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Alphas Fanfictions - Summer Glau as Skylar
chrisdvanne_ Post # 16 | Wednesday, 07 Sep 2011 - 22:06
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I's good to learn that Skylar was not born with those tatoos but was forced to go in hiding because of the goverment behaviours.
I was not completely convinced by the way Rosen reacted; don't forget that he is a man of words and he did not hide enough the fact he knows something. You could have made it more subtile, all the more so that there is the dragonfly.
I knew from the start that the dragonfly necklace was more than a necklace but you spoiled it today wink

Btw you can advertise your other work in the TSCC fanfic thread if you like, after saying a nice hello of course and mention we're reading 'Alphas : Dragonfly' together. I'm sure you and me could use some help.

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Youtube
Nomad79 Post # 17 | Wednesday, 07 Sep 2011 - 22:32
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Sorry, my bad... sad

The Dragonfly also has other important funtions, Skylar is a genius and I'm sure she put some extras into the design. What Rosen knew about the coverup he also had to be careful with the other man there, this is the guy that got Ryan into the military in the first place, and he's really not that much of a nice guy.
Nomad79 Post # 18 | Thursday, 15 Sep 2011 - 05:09
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Alphas: Dragonfly

Skylar: Part Two

“You, still haven't told me what Dr. Rosen talked to you about,” Ryan said.

It was 10 o'clock in the evening. Skylar and Ryan were in the cluttered living room of the apartment they shared on the university grounds. The TV was on, but she wasn't paying attention to it. Skylar was more interested in the collection of household items and ordinary parts she had scattered on a tray sitting in her lap. She could mentally picture the complex designs of what she wanted to create, but her mind kept drifting. Every few seconds she would sigh, look over at her boyfriend, but he seemed to be engrossed in the Top Shot special on the History Channel.

Skylar wished that he would turn the TV down just a little bit so that she could concentrate, but was unsure. What she wanted to make was special and a gift for Ryan. She was afraid of telling him that she feared for his safety every time he went on a mission or was deployed, but he would probably just tell her that she was stressing out. Privately, Skylar knew that Ryan's dad , a twenty-year Army vet that fought in Vietnam and like Ryan served in a classified Special Forces unit, feared for the safety of his son. As terrifying her thoughts were of losing him, she knew that General Martin could pull enough strings to get his son discharged from the Army.

There was definitely something strange with the nature of the secret missions that Ryan was sent on and the fact that he could never talk to her about it. Skylar had no idea why she felt that his work and nightmares were connected. There was something strange going on and she was tempted to call General Martin to see if he could find out what.

Ryan had another dream last night...he was screaming out in anguish, so much agony. Why won't he talk to me?

“Sky, you awake?” Ryan asked.

Skylar made a coughing noise and looked over at him. He was leaning back in his armchair with a bottle of Budweiser in one hand and the remote in the other. The sight of him being what she called 'normal' not in his military mode was reassuring that things seemed to be alright between them.

“Yeah, I'm awake,” she told him.

“So? What was the call from Rosen all about?”

“Just stuff,” Skylar heaved a deep sigh, staring down at the collection of parts on the tray, wishing she had a place to start. “You know how he is.”


Skylar bit her lower lip, wishing she could just create a device out of thin air that allowed her to turn invisible as she stared at Ryan. His blue-eyes seemed to flicker in the dim glow of the television. His face seemed to harden as he had an almost like predatory look to him. She couldn't help but feel a surge of anger at him.

“Do you remember the Alpha that was found dead in the woods about ten months ago?”

“Yeah, what about it?” Ryan asked. His gaze didn't shift away from her and the tone in his hardened, betraying the casual way he spoke.

“Yes, that case looked liked a suicide, but there's been others that have been found dead. It looks like their deaths were made to look like accidents.”

Ryan's chair creaked as he shifted his weight and leaned forward. His expression suddenly became unreadable as he stared at her.

“Don't tell me Rosen's been mucking around in military affairs. We've been over this Sky, my unit has been cleared of anything dealing with harming or killing Alphas. It has to be a rouge group.”

Skylar could see that Ryan had no idea how hard his words hurt her. It was horrible the way that Alpha had suffered and then executed. In some ways, it had wanted her to take Rosen's offer and join his team. Maybe she could convince the doctor to pull some strings and get Ryan out of his unit and hopefully out of the army if his dad refused to help her.

“It's just that's there's been stories,” Skylar said as soon as the words left her mouth and she felt a chill run up her arms. She glanced out at the window and could've sworn she saw something move in the darkness.

“Huh? What stories,” Ryan stared at her confused. Maybe Skylar was being too paranoid and she could tell that from the way perplexed expression on his face.

“That was just one of the Alphas killed. Dr. Rosen investigated other cases and found signs that a covert unit had to be behind the killings. It was before we met, but-” she stopped herself. “I didn't think anything about it until now.”

Ryan slowly nodded, still looking at her with eyes that glinted in the television screen. “And you think it means something now?”

Skylar started to answer him but stopped herself.

What could she possibly say to him?

If this wasn't the time to say anything to him now, when was the time?

“I...I don't know,” she whispered softly.

She felt that feeling of someone standing out in the darkness and staring at them. It was so palpable that Skylar a cold, withering gaze pressed up against her as the watcher could touch the both of them.

“I wanted to talk to you, but...ever since you told me you can't talk to me about the things your unit does.” Skylar cringed on the inside as Ryan's eyebrows shot up, his face looked unnaturally pale in the dim light of the TV. “Rosen told me about your new partner, Lynx, and I can't trust you if you're not honest with me.”

Ryan looked away as if ashamed and began to slowly shake his head as if in some sort of denial. Skylar reached out to take his hand and it was cold to the touch, fearing that the rumors she heard about Lynx were true. Cringing inside she let his hand drop and pulled hers away.

“You thought I was cheating on you?” Ryan asked, shaking his head in total disbelief as if he couldn't understand what she was accusing him of.

“Come on, Ryan! How could you-? Didn't you ever think how I'd feel about it. I mean, dad cheated on mom and ran out on us with some whore after he found out about my ability. That bastard destroyed my family and childhood.”

Ryan let out a short burst of laughter and then looked at Skylar with a steady stare.

“Are you-” he took a deep breath and swallowed before continuing. “I don't know what the hell you're talking about, Sky.”

“Damn it, Ryan!” Skylar snapped. She could feel her anger boiling over. “I knew I was right. I could just feel it you know...”

“What?” Ryan demanded. “I don't understand what you're talking about.”

Sklyar crossed her arms and stared out through the window, unable to speak for the moment. She thought she saw a blur of motion in the corner of her eye, and looked out into the darkness. There was nothing beyond.

“That you and Lynx...-”

“You mean my partner?”

“Yes! I mean your partner. What the hell is with you. Are you trying to force me to say it?”

“What do you want me to say?” Ryan asked. His voice was hoarse and he shook as he leaned in closer to her.

“That you...are just too chicken shit to say it? I will. You screwed Lynx a few weeks after one of your so called missions! There! Happy now.”

Ryan let out his breath and fell back into the chair, staring at her, the color drained from his face. His mouth was hanging open and he looked like he was about to cry. “What is this, some kind of sick joke or something?”

“Oh yeah, it's sick,” Skylar could no longer hide the hurt or anger she was feeling. “You know, maybe you shouldn’t never told me about being in the Army. If you were honest with me, you'd be out like you promised. Maybe it would have better if we never met at all!”

While she was talking, Ryan shook his head from side to side like he couldn't believe what she was saying. When she paused to take a breath, he suddenly banged his fist hard on the floor.

“Skylar, you sound like a crazy person!” Ryan shouted. He stood up and began pacing back and forth, his fists clenched and trembling. “I have no idea what you're talking about! I never did anything with Lynx or anyone else! You'd think I'd remember something like that.”

Ryan let out a deep breath. “I'm not gonna argue about this anymore with you, Sky!”


"We are done talking about this," Martin insisted.

"What?" Skylar stared at him.
Nomad79 Post # 19 | Thursday, 15 Sep 2011 - 05:11
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"You know better than to ask me about classified missions. So just drop the subject and stay out of it!”

The look on Skylar's face hardened as she stepped closer to Ryan and stood almost toe to toe with him.
"You don't tell me what I can or can't do," the tone of her voice barely masking the hurt she felt. "Because if you think that way…Maybe we should just break up!”
Ryan's face became hard as stone and he silently regarded her for a moment before he grabbed his leather jacket and headed for the front door.

"Where are you going!" She demanded.
"Out!" Ryan yelled.
"Ryan, wait-" Skylar tried to get him to stop but the door closed shut behind him.
She stared at the closed door and reluctantly backed away. She hit into the edge of the chair Ryan's jacket was hanging on and sat down. She perched on it's edge struggling to untangle her conflicted emotions.

Am I going insane...she thought, then froze. The back of her neck prickled as if someone reached out and lightly brushed the tips of their fingers on the skin. Her throat tightened, and she wanted to turn around and look. She kept telling herself it was just the chair and wall behind her, the longer she kept sitting there the worse it felt.


She waited for something to happen but had no idea what she was waiting for. Skylar sucked in a deep breath and felt like a cold hand began to wrap it's self around her throat and squeezing. Pressure began to build up in her chest, she wanted to call out for help but couldn't.

Skylar was in danger. The reports that Rosen uncovered of the murdered Alphas screamed out at her, the names and faces of the victims trying to warn her.

What if Ryan killed those Alphas?

He lied to her before and flat out denied having anything to do with Lynx, what other bold face lies could be be capable of? She had obviously caught him in one, and if that was the case, what other secrets did he hide from her. Skylar tensed as her gaze shifted to the doorway expecting her boyfriend to stand there with a gun in his hand.

No...stop thinking like that....

She tried to swallow but the pressure around her throat kept building, slowly and steadily cutting off of the air to her lungs and blood flow to her head. Spots of white white flickered at the edges of her vision. She was too frightened to move and her breath came in small sharp gasps. Skylar felt a cold draft of air wrap around her neck and tighten like a noose.

I'm really losing it! A part of her mind that was still rational thought, but couldn't think of anything to do to relieve the pressure building up around her throat.

Her hands were ice cold, and her legs felt like rubber, a wave of vertigo swept through Skylar as she tried to stand up. The room seemed to sway from side to side as she tried to steady herself. She placed a hand on the back of the chair to steady herself, but that didn't stop the sickening nausea she felt. Her panic rose sharper as she looked at the doorway and saw in stunned amazement- a dark blotch shifted across the the floor and rippled as it moved and grew larger.
Skylar's lips and tongue moved but no sound came out of her throat, there was no way she could say anything. She watched in mute horror as the shadow grew even darker and larger. It was clear it was cast by a person but how?

It wasn't Ryan coming back to the apartment. Someone had waited for him to leave, then came in, and as she stood frozen in terror. A figure rounded the corner, filling the open doorway like a dark shadow.

You, Skylar thought realizing the person wasn't her boyfriend.

The silhouette of the shadow didn't look right. Although it loomed in the open doorway, it was smaller than Ryan, without the broad shoulders and muscled arms. It looked more feminine than male and still appeared dangerous, and Skylar almost passed out when the person that invaded the apartment started towards her.

The intruder laughed softly and turned to face Skylar, she saw the gleaming knife clutched in a bloodied left hand. Sparks of blue electricity seemed to dance about the blade's razor sharp edge. She raised it towards her and slashed at Skylar's throat.

“Time to die, bitch,” Lynx said.
Skylar screamed as she bolted up right in the bed and looked about in the darkness of the lonely bedroom. Her heart pounded in her chest and the t shirt she wore soaked through with sweat. Her throat was so tight she could barely breath.

Shivering, she sat up and grabbed the bottle of sleeping pills that had become her constant companion to chase away the nightmares. Ever since Ryan's death in Iraq and the refusal of Dr. Rosen to divulge any information about what happened. She opened the bottle and realized it was empty when no pills fell out onto her open palm. At least she could try and make the guilt go away.

Not tonight, she threw the empty pill bottle into the darkness and heard it hit the wall. Skylar's hand drifted down to her belly as the tears slid out from behind her eyes. She lay back down, and her stomach twisted in knots. She couldn't do this anymore, she was pregnant and risking the life of her unborn child.

Ryan would not want to see her in this condition.

After several moments of silence she sat back up and glanced over at the alarm clock. In the dim red glow of the numbers she saw Rosen's card with the number to contact him written on it. Also an email address was scribbled under it. She turned on the lamp and got out of the bed. Skylar walked over to the closet and pulled the string for the light.

Skylar winced at the sudden brightness and reached up for the top shelf, pulling out a red and yellow ugly looking shoulder bag that Ryan bought for her as a joke hidden behind some other boxes filled with her various creations. She sat down cross legged on the floor and opened the bag. Inside were a collection of computer circuit boards and parts she scavenged from other computers and electronics.

Skylar emptied the contents of the bag onto the floor and sat silently for several moments as she began to mentally picture the device she wanted to create. It all came to her in a rush as she tuned out everything else going on around her and concentrated. She reached out and picked up a circuit board with a bluish tint to it. She tilted her head and gazed at the part with narrowed brown-eyes and took a pair of needle nose pliers from the pile.

“Hello, BOB,” Skylar silently said as she began to work on her newest creation.

Several minutes later Skylar Adams held the newly created 'BOB' protectively in her hands. The three fragile tweaked circuits boards were encased in a protective cylinder gray metal casing. She held the device up to the light and smirked as everything fit together perfectly. There was no need to test it. BOB would perform to the specification it was designed for.

Skylar carefully placed BOB on the floor and flipped open her cell phone. She punched in a number and waited patiently for the other end to pick up.

“Martin,” came the one word reply as a voice answered.

“General Martin,” Skylar greeted Ryan's father. She took one more look at BOB and then at a picture of her and Ryan sitting on the nightstand beside the bed. Her grip tightened on the phone. “I know who killed your son...” her voice trembled as the words came out. “I wanted to take you up on your offer to work with your office at the NSA, but I want something in return.”

“I'm listening, Skylar,” General Martin waited.

“I made a device that can track anyone on the face of the earth,” Skylar spoke as her eyes fell onto a black metal trunk with Ryan's name stenciled on it in white letters. She knew it held some surplus military items that Ryan collected. “I know the name of the bitch that killed your son...” she paused still staring at the trunk as her mind quickly worked. “I'll give you BOB, but I get to kill Lynx when I find her.”

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Alphas: Dragonfly
Losing Zoe

“Alphas are real! They are our friends, family, coworkers, and those we love! They are human and deserved to be treated with respect. The government and Red Flag have only used these people as pawns in their hidden agendas. I only want others to see how special Alphas are just like you and me.”-Doctor Lee Rosen

Three weeks ago

The crowd gathered around the burning building. No one could see the real reason for the fire as the firefighters fought to bring the blaze under control. Lynx ran over towards the crowd, seeing her targets, a woman with short cut brown hair with blonde highlights and tattoos clutching tightly to her five-year-old daughter.

“Hi there, bitch,” Lynx savagely smiled as she trotted up to them.

Skylar’s brown-eyes widened as she looked at the exotic woman standing before her with a wolfish grin. The other Alpha tilted her head and the nostrils of her nose flared, she smelled the fear coming off from Skylar. Lynx reviled in the sensation feeling the temptation to use her ability to drain every emotion from the young woman, but relented. Red Flag ordered her not to harm the mother but to bring in the child, unharmed.

“Mommy, that’s a bad person,” the little girl said.

“Lynx, how did you-“ Skylar began as she held on tighter to Zoe.

The lights and siren of a police car wailed as it roared around the corner and towards them.

Lynx grabbed Skylar’s shoulder, drew her gun, and thrust it into her face. “Shut up,” she yelled. She glared at Zoe. “Move and your mommy will get a new hole blown in her head.”
Zoe looked up at Lynx and began to cry. Skylar protectively held onto her trying to think of a way to get them both to safety. Her shoulder bag was in the room of the burning building and so were the microbots.

Lynx realized that TRA-2 Black Manta was just less than two minutes away. Getting on board would be the easy part if she could just get away from the crowd with Skylar’s kid.

“I killed you!” Skylar shouted out.

“Shut up, move an inch you’re dead. The same goes for little Zoe.”

Skylar swallowed nervously as two cops began to slowly approach.

“Hey!” one of them yelled. “Let the little girl go.”

“I mean it! One more step and I will blow her brains all over the pavement,” Lynx threatened, pulling back the gun’s hammer.

The cops froze.

“Help my daughter!” Skylar screamed at the two police officers.

They stayed like that for several moments. A faint warble came from the remote buried inside Lynx’s jeans pocket. She felt the warm brush of air from the TRA Manta’s exhaust fans. In one smooth motion, she kicked Skylar away and wrapped her arm around Zoe. The little girl kicked and screamed trying to get away. The remote chimed with two loud notes. She thumbed the remote control for the hatch access.

“Oh my God,” Skylar breathed out in amazement as the ladder for the hatch came out of thin air. She looked up and saw the TRA-Manta, its triangular shape visible where the reactive camouflage worked imperfectly. The NSA finally managed to build one based on her designs or if Red Flag got access to one.

“Lynx! Please just let Zoe go!” Skylar pleaded as she ran forward.

Zoe scrambled to get away Lynx’s grasp in one motion she climbed up with the crying child into the TRA. She jammed at the remote, but not fast, enough as Skylar jumped onto the ladder. She was looking up at her determined to get the child back.

“Goodbye bitch!” Lynx yelled out as she kicked at Skylar’s hand holding onto the bottom rung of the ladder.

Lynx slid into the cockpit, ignoring the crying Zoe and pressed the controls on the touchscreen display. It was time to go.

Skylar screamed out in pain as the sharp heel of Lynx’s boot came down on the center of her hand. She let go and fell away from the ladder, falling onto the slick pavement of the street. She lay there dazed and unmoving, watching as the TRA Black Manta deployed bright flares as countermeasures and used the confusion to realign its reactive camouflage system.

Then the TRA Black Manta was gone.

“Zoe!” Skylar cried out in disbelief before she passed out.


“What the hell is that?” Erik Dowd exclaimed as the tracers streaked downwards from the sky and struck the ground less than twenty feet away, sending up plumes of dirt.

“Sparrow, this is Dowd,” called into his radio. “Sparrow this is Dowd.”

There was only static.

The whole group of surviving mercenaries turned to look as the silent dark triangular shape of the Black Manta TRA-1 flashed by.

“There they are!” Ryan yelled out to the pilot. “Set us down.”

The pilot in the forward cockpit of the TRA-2 expertly manipulated the controls on the touch screen display. The black craft silently landed four hundred meters away.
Erik Dowd let the radio drop from his fingers and it fell into the mud. His head drooped on his shoulders for several long moments. He looked back up and looked around for several long moments. There was a hint of dawn coming through the dark storm clouds and thunder rumbled with the sign of an oncoming storm.

The third man in the group suddenly fell to his knees in the muck, vomiting up blood.

“Do you have my location fixed, Gary?” Ryan asked over the Crypt Net secure radio.

The back ramp of the TRA lowered to the ground and Ryan, Bill, and Cameron quickly checked their equipment.

“Yeah, Yeah, I have four people. The TRA-2 is clear. I can track each person,” Gary Bell responded. There was a brief pause. “One of those men was with Anna during the raid! He left her behind. He is one hundred meters south of your position. I can hack into the Predator drone and kill him.”

“Negative, Gary,” Bill Harken spoke into his radio. “We need those people alive.”

“But that man could’ve protected Anna!” Gary protested. “He was with her.”

“Gary,” Cameron Hicks reached up on his combat vest and switched over to another secure channel so the Transducer could hear him. “I know that Anna was your friend, buddy,” he gently said. “We’ll get him, but we need you to hold it together for the team, okay?”

There was another pause. “Yeah, okay.”

Ryan switched over to Gary’s channel and looked at Cameron. “There is something you can do though,” he finished giving Gary directions and signaled to Bill and Cameron to follow him.

All three men hopped off the edge of the ramp and carefully walked through the thick fog with their weapons at the ready. Ryan raised a gloved hand and motioned to the right. He sidled over to a patch of thick waist high weeds, he got onto his belly and crawled through the muck. Bill and Cameron did the same, their clothing drenched by the wet grass.

After they made it some distance, Ryan stood up and shouted. “Throw down your weapons and put your hands on your heads!”

“Screw you!” Came the reply and the merc answered with a burst of automatic fire from his AK-47.

Erik Dowd looked at his NCO, Bradley. Bradley returned the look with wild eyes. “I’m not gonna let some normal hunt me down like this!” The Hyperkinetic Alpha wildly fired another burst from his AK-47, but his aim was off.

“We’ve got a chance,” Dowd said. “They want to talk!” He glanced at the third man who was now unconscious, blood leaked from his eyes and ears, and covered in black vomit.

A noise caught Dowd’s attention. Another one of the Red Flag Alphas, Kaiser, was turning knobs on a metal box. “What are you doing?”

“Orders,” Kaiser said.

“Everyone just freeze,” Dowd hissed. “I’m still in charge here. I make the decisions.”

Kaiser did not stop. Bradley rolled twice and slapped away Kaiser’s hands from the metal box. “He said stop.”

“Stanton Parish-“Kaiser began.

“I don’t give a damn about what Stanton Parish wants!”

“I ain’t gonna die like some human,” Bradley said standing up. The Hyperkinetic brought his AK-47 to bear. Dowd grabbed Bradley and pulled him down.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Dowd did not have much time to think about it when Kaiser went back to turning the knobs on the case. The Alpha flipped up the lid and began working on a small keypad. Dowd finally understood the man was activating a self-destruct device. Dowd drew his knife, grabbed Kaiser’s right hand, and slammed the blade through the center of the palm, pinning it to the ground.

He heard a shot and spun around. Bradley lay on the ground, blood pouring from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. “Shit!” he muttered.

“Hands up!” another voice called out.

“Who are you?” Dowd called out.


“What do you want from us? We have nothing against you.”

“We need to talk.”

“Talk?” Dowd returned. “Your people raided the meeting place and nearly killed all of us!”

“We’ll shoot you if you don’t put your hands up.”

A line of bullets tore into the earth less than five inches from Dowd’s boots.

“Next round goes into your head,” the voice called out.

Dowd looked around. The other man in his party was dead, bled out from his sickness. Bradley killed himself. Everyone else was dead, except him and Kaiser.

“You can’t surrender that,” Kaiser grunted, pointing towards the case with his good hand.

“Then we just blow it up and don’t have anything to deal with these people?”

“You can’t do that! Stanton Parish ordered this case to be protected at all costs,” Kaiser began, reaching for it with his good hand.
“Parish has you brainwashed!” Dowd kicked Kaiser’s hand away from the case and raised his voice. “Alright! You want the box- we’ll give it to you, if you let us walk free.”

Ryan looked at Bill who stood there ready to go into action. Sweat plastered the forehead of the man as he breathed deeply, ready to activate his endocrinal “flight or fight” Hyperadrenal Alpha ability. Bill had enhanced strength and durability but could not use it too long before it affected his heart.

“What’s he talking about?”

“I don’t know. We need to see what they have,” Bill said.

Cameron focused in on the site of his submachine gun and centered on Dowd. “I can take him out from here.”

Ryan let out a deep breath. “No,” he said. “Keep your eyes on him.”

Cameron nodded in agreement and his finger slid off the trigger.

“Alright!” Ryan called out.

To be continued….

Next chapter: Reunion
“Ryan, they have her!”
“Who has ‘her’?”
“Your former partner, Lynx, she took Zoe!”
“Who’s Zoe?”
“Our little girl…”
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“Are you looking for my mommy?”
Alphas: Dragonfly

Catch and Release: Complications

They were all siting in the kitchen of the house where they had found Skylar and the mysterious “Z,” a little five-year-old girl. Her name was Zoe and she was Skylar’s daughter, a second generation Alpha with immense potential.

“These are incredible,” Bill, said with amazement as he stared at the pieces of paper written with strings of complex mathematical equations and theoretic encryption and decryption techniques. “I’ve never seen anything like this. What? I mean this goes way past calculus and other stuff.”

“Oh yes,” Dr. Lee Rosen said as he took a long look at the multicolored construction paper stuck to the door of the refrigerator.

Bill looked on as Zoe continued to draw whorls of complex codes with her crayons and pencils.

“How long has Zoe been doing this?” Nina asked with one hand on the fridge door. Dr. Rosen continued to stare at the papers in awe as if trying to peace the meaning of the codes together.

“Ever since she was three,” Skylar proudly said of Zoe. Rosen finally managed to pull himself away from Zoe’s collection and walked over to the kitchen table. He sat down and watched in awe of the little girl. “First it was numbers. Playing with them. Talking about them and she was solving equations and proving formulas.”

“I have never encountered Quantitative Aptitudinal on this level before in a child or an adult,” Rosen stated. Could this be the result of the MK-ULTRA experiments performed on Ryan? He silently thought.

“I know that there’s a bunch people that would come after her,” Skylar said, as she held tighter onto her daughter.
And I know one of those people…the Alpha, Lynx, Rosen suspiciously thought. Zoe and Skylar need protection from Red Flag and the NSA.

“Like they did with you,” Nina stated.

“The NSA doesn’t know about Zoe, you’d think that they would let me keep her?” Skylar worriedly asked as she looked up at Nina. “They would turn her into a lab
rat or worse.” She looked back down at her child and sadly added. “So, I gave her to my uncle and told him to take care of her.”

Then you tried to hunt down Lynx and kill her, Rosen thought as he continued to watch Zoe happily draw out codes and formulas. Ryan needs to know about this.

“So? Zoe had created the super encryption that enabled you to talk back and forth without anyone else knowing, hm?” Rosen asked.

Skylar nodded her head at him as he came to a realization. “She’s a second generation Alpha.”

Bill turned and watched Zoe continue to draw for several moments and decided maybe having kids would not be a bad thing after all.

Rosen ignored the ringing of his cell phone, lost in deep thought when Nina walked up behind him.

“You gonna answer that?”

“No,” Rosen shook his head. “Deciding.”

“What happens, now?”

“This isn’t our choice to make, Nina,” Rosen looked down at the grass as the phone continued to ring.

“There’s always a choice,” Nina told him. “We let them take Skylar and Zoe, what happens next? Bill? Rachel? Cameron? Me?”

“It would be nice if we could do as we pleased, but the world does not work like that,” Rosen replied looking at Nina.

Nina stared at Rosen for a moment and turned to walk away. She stopped and looked over her shoulder at him.

“You know she goes to his grave every year?”

“What, Nina?” Rosen asked, still trying to make a decision.

“Skylar visits Ryan’s grave every year on the anniversary of his death in Iraq. Last year she took Zoe…it was hard on her. When Ryan died, did you know she never saw his body or a death certificate? He was the only person she ever let get close to her.”

“I know about that, Nina,” Rosen said.

“You know why she does it?”

Nina did not wait for an answer before she turned her back to Rosen before going back to the house.

“She still loves him and Zoe is all that is left of Ryan. If you let them take her…you’re no better than them.”
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Catch and Release: Reunion


“You can’t!” Kaiser called out. “That case is not what you think it is.”

Dowd reached over and in one smooth motion removed the knife from Kaiser’s hand. “Next time, I’ll kill you,” he said. Kaiser held his bleeding hand under his armpit. “Try and use your damn ability now,” he continued bringing up his machine gun. “Do it and I’ll shoot you in the head.”

“Stand up where I can see you!” Ryan called out. He felt relieved when the Red Flag mercenary stood up, with a MP-5 in his hands. Ryan hoped that the gun was out of ammo. “Put the weapon down.”

“You’re the one with the Hyperkinetic Alpha,” the man said. “All I got is a bunch of dead men and a Transducer who’s out of his bloody mind. You want to talk; we do it like the way we are now.”

Ryan glanced at Bill, who shrugged, but kept a steady glare on the Red Flag mercenary.

“Your call,” Cameron said as he kept his own weapon pointed at the man.

“I’ll meet you halfway,” Ryan called out. He slowly stood up and let his HK147 hang by its sling. The Red Flag mercenary did the same with his own MP-5. Ryan walked forward- the other man doing the same- until they were five feet apart.

“Erik Dowd,” the man identified himself.


Dowd looked Ryan up and down. “Don’t see a uniform.”

“I don’t either,” Ryan replied. The other man seemed to look ill, with the beginning of what looked like burnt skin running down the side of his neck. All the other Alphas in this man’s unit died of some sort of mysterious sickness.

“You want the box?” Dowd asked.

Ryan did not have a clue what the other man was talking about, but he wanted answers. Maybe the case the Red Flag mercs were dying to protect would help him find Skylar. He felt uneasy for a moment, fearing that she might be hurt, or worse. No, don’t think like that, he amended in his mind.

“Yes,” he said.

“What assurance can you give me that I’ll walk free from this mess,” Erik said. His hazel-eyes bore briefly into Ryan’s blue ones as he spoke slowly and carefully like a teacher giving out directions.

“I don’t think so,” Ryan pointed towards his eyes and smiled. “I seemed to forget my glasses today. So I decided to wear contacts.”
“Good answer, Normal,” Dowd said through the pain.

Ryan had enough with this Red Flag merc. He was also surprised that man tried to ‘push’ him into letting him walk. Where did this person think he was going to go? He would be dead before taking two steps.

“Why is Red Flag after Skylar Adams?”

“That one brainy chick with all the tattoos and messed up hair?”


“I don’t know,” Dowd honestly replied. “Our great esteemed leader, Stanton Parish, seems to like getting his fellow Alphas slaughtered by Normals like you,” he added sarcastically. He shrugged his shoulders and looked at Kaiser. “Maybe he knows.”

Ryan decided to change the subject for now. “What about the case?”

“No idea, just that in the moments after picking up Kaiser my men began to get sick and drop like flies.”

“We think it’s his ability to spread diseases,” Ryan said as the other man showed surprise. “Stuff like the plague or anything that can kill a person in the most painful way.”

“I didn’t know that!” Dowd looked over his shoulder at Kaiser.

Ryan nodded.

“Alright, come with me,” Dowd motioned. Together they walked back to where Kaiser was nursing his still bleeding hand. Ryan looked at the dead Alphas lying there.
“That is Kaiser,” Dowd pointed out. “He’s not like the one you have on your team, but he does know what’s going on.” The Red Flag merc kicked Kaiser. “Open the case.”

“I can’t,” Kaiser said.

Ryan’s hand strayed to his knife on his combat vest. He had enough of stumbling around in the dark when Skylar was out there somewhere in danger. He left her five years ago to protect her from people like Red Flag and those in the government that would use her gift for their own purposes. He was sick of the hidden agendas and games that put innocent people’s lives in danger. Now he began to realize he should have just stayed with her.
Kaiser knelt and turned the combination knob. He flipped it open. Inside was smaller battered metal box.

Ryan stared at the box for a moment and removed a multipurpose tool from his belt. He used the Philips head to undo the screws holding the top on. Kaiser sat back down, holding his wounded hand. Ryan lifted the lid off and inside lay a sophisticated piece of computer equipment.

“This is Skylar’s design,” Ryan said as he recognized the futuristic look of the device.

“Could it be another B.O.B.?” Bill asked as he walked up and peered at the open case.

“No,” Ryan lifted the machine out and turned it over. He inspected it carefully, seeing all the normal everyday parts that made up the device. “This is something she made recently.”

“Any idea what the hell it is?” Bill asked wearingly looking at the device. He remembered the last time Skylar had cobbled something together with just parts lying around the office when soldiers had come looking for her. The device seemed to function like some type of stunner, overloading the nerve impulses to the brain, hurt like Hell.

Ryan shook his head still trying to figure out what Skylar created. “I don’t know…Maybe MK-ULTRA did something to her when they kidnapped her, forced Sky to make things against her will.”

“Or he knows why they took your girlfriend,” Dowd suggested.

“You-“Ryan was speechless. His knife was out and was inches from Kaiser’s throat when Bill intercepted him.

“Easy. We need answers from him. We need him alive.”

Kaiser slyly smiled at Ryan. “I’m not talking. Use the knife all you want to, but Skylar Adams is no longer important.”

Ryan glared at Kaiser as he sheathed the knife. “Let’s take him and that back to base.”

“What about free passage?” Dowd asked as Ryan motioned for Kaiser to get up with his gun.

“You’re free to go.”

Dowd looked at the waiting Black Manta hovering silently. The large dark floating triangle looked like something that would be from out of this world. A real life UFO designed by a super smart woman hunted by the government and the organization he free-lanced for. Maybe the crazies were right about some things after all. He heard rumors that Red Flag managed to get the classified designs for one, or it was gave to them.

“Can I go with you?”


“This is Skylar’s device,” Gary Bell said as he used his Transducer ability to see the weak signal emitting from it. He made a motion with his right hand. “Skylar gave me a phone. She made it for me,” he looked at Ryan and held it out towards him. “It connects directly to her. You should call her.”

Ryan hesitantly stared at the phone for a moment before shaking his head. “No, Gary.”

“Why not?” Gary looked perplexed. “She’s your girlfriend. You should call her.”

“Hey, Gary,” Cameron stepped in. “Did you find the source of that signal.”

Gary made another motion as he delved deeper into the frequency. “No. It is too low. Hard to connect it’s source.” He looked away from the device and glanced at Ryan. “You should call her.”

Ryan ignored Gary for the moment and tapped the top of the machine. He looked at Kaiser who held true to his word and not said anything during the trip back to the office.

“He doesn’t seem too worried about anything,” Bill noticed.

“What is this device?” Nina asked as she stared directly into Kaiser’s blue-eyes.

Kaiser remained silent.

“What does Red Flag want with Skylar Adams?” Nina asked again.

Kaiser’s face was expressionless.

“You need to talk to us,” Nina tried to push Kaiser again, but it failed as he simply looked away from her.

“It’s not working,” Cameron said.

“I have an idea,” Ryan said. He walked over to the table that had other items found on Kaiser when they brought him in. He picked up a small isolation box and a plastic kit.

“You’re bloody out of your-“Dowd began, but Ryan cut him off with a glare.

Ryan opened the case and took out a syringe. Then he removed a small vial of murky fluid and checked the label. He plunged the needle into the vial and drew back the plunger, filling it with the fluid. He did the same with another vial.

He walked over to Kaiser. “Your ability is to spread diseases to kill people. That’s how you killed those other Alphas. I think your body produces antibodies to keep you naturally vaccinated.” Ryan shook the needle. “But-this has Marburg and Ebola mixed together. It might kill you. Might not. Ever seen the effects of the two combined?”

Bill could only shake his head. The others watched as Ryan walked towards Kaiser.

“You can’t do that to me,” Kaiser finally spoke.

“I can do it without a second thought. You’re like an animal that deserves to be put down if you hurt Skylar,” He pressed the tip of the needle into Kaiser’s neck.

“Just a prick,” Ryan whispered.

The left side of Kaiser’s face twitched. His eyes were watching the needle.

The needle began to press in.

“Alright, I’ll talk,” Kaiser, hissed.

Ryan leaned forward into the other man’s face. “Why is Red Flag after Skylar?”

“I’m not with Red Flag,” Kaiser said. “I work for MK-ULTRA.”

“MK-ULTRA? Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Kaiser said.

“They were shut down years ago.”

“You really believe that?” Kaiser looked at Ryan.

“Where is MK-ULTRA?” Ryan asked keeping the needle in Kaiser’s neck.

Kaiser remained silent.

“Answer, you son of a bitch!” Dowd screamed out.

Kaiser looked straight at Ryan.

“Where is MK-ULTRA?” Ryan repeated. “Where is Skylar?”

Kaiser smiled. He jumped forward, the needle tearing into his neck. He grabbed Dowd and took the mercenary’s pistol from its holster. As the man brought it bear, Cameron shot him once in the arm, knocking him back. He still struggled to aim the pistol.

“Stop,” Cameron ordered.

Kaiser ignored him. The muzzle of the pistol swung upward. Ryan had his own gun out, his finger twitching on the trigger. They needed this man alive.
Dowd tried to take the gun away, but Kaiser fired, hitting the Red Flag merc in the chest and killing him. The muzzle of the pistol kept going up and Ryan realized what he was going to do. He jumped forward, but Kaiser pulled the trigger.

The round went through the mouth and blew off the top of Kaiser’s head.

“I lost her, Ryan,” Skylar silently said as she looked down at the simple white tombstone with Ryan Martin’s name etched into the marble surface. “I lost Zoe…I tried to protect her, but they took her from me.”

A low breeze blew through the lonely cemetery ruffling the leaves in the trees as Skylar felt hot tears burning in her eyes. “I failed.”

For the last five years, she had visited Ryan’s grave and left tiny little dragonflies made from simple wire and pipe cleaners. It was better than flowers and Skylar really was not the flowery type of girl. It was something that he used to tease her. She was more interested in her creations, but having Ryan in her life seemed to kill the loneliness she felt.

Now that Zoe was out there somewhere in the hands of some unknown party with some hidden agenda, she had no idea where to start looking. Where was her child? Was she safe, or being experimented on? What was happening to her?

All these questions tore through Skylar’s mind, she tried to make sense of all that happened in the last few weeks after Zoe’s abduction by Lynx. Every lead she tried to follow led to a dead end and abandoned buildings once occupied by Red Flag. Skylar could no longer trust her own sources in fear of the NSA tracking her. They had already got at least three of the TRA Black Manta Stealth Planes off the drawing boards by using her own designs.
For all she knew the NSA or Red Flag were tracking her at this very moment.

She was truly on her own.

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” Skylar said as she stared sadly at the tombstone, wishing that Ryan were alive. He would be able to get their daughter back.
Skylar tried not to cry but she had never broken down like this before. Not even when she ran away from home all those times before died before she met Ryan. She collapsed to her knees unable to deal with the storm of emotions that raged inside her.

It doesn't matter, she realized, submerging into the ocean of her hopelessness. It's over…Ryan is dead! Zoe’s gone. Everything's falling apart…its over!
I'm a failure, she berated herself. I might have lived my life with in peace…and now…my little girl is gone!

Heavy sobs racked her chest. She cried into her palms until her ribs hurt, her eyes burned, and mucus filled her sinuses.

"Sky," Someone gently said, kneeling down and firmly placing a hand on the woman's trembling forearm.

Skylar looked at the person that spoke to her, brown-eyes widening in horror at the sight of him standing before her. Shock permeated every being fiber of her body as she fell back onto the cold ground.

NO! It can’t be, The frightening thought ran through her shocked mind. No!

Ryan Martin looked down at her, the expression of his neutral, despite the joy of seeing her after all this time. The terrified Skylar breathed heavily almost hyperventilating as her chest painfully heaves from the fear racing through her quaking body.

"Sky," The person standing before said. "You need to come with me."

"Ryan!” Skylar asked in a shocked tone, glancing up at someone that was supposed to be dead. “You’re alive? How is that possible?”

"It’s a long story,” Ryan said. He looked up seeing several black SUVs with dark tinted windows and government license plates pulling up to the cemetery’s front gate. “We need to go, now.”

"What? How did you find me?” She managed to croak out.

"I’ll explain later, but Nina told me you would be here," Ryan hurriedly told Skylar reaching down and helping the fallen auburn haired woman from the grass. "Come on."

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I read Skylar: Part Two (posts #18 and #19)

I saw you mentioned the red and yellow shoulder bag.
I'm sure there's more about these colors than a flashy look, as i wrote in the hidden messages thread but i could not define it precisely. See :

Also you gave an explanation to why Skylar is working with the NSA whereas Alphas's writers did not iirc (though it could have been cut in the editing room).

Correct me if i'm mistaken but Lynx character is introduced in this chapter by Skylar without any previous mention; this character is the cause of very emotional scenes from Skylar without taking the time to hint the reader about possible problems : maybe that's a bit harsh to swallow.

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Quote (michelangelo)
Correct me if i'm mistaken but Lynx character is introduced in this chapter by Skylar without any previous mention; this character is the cause of very emotional scenes from Skylar without taking the time to hint the reader about possible problems : maybe that's a bit harsh to swallow.

Actually Michelangelo, Lynx is mentioned in the first chapter, there's a bit of past for the both of them since they 'were' partners in the same unit.

Ryan's mind was already thinking ahead. Lynx had thirty seconds to report in or he would commence the mission without that unit's participation.

"Lynx ready. Out."
from chapter one before Ryan and his team infiltrate the mobster's mansion

Skylar suspected Ryan of cheating on her with Lynx before his faked death, but that wasn't the case. Now that with things going the way they are, Ryan and Skylar will really need to have a talk about alot of things.
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I thought it would be a good idea to necro-bump this thread since Skylar Adams is back on tv; also the author, Nomad79 might be working on an continuation of the story (i guess he will announce it himself when he's ready).

Enjoy reading!

Side note : this thread has still some traces of the period where my username was michelangelo biggrin

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