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Alphas Fanfictions - Summer Glau as Skylar
chrisdvanne_ Post # 1 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011 - 17:35
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Alphas's writers have created a great character in season 1 episode 7 'Catch and Release'; Summer Glau brought life to Skylar in a stunning performance as usual, leaving the audience wanting for more; given the ending of the episode and the good reviews, i'm sure the creators of the show are seriously thinking to bring her back in future episodes.

Meanwhile, Summer Glau fans have already started to write fancfictions featuring Skylar; the Summer Glau Wiki would be more than happy to wellcome their work in this thread.

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Nomad79 Post # 2 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011 - 18:08
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Ok, thanks Michelangelo!

This is the first part of Alphas: Dragonfly. It's an idea to bring Summer back as Skylar to the team after a rouge black ops group kidnaps Zoe and her past with Dr. Rosen is revealed. A Normal, Ryan Martin, an ex Army soldier. Who Skylar beleived dead and has a history with her joins the team to help get Zoe back. Ryan and Skylar must learn to trust each other once more or face losing Zoe to her kidnappers forever.

First chapter is an introduction to Ryan.

Any ideas or hints are helpful.

Location Classified

The night was still, the sound of the nearest vehicle over a kilometer away was barely audible. The sprawling mansion was situated well enough away from the other buildings along the long winding road, a sign of the power of the man who owned it. A high stone wall with a locked gate surrounded the spacious complex. Inside one of the interior guard houses a light flickered inside- a guard lighting a cigarette.

Squatting just inside the wall, Sergeant Ryan Martin, listened to his team as they reported in over the secure CryptNet radio attached to his right ear.

"Puma ready. Out"

"Leopard ready. Out."

"Tiger. Out."

Ryan's mind was already thinking ahead. Lynx had thirty seconds to report in or he would commence the mission without that unit's participation.

"Lynx ready. Out."

Ryan stood, his tall, lean build clad in black assault armor covered by a combat harness that bristled with an array of killing devices. His face was covered with a black balaclava and the stubby snout A70 night vision goggles. The silenced sub-machine gun fit intimately in his left hand. The stock was collapsed and the thin tube of the silencer followed in short arcs wherever he looked.

"Angel this is Jaguar, ready to deploy," Ryan calmly said, reaching up and flicking a toggle on the night-vision goggles.

Less then a millisecond later an image sprang to life in the viewer, showing the outline of the wall and the rest of the sprawling complex in an smear of false colors. Ryan gently pressed on the switch, adjusting the resolution until the imager's light filtration software filtered through the visible spectrum.

"Jaguar this is Angel. You have final clearance. Deploy," the voice sounded tinny through the heavily secured CryptNet radio.

Ryan's face remained expressionless as he tilted his head and allowed the NVG's targeting software to track the guard that just come out from the protection of the building. He could clearly see the muted glow of the guard's cigarette as he lazily walked about, ignorant of what was to come.

"Deploy," He ordered over the radio and brought up his machine gun.

The three men and one woman moved with perfect unison towards the mansion as Ryan pulled the trigger.

The burst of subsonic bullets splattered the man against the door of the guardhouse, the gun giving off the muted sound of being fired. Lynx moved and stepped over the dead body, placing a small shaped explosive charge just above the door's security lock. They stepped back and waited. The blast was brief and the team sprinted in. The power went off as Ryan went through the door and everything plunged into darkness. Through the NVGs he saw a group of men react blindly in the dark.

He fired a burst to his right and the guards fell to the floor, no longer moving. The rest of his unit fanned out and secured the lowest part of the first floor foyer. He saw the shape of something move through the viewer and the targeting reticules locked on to the target. Ryan fired once and the man fell dead.

"Tiger. Three down B4." Ryan knew that Tiger Element had successfully secured the area.

The crump of an explosion coming from his right as more doors were blown in. That was good- there was the sound of return fire but his unit was trained better than these inexperienced gangsters. The deep roar of a automatic assault rifle sounded

"Got that bastard!" Came an overjoyed voice over the radio. "Puma. One down and dead. Section C4."

A new voice cut in as Ryan jogged up the second floor landing. "This is Leopard. I found the targets on thermal. They're hiding behind the bed. Going in."

He ran up the steps two at a time and turned the corner as the blast took out the bedroom door. The brief flash of light nearly overloaded the sensitive NVGs but the automatic filtration software kicked in and dimmed the optic sensor. Two of his men had handcuffed and blindfolded their target: a fat naked, old, blubbering, mob boss. He stared at the second occupant of the bed, a young exotic woman with long black flowing hair. She held the sheets tightly around her body as her dark-eyes briefly bore into Ryan's before glancing at the other masked people in the room.

"Get him the hell out of here!" Ryan brusquely ordered as Lynx and Leopard hustled the old man out of the room.

"I'll take care of her," Puma said smugly, the expression on his face hidden by the balaclava.

Ryan flipped the selector switch on his weapon and answered Puma's suggestion by firing a round into the woman's head. Blood and brain matter splattered all over the headboard as her body fell backwards hitting the bloodstained mattress. Vacant dark-eyes stared up at the ceiling as Ryan stepped forward, ripping the sheet away to reveal the pistol clutched in her lifeless hand. He looked up at and shook his head.

"She's an Alpha, Influencer Class, Level Three." he scolded Puma. “One more second under her influence and we'd all be singing Dixie or worse dead.

“Are you sure about that, sir?” Puma questioned. “I didn't feel anything like anything was off.”

“All you had to do was just look at her,” Ryan said. He took one more look at the grisly scene and spoke into the thin microphone built into the balaclava. "All units pull back. Repeat, all units pull back. Objective achieved."

The specially modified Stealth MH-53 Pave Low helicopter settled onto the grounds of the mansion just right at the right time and the members of the team quickly loaded, throwing the bound fat man in first. The back ramp closed and the chopper lifted silently due to the computerized noise cancellation system. The pilot pushed a button on the control panel and the skin of the aircraft briefly flickered . The reactive camouflage system came online eliminating the Pave Low's sound signature and visual signature, heat and radar were also eliminated.

The technology was years ahead of it's time and to the outside observer seem alien. It was developed by an Quantitative Aptitudinal Alpha known as Skylar Adams. What the researchers of the mysterious group that employed Ryan and his unit managed to piece together from her schematics and ideas while under the thrall of another Influencer when she was captured five years ago. Somehow she had managed to escape her captors and was on the run ever since.

Ryan walked to the center of the cargo bay where the old man lay, the red lights reflecting off his pale skin. He slid up the night-vision goggles and pulled the black balaclava down, exposing his face and blue-eyes. He knelt down next to the man and stared. The interrogators back at base were waiting and even had another Alpha ready to extract everything from the man's memory, but he paid a high price to get the information this man had. He wanted to know. Had to know.

“Where is Skylar?”

The man glanced up at him in confusion. “What?”

Ryan glanced up at Puma who sat along the seat bench lining the wall of the chopper. He looked back down at the man and lowered his voice to barely a whisper. “The girl that stayed at your warehouse. You were paying her to make mobile hacking devices for you in exchange for protection.”

“I don't know,” the old man said. “Your people broke into my warehouse and Skylar ran. That's all I know! I swear.”

Ryan peered intently into the man's eyes. He was right. He felt a sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach. His instincts told him that he was telling the truth. Skylar was on the run again. He looked up at Puma and shook his head and lied. “Nothing.”

Ryan wearily nodded, the adrenaline he felt from the mission rapidly dissipating and the anxiety beginning to build.

Puma squeezed his arm. “Don't worry about the mess back there. I'll make sure the area is sterilized and a decent cover story put in place before the media have a field day.”

Ryan ran a hand across his forehead. “Doesn't matter anyway, I'm sure the boss will use his connections to make sure everything stays quite.”

He walked forward to the cargo web seat and slumped down against the skin of the aircraft. Making sure he was away from the other members of his team, Ryan peeled off his gloves. He dug his hand into the right cargo pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a small pendant fashioned in the shape of a dragonfly. With his right hand he lifted it up to see the everyday homemade parts that held the piece of art together. It was a gift from Skylar.

Ryan remembered the fear that was in the woman's eyes in the bedroom. He didn't know who she was or why she was there. His instincts as a former soldier warned him about the possibility of her having a weapon the second before he killed her. But there was no way to make sure if she had intended to use it. It was the killing reflex that had been drummed into him during his training in the Army.

Ryan felt a hole open in his chest and tried to push away the last five years of self pity and guilt. He closed his eyes trying to push it aside, but failed. Without thinking his hand went straight to his right hip and unstrapped the cover of the holster. He pulled out the pistol and flipped off the safety.

“Sir, there's a message for you,” a tap on his shoulder startled him.

Ryan blinked and looked at the gun in his hand. The commo man stared for a moment before handing him a secure headset. He awkwardly placed the pistol back into the holster. “Ryan here.”

“Ryan, this is Senator Douglas. Dr. Rosen just contacted me. Your ex girlfriend is in very serious danger. When you touch down there is a car waiting for you at the hangar. Get in it.”

Ryan shook his head to clear it. “What?”

“You heard me. Get in that car. A man by the name of Bill Harken will tell you everything you need to know.”

Ryan felt the trepidation build up. “Where is Skylar?”

“Dr. Rosen wasn't very forthcoming on that information. There is a good chance that your team is compromised by a Red Flag agent.” there was a slight pause. “This line is secure. Get in that car the moment you touch down.”

“Can you at least give me an idea where it's taking me?”

Another longer pause. “From what I understand you'll be temporally assigned to Rosen's team to work with them to find Skylar. Rosen personally requested you because of the history you have with Skylar.”

The radio went dead and Ryan ripped off the headset, throwing it onto the floor. He pressed his hands against his temples, trying to block out the face of the young brown haired, tattooed partying genius that was worth the risk of throwing away his career in the military, but failed. Now after five long years Skylar Adams was shoved right back into his life.

How the hell was he going to explain to Skylar that the reason why he left her was to keep her safe. That Dr. Rosen and Senator Douglass agreed to fake the all the paperwork regarding his supposed 'death' in combat operations overseas. They were never to contact him again.

Why was the government and Red Flag suddenly interested in Skylar?

chrisdvanne_ Post # 3 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011 - 18:48
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If i'm sure Skylar would come back in Alphas, i have always thought that bringing Zoe back would be a problem, and not only because the child actor would grew but because it would be hard to include a child in the serie. I thought maybe the writers would get rid of the child in a similar way to the one Skylar herself found, aka giving Zoe to a relative.

Apparently you have decided to deal with it the hardest way by including Zoe in the plot.

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Nomad79 Post # 4 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011 - 19:07
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Zoe is pretty much held by the merc group for a big part of the story. The team will follow leads through Ryan's old connections but some of it is misinformation. Skylar and Ryan try to trust each other again and Ryan denies the fact that Zoe could be his, because the unit he joined he was given injections that made him sterile.
chrisdvanne_ Post # 5 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011 - 19:16
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Quote (Nomad79)
Zoe is pretty much held by the merc group for a big part of the story.

Holding Zoe hostage is another way of not having to deal with her in the story... well played!

but he paid a high price to get the information this man had. He wanted to know. Had to know.

Wouldn't your sentence be more powerful if you used a conditional like "he would pay" ? (also remember i'm not english native)

You were paying her to make mobile hacking devices for you in exchange for protection.

Maybe you should work on that; it doesn't sound very realistic, considering Skylar's background. I still don't understand why Skylar refused Rosen's offer but agreed to work with the NSA.

Also don't be too spoilerish in your comments biggrin

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Nomad79 Post # 6 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011 - 19:29
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I'm working on that specific part for, my guess is that when she was captured at first by the group that takes Zoe, Skylar was under the influence of a pusher, and she helped design alot of technolgy that they use to hunt down and use against Alphas. She managed to escape. Rosen has alot to do with Ryan's faked death that made Skylar turn Rosen down, also the fact she hated to take orders.

Not too spoilerish I hope
chrisdvanne_ Post # 7 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011 - 20:13
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I think it's a good idea to have taken a personal angle 'Zoe's presumed father' to continue the story and not another complex device invented by Skylar like 'Bob'; though it can show up on the story later because it's still Skylar special ability to create those devices.
I'm not sure involving Rosen in Ryan/Skylar relationship is what Alphas's writers had in mind but it's your privilege as a writer to do that; as long as it is well written i don't see any objection.

On a personal level, i have more difficulties to read fanfictions because the degree of language and vocabulary is higher than what you see in forums or social networks.

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Nomad79 Post # 8 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011 - 20:55
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I also had the Senator in mind that was also responisble for splitting up the two
chrisdvanne_ Post # 9 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011 - 21:01
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Quote (Nomad79)
I also had the Senator in mind that was also responisble for splitting up the two

Like if the bureaucratic mess with NSA, DOD, Sullivan and Binghampton was not enough tongue

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Nomad79 Post # 10 | Tuesday, 06 Sep 2011 - 15:24
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Yeah it's a pretty huge mess, but the next chapter reveals what happened five years ago with out giving away too much plot. This is mostly Skylar related as she has a huge part i it.
I can say this Ryan didn't have to leave Skylar...somebody that Sky knows tried to stop him.
chrisdvanne_ Post # 11 | Tuesday, 06 Sep 2011 - 15:31
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Can't wait to see Chapter 2!
I hope you don't mind my remarks, you asked for it after all. I try to criticize in a positive way.

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Nomad79 Post # 12 | Tuesday, 06 Sep 2011 - 15:47
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No I don't mind, the remarks have been helpful actually and helped me shaped the idea for chapter 2 and raising the big question if Ryan is Zoe's father. It's gonna be pretty emotional
Nomad79 Post # 13 | Tuesday, 06 Sep 2011 - 19:48
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Okay, this is the second chapter part one of three actually. But reveals lot, small section rated M for mature, but tried to keep it clean as possible.

Alphas: Dragonfly

Chapter 2: Skylar

Five years ago

Ryan Martin sat at the table in the small outdoor cafe and watched his girlfriend, Skylar Adams, with complete amazement. The young tattooed brown haired genius was leaned back in the metal chair with her feet propped up on the table. Her eyes were completely focused on the tablet computer that she always carried with her. Skylar tilted her head and tapped a series of commands onto the keyboard, the screen flashed for several seconds before whatever program she came up completely overwrote the existing operating system.

Her brown-eyes narrowed in concentration as she stared at the tablet's screen. A series of numbers and letters scrolled across as she tapped the keys again. A ghost of a smile crossed Skylar's face as she looked up and placed the tablet onto the table beside her uneaten lunch.

“I won,” she smugly said as Ryan looked at her bewildered.

“What?” he asked in complete amazement. “I mean how did you manage to crack the code. That's supposed to be highly classified information!”

Skylar grinned at the oncoming challenge. “Okay, I'll admit that it maybe seemed just a little bit challenging. So far. But it's gonna take something a lot more than this to get me on Professor Rosen's team.”

“Skylar, you just hacked into the Department of Defense Interlink without any problem and left no traces!”

She smiled again. “So the DOD Interlink is the toughest thing that Rosen has to offer me? Come on Ryan! I even peeked into your so called classified files.”

“You know I'm not at liberty to discuss some of that stuff,” Ryan said, there was a hint of being proud of her behind his poker face.

“Really?” Skylar asked distractedly as she looked away from Ryan and towards something in the cafe's courtyard.

Ryan sighed and waited patiently as she turned back towards him. “Sky,” he started. “You know when I joined the Army, I took an oath to defend my country and government. There's orders I have to follow...even if some things don't add up.”

Skylar tilted her head and stared at Ryan. “You told me you was done with them!” she suddenly said. “You've been their flunkie for almost three years and in two weeks your enlistment is up.”

Ryan's face hardened at Skylar's mention of him being the government's flunkie. She crossed her arms and sat up in the chair still staring at him as if expecting an answer. The way she looked at him was ice cold and he regretted allowing her to use his tablet PC to pass the little test set up by Rosen. The way she bypassed the secure decryption and system traces of one of the most secure networks in the world was flawless. No hacker could ever come close to what she did with her natural ability for electronics.

Dr. Rosen called it an Alpha ability and an unknown percentage of the humanity had a genetic anomaly that allowed them to do extraordinary things. What ever Skylar could do that gifted her with creating her amazing creations from normal everyday parts. It hurt his head trying to think of the name coined for others like her.

“Tell me you're getting out,” she demanded.

Ryan was about to answer when his cell phone began ringing. Skylar gave him an annoying look when he reached into his jeans pocket and pulled it out.

“Martin,” he said after flipping it open.

He leaned forward and listened for several seconds, his face tight.

“What?” Skylar asked.

“I have to go,” Ryan flipped the phone shut.

“You always have to go,” Skylar muttered.

“Hey,” Ryan said as he reached out and wrapped her hand inside his own. “It's all about duty, Sky, to defend the ones that you love. Even if it leads to death, if it does, then I know I died fighting for you.”

“If you say so,” Skylar said as he leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She returned the kiss but it felt lukewarm to her.

“I'll see you tonight,” Ryan told her as he got up and left the table.

"Ryan?" Skylar adjusted the sight of the telescope and placed her eye to eyepiece watching the small streaks of light flashing across the night sky. "Take a look at this."

She wore tight fitting jeans and a green shirt under a black leather jacket. Her brown hair was cut short and highlighted with blonde streaks that framed a thin face. The jacket was needed as a cool night breeze was blowing down from the mountains and a the telescope was on the deck that wrapped around the rental house they had for the weekend. The faint stains of classical rock floated out of the open door and onto the deck. A fire blazed in the large inside, the smoke lazily curling out of the chimney above their heads.

Ryan put his chilled mug full of beer on the railing and took his place beside Skylar. He bent over looking into the rubber eyepiece. He was a solidly built man of average height, about five-ten, with broad shoulders. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt. He didn't even seem to notice the breeze.

"Amazing," Ryan marveled at the sight of the meteor shower. "That's a pretty cool sight."

"It's pretty up here," Skylar told her boyfriend as he walked away from the telescope and towards her. "Listen, I'm sorry about earlier today. "

"It's okay," Ryan said, stepping behind her and wrapped both of his arms around her, feeling the leather crinkle. "I'm glad we came out here, Sky."

"So am I," she smiled.

There was just the sound of the breeze flowing through the trees for the next several moments.

"I'm cold," Skylar said shivering and looking at the beckoning fireplace. "Ready to go in?"

"Yeah," Ryan said following his girlfriend inside and pulling the curtain shut.

Skylar slowly walked over to the roaring fireplace as he stood behind her, beginning to lightly kiss the back of her neck. She closes her eyes in pleasure as his hands begin to explore the curves of her body.

"Make love to me, Ryan." Skylar moaned out in pleasure feeling the electric like tingles of his kisses on the soft skin of her neck. She turns to face him staring at him with brown-eyes full of passion as he pulls off her shirt and watches with widened blue-eyes as she reaches behind her back, undoing her bra.

She takes hold of his hand and places it to her chest.

"Can you feel that?" she asked him as the flames of the fire highlighted the tattoos on her skin. "Can you feel my heart beating…"

"Yes," Ryan said amazed by her beauty as he always was.

"I made something for you,” she guided his hand to the metallic pendant she was wearing around her neck fashioned in the shape of a dragonfly. The metal reflected the flames of the fire. “It's something that will keep you safe when you're in Iraq and to let you know that I love you…" she looks up at him with eyes full of passion. “I'm so sorry...about a lot of things. I just wanted you to know.”

They begin to kiss each other with the deep fire of intense passion as Skylar trembled from the ecstasy of her body.

"I love you," Skylar tells Ryan as he kisses her deeply feeling their tongues dance around in each others mouths as their naked bodies roll in between the sheets.

"I love you," he tells her tenderly kissing the softest lips he ever tasted. "I will always love you."

Three weeks later...

On a gray morning in 2006, Skylar Adams, watched Ryan Martin's coffin being lowered into the ground. She was now alone, given that she spoke little to her parents after she ran away from home so many times and attended college. Her only friend was Nina Theroux, a girl also estranged from her own family.

Also at the grave were two men, one she knew. The other she didn't, but assumed that he was the one responsible for the classified mission that Ryan to his death in Iraq. She did not want to know his name or what he did at all. The man she loved was dead because of him.

She clutched tightly to the flowers she brought, the chaplain finished his prayers, and crushed the clod of dirt she held in her trembling right hand. The black soil fell lightly onto the top of the sealed coffin like fine sand. Skylar stared in hatred, He killed you, took you away from me, and then she cried.

Ryan died on duty when the mission he was on became compromised, somehow. Skylar had been told that another Alpha killed him, tortured him and burned Ryan's body. She was not allowed to see the corpse. The coffin was sealed with federal warnings and it would be a crime to open it. She had been wanting to be alone with it for only a little while but the man would not allow it. There was nothing in the papers or on the news. Everything had been covered up.

She had been given a ten-thousand dollar death benefit and the reason of his death was blacked out in any paperwork.

How did the other Alpha know that he was there? Had there been a leak on the team sent to Iraq, Ryan just left two weeks ago after they had one last night together, and she assumed that after this mission he was done being a soldier. They could live together in the city or out in the country.

The ceremony concluded and the two men began to walk away. Ryan was being buried with honors but she wanted to know why and how he died. Skylar quickly caught up to them.

“Dr. Rosen!” she called out. “Please, tell me what happened to Ryan.”

Both men remained silent.

“Please, I'm his girlfriend. Did Ryan suffer?”

Dr. Rosen adjusted his glasses and ran a hand through his graying hair. “Should I say no?”

“You know how he died?”

“Skylar,” Rosen began but he paused as the other man sharply looked at him. “I do know.”

“That information is classified from civilians,” the other man interjected. He was dressed in a immaculate custom tailored suit, dark as the night, with his hair cut in a military style close to the scalp, and Grey-eyes.

“Who are you? Why did Ryan have to die!”

“Go home, Skylar,” Rosen softly spoke. “There's nothing more that can be done.”

“I want answers,” Skylar tearfully demanded.

“If you'll excuse me, Dr. Rosen,” the other man said reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a cell phone and flipped it open, dialed a number and quickly spoke before before closing it shut. “I have pressing matters that I must see to.”

Without another word the sharply dressed man walked away from Dr. Rosen and Skylar towards a very expensive Mercedes sedan with blacked out windows. The driver got out and opened the passenger door for him to get in. Several seconds later the car pulled away from the curb and rolled towards the cemetery’s exit.

Dr. Rosen and Skylar walked across the cemetery in complete silence. It was the most loneliest thing she ever had to do in her life. Could she ever go back to the campus apartment she once shared with Ryan? She couldn't understand the grief she was feeling, it was new to her. Could she learn the secrets that led to Ryan's death in grief?

“I want to go home,” she said.

“Where is home?” Dr. Rosen asked.

“With Ryan, but not anymore,” Skylar sadly said.

“You know, you can always think about being on the team, Skylar,” Dr. Rosen handed her a card with an address on it. “I know it want bring Ryan back, but maybe it will help you find those answers.”

“Will you tell me what happened to Ryan?” she asked.

Rosen gave her a long look like he was evaluating her, but why? Skylar knew that she had no clearance to get involved in classified military matters, she was just the girlfriend of a soldier that died in a bad way. She wanted to know why Ryan's death was being covered up.

“Will you?” she asked again.

“I'm so sorry that you lost Ryan. I'm sorry that I have to ask you on a day like this to join my team.”

“So am I,” Skylar said as she walked away, passing through the lines of military graves into which so many lives were buried. Most of them were young and innocent. Died horrible deaths that the United States Armed forces had to offer.

It was the sworn oaths to duty that had claimed them. It was always about duty. Ryan once told her that. “It's all about duty, Sky, to defend the ones that you love. Even if it leads to death, if it does, then I know I died fighting for you.”

She always thought it was romantic, but never fully understood what he meant by it, But if some stupid order makes you go to some dumb country where we shouldn't be in the first place and you get killed. That's dying for me?

Had Ryan died a useless death. She knew he did for a government that he fully supported. He wasn't a flunkie but just a soldier following orders from those that did not care about the cost of lives. Her relationship with him had not been perfect, they had their arguments and fights.

“I'm doing this for you, Sky...even if things don't add up.”

He was out of it of course. He was part of the Army and followed orders to the letter.

“What happened to you Ryan, why did you have to die?”

Ryan had nightmares. He had some serious screaming ones that some times would scare her. He wouldn't be able to wake up and she could only hold onto him until the nightmare passed. Then he'd be in a deep funk for days.

Ryan would sometimes ask if he said anything in his sleep. It worried Skylar and she began to suspect that maybe her boyfriend had some type of Alpha ability. She tried to find a link to his nightmares but couldn't find any.

She got into her car and started it, eager for the heater to start up. Skylar turned the knob all way up to drive out the cold she now felt.

She began the long slow drive to their apartment they shared on campus and stood alone in the living room. Skylar took in all the things that seemed to be taken for granted over the years. The pictures of his family that served in the Army before he joined along with her own paintings on the walls, the big flat screen TV, Ryan's X-box and the collection of games scattered on the floor. And her own creations that lay on metal racks filled with all sort of science magazines and technical manuals.

All of it seemed so ordinary to her and yet each step into more memory and greater loneliness. She made herself some coffee and was drinking from Ryan's old chipped mug in her hand. She cried again. These the tears of anguish and losing Ryan.

She made a last confession of love that would always remain frozen in her forever. The most important thing was the time that they spent together and the life that was now growing inside her. Skylar decided to go the bedroom and lie down, closing her eyes and contemplating her life with out Ryan for the next nine months.

Skylar considered the man that accompanied Dr. Rosen to Ryan's funeral and shook her head. She tried to wipe away the fresh tears streaking through the dried ones. That man was the one responsible for Ryan being killed by that other Alpha. Her hand began to tremble as she realized there was a way to find the Alpha that murdered her boyfriend.


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chrisdvanne_ Post # 14 | Tuesday, 06 Sep 2011 - 20:58
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I like the way you depicted Skylar; it sounds familiar for someone who has seen 'Catch and Release'. I also like the very cinematic way of articulating the chapters and the scenes; you must be a movie-goer.

Given the precaution of the writers and subsequently of dr Rosen not to treat the alphas as freaks but as people with extraordinary abilities, calling their difference an "anomaly" is maybe not wise; unless you want to highlight Ryan's opinion but he doesn't seem to be prejudiced.

I think the transition between the scenes when Ryan left the cafe and when they were looking at the telescope is a little abrupt. It's ok for a movie but maybe not for a story.

Thanks for giving a plausible explanation of the circumstances where Rosen made a job offer to Skylar.

Also don't forget to use a spellchecker and ask somebody to look for mispelling because there is some.

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Nomad79 Post # 15 | Wednesday, 07 Sep 2011 - 21:54
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I wanted to give Skylar having that chance of living a normal life before Ryan left her, Ryan believed he was protecting her because of his classified work in the Army. Ryan really did love her and he still does. His choices will haunt him later on. She really doesn't believe Ryan is dead because of the way Rosen acted at the cemetery. Now Rosen's FBI contact is more ruthless than others and believes that Skylar is a danger.

If Ryan had died, the little dragonfly microbot she gave him would had made it's way back towards her, it's like a prototype for the little protectors she used in Catch and Release.

Now I'm kinda wondering how Skylar and Ryan will end up meeting again and her reaction to seeing him alive? Forum » Creativity Section » Fanfiction » Alphas Fanfictions - Summer Glau as Skylar
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