke his neck and
left her lying on the ground lifeless ...

Meanwhile, the T-888 posted by Kate Connor tried to eliminate Felicity Smoak, but failed because intervened Oliver Queen and John
Diggle who miraculously managed to knock out the Terminator, using explosive
arrows and many bullets ... the battle lasted a few minutes but in this time,
the T-888 was still able to hit and hurt Felicity and Diggle ... no deaths, however
Nick95 Post # 266 | Saturday, 17 Oct 2015 - 12:09
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Part 5

Half an hour later, the two men of the Resistance came from the future faced the T-810 using two very powerful weapons, two grenade
launchers MGL-140 40mm and succeeded, after hitting several times the
Terminator, to destroy it definitively ... despite the Terminator defenses now
beginning to shoot with his weapon against the two men ... "is affinity!
We finally destroy that bastard! ", Said that, another Terminator, the
T-900, attacked the two men and injured suffered one, the other then fired a
grenade at the T-900, damaging it, but immediately the Terminator returned fire
with a burst of submachine gun, which fortunately did not hit the two men, one
of which was on the ground, wounded ... Frederick Johnson fired three grenades
and fired once the fourth T-900 flew to the ground ... no an arm and a leg ...
was over, again ... Johnson immediately went to check that the conditions of
his companion were not serious ... "Carlson? It 'all right, man? Carlson?
Answer me! "... A few minutes later that Oliver joined them after
accompanying them to his hideout, he told Johnson:" in your future then my
sister and I would be the commanders of Resistance of Starling City, right?
"" No, not you and your sister, she died in 2021, you and your wife
... "" and who is my wife? "" Queen Isabel ... ""
you're talking about Rochev? I'm married to her in the future ?? ""
is Oliver, and you love to madness, you're in love with her because after the
death of her Felicity stood by you, that's why in the future you love her
"..." and she? Why she loves me? "" Because you saved her
life, you made her come into your bunker during the Day of Judgment and while
the city was destroyed by an atomic missile that hit it, you and Isabel, in
terror, made love inside your bunker ... "

An hour later, while Oliver was facing Slade, the TX, the most powerful Terminator, intervened in the clash by attacking the two men and
began shooting at Oliver, without hitting him, Slade was hit in the chest, but
thanks to Mirakuru stood and after a few seconds attacked the Terminatrix by
shooting him with his gun while Oliver scoccava the few arrows explosive in his
possession for groped to destroy the Terminatrix, but unfortunately the attacks
of both men were unsuccessful.

Slade charged a grenade in his grenade launcher and fired at the Terminatrix, which hesitated for a moment, but after a few seconds he
recovered and fired a shot with his plasma cannon built against Oliver,
fortunately missing the target ... in that moment a miracle happened, Cameron,
the Terminator T-900 TOK 715 intervened in the clash by attacking the TX and
yelling at the two men: "RUN! HURRY! "" SLADE LET'S GO! WE DO
What the hell ?? the woman is identical to Isabel !! "" I know, she’s
from the future, she’s not a woman! 'A TERMINATOR !! A MACHINE THAT  IS HERE TO PROTECT US!!! "" WHAT??""' SO 'SLADE !!! gotta believe me, PLEASE !! "" SLADE, can
we stop it TOGETHER !! "" Who ?? "" SKYNET !! ".

Meanwhile, the battle between the two Terminator Cameron went and found himself at a distinct disadvantage ... was suffering too much
damage ... but fortunately the Terminatrix was hit again by a grenade fired by
Slade and flew to the ground, allowing time for Cameron to fight back, the
which gripped his secondary weapon, a small rocket launcher and fired at the TX
which lost an arm and found himself with weapons built destroyed ... the TX had
time to get up and start running towards Oliver Queen to terminate definitively
when it was hit by another missile, fired by Frederick Johnson, that when
shooting he said a phrase that John Connor knew very well: "Hasta la
vista, baby!" ...

The TX cause of this second missile was blinded and lost his legs, put in those terms, it was easy prey for Cameron who finally destroyed
the TX and explode her with explosive placed in the mouth of the T-X ... .the
mission Oliver Queen had failed, all Terminator sent in the past had been
destroyed, except for Cameron, who nonetheless had been damaged, of the two
human warriors from the future  only one is survived, the same man who had practically defeated the Terminator most
powerful ever seen, the TX ...

Slade Wilson still he paid for his sins and ended up in a armored prison of Argus on the same island that he hated and from which he had
escaped moved by revenge toward Oliver.

Oliver began to have nightmares about the end of the world,he forbade Felicity Smoak to abandon the work at Queen Consolidated and forbade
her to have any contact with Cyberdine System Corporation in order to avoid the
future creation of Skynet and then the Day of Judgment ...

John Diggle began to prepare for war against the machines...

Cameron decided to remain in the past and to become the protector in secret of Oliver Queen ...
Felicity Smoak swore that she would never work at anything resembling a network created to destroy the world ...

"You ... you're human ... ... silly ... ... the Day of Judgment ... ... is ... is ......"


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The1Russter Post # 267 | Wednesday, 17 Aug 2016 - 15:49
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Its been a long time since my last visit, but I've got some news regarding my fanfics.

A long time ago, I switched hosting sites for images I use and link to from other web pages. This left my Reunion page at without images for a good two, maybe three years. This past week, I finally updated the page. Took longer than expected due to problems with the editor. The d­amn thing kept squishing the images down to 200 pixels wide in its final form despite what they were set for in editing. Finally put an image inside a fixed frame inside the table, and ta-daa, the problem is gone. No more squished images. It still could use some tweaking, but at least now its working.

My Reunion page at the Red wiki still works! You will note that each page has an image the other version doesn't have. No plans on copying the missing images so each page has the exact same images.

+ + +

Progress is slow on my current fanfic, Resurrection. It is a sequel to Reunion, picking up the threads left hanging at the end of the story.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION
The1Russter Post # 268 | Monday, 02 Oct 2017 - 03:30
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A few weeks ago I was sorting through my digital files, reorganizing and removing duplicates, and so on, when I came across a one-shot I began in August 2014 and never finished. So I've spent the last few weeks, writing the ending, revising, and revising again, until I've decided to stop before I either ruin the story or turn it into a 50 chapter novel.

It links together "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" with its roots in "The Terminator."

The Meeting

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Words: 5,600
Genre: Drama/Sci-Fi
Rated: K+

Determined to discover the truth, FBI Agent Aldridge goes to interview someone who may have seen one of these Terminators that Sarah has described. Since the police massacre 25 years ago, former Detective Hal Vukovich has lived on his own, supplementing his meager medical pension by writing crime-fiction. Story takes place within "Born to Run."

There wasn't room to add it to the summary above, but the T-888 (Water
delivery guy) and Catherine Weaver make a cameo appearance in the story.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles REUNION

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