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robboDate: Wednesday, 30 Mar 2016, 02:29 | Message # 436
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The Flash Lifts Supergirl

The Flash and Supergirl are poised to become good friends.

The superheroes came together on Supergirl and it help the CBS drama spike 30 percent in the 18-49 demo. The show managed 7.2 million viewers and a 1.7 rating hitting multi week highs.

After that, Scorpion ticked up to 8.6 million and a 1.6 rating. Then, NCIS: Los Angeles dipped to 8.7 million and a 1.2 rating.

And elsewhere around the dial.

On The CW, Crazy ExGirlfriend (0.9 million/0.3 rating) and Jane The Virgin (0.9 million/0.4 rating) surged.

On ABC, Dancing With The Stars (11.8 million/1.7 rating) lead in to and encore of The Catch (4.3 million/0.7 rating).

On NBC, The Voice (11.2 million/2.8 rating) was steady and Blindspot (6.1 million/1.6 rating) ticked up.

And on Fox, Gotham (3.8 million/1.3 rating) and Lucifer (3.8 million/1.2 rating) were even.

Via: TVFanatic

The CW Network's 2016 Upfront - Presentation

The CW Network's 2016 Upfront - PresentationThe CW Network's 2016 Upfront - PresentationThe CW Network's 2016 Upfront - Presentation
AdmiratorDate: Friday, 22 Apr 2016, 14:13 | Message # 437
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Quote chrisdvanne
Why not bring the TV Cast. Summer Glau has a major fan following.

By ALL means bb2 . Just make it happen smile . Terminators are always back wink .

To the Sweetest Terminator in the Verse..., Summtris (game), Twitter
CammyDate: Friday, 22 Apr 2016, 14:20 | Message # 438
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Quote chrisdvanne ()
3 Quick Fixes that Get The Terminator back on Top.

#1. Recast Arnold.

#2. Bring back Summer Glau as Terminator Cameron

We are down one Sarah Connor. Emilia Clarke is not coming back to play Sarah Connor. Big loss. She was one of the high points of Genisys. In this new timeline Sarah Connor is an active player again.

Why not bring the TV Cast. Summer Glau has a major fan following. Adds a more female power. Yes I did say Terminator is Man v Machine. Summer Glau brings new elements of humanity in a Terminator.

In the new Timeline Summer Glau can reprise her role as Cameron from the TV show without being straight from the show. Giving the fans want they want with a twist. This also allows bringing Lena Headey away back as Sarah Connors. She is a fan favorite too. She is only on the biggest show ever.
Ok Emilia Clarke is also on Game of Thrones and that did fully work out in that last Terminator mess.

#3. Michael Bay this B#tch Up!!!


 Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008-09) HQ Production stills

You know, I disagree with nearly the whole blogpost because
(1. Let's face it, Arnold's getting too old
(2. Michael Bay isn't the right person for a franchise such as Terminator for lots of good reasons
(3. Genisys (Emilia Clarke in particular) is why the Terminator franchise just reached a new low. Poor casting and a plot that doesn't make sense.

Honestly I wish it was 2019 already because then James Cameron gets the rights for Terminator back and no more bad decisions will be made.

don't bother they're here
robboDate: Wednesday, 18 May 2016, 02:47 | Message # 439
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2016/2017 TV Series Breakdowns: Updated

The TV network up fronts take place this week with the five major U.S. free-to-air networks (along with major basic cabler TNT/TBS) unveiling their new shows for the 2016/2017 TV season. I'll be doing a breakdown of the line-up this week.  


24: Legacy, APB, The Exorcist, Kicking and Screaming, Lethal Weapon, Making History, The Mick, My Kitchen Rules, Pitch, Prison Break, Shots Fired, Son of Zorn, Star


American Housewife, Conviction, Designated Survivor, Downward Dog, Imaginary Mary, Notorious, Speechless, Still Star-Crossed, Time After Time


Better Late Than Never, The Blacklist: Redemption, Chicago Justice, Emerald City, First Dates, The Good Place, Great News, Marlon, Midnight Texas, Powerless, Taken, This Is Us, Timeless, Trial and Error, The Wall

Via: TVFanatic

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robboDate: Wednesday, 25 May 2016, 01:23 | Message # 440
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Comixology Announces Subscription Service 

The "Netflix of comics" appears to have arrived as today Comixology announced a new service called Comixology Unlimited which will cost you $5.99 a month and gives you unlimited access to over 100,000 comic books. 

Offering a free thirty-day trial at the start, the service will NOT be offering DC or Marvel titles. It will however include selections from the mini-majors (like Image Comics, IDW and Dark Horse) and other independent comic book publishers.

Titles available at launch include: "Attack on Titan," "B.P.R.D.," "Bitch Planet," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Chew," "The Complete Peanuts," "Fatale," "Hellboy," "Hip Hop Family Tree," "Lazarus," "Letter 44," "Locke & Key," "Lone Wolf and Cub," "Love and Rockets," "LumberJanes," "My Little Pony," "Outcast," "Princeless," "Saga," "Scott Pilgrim," "Serenity," "Sex Criminals," "Star Trek," "Transformers," "Wuvable Oaf," " and "The Wicked + The Divine". 

The service reportedly plans to cycle through the content being offered, not all those titles will have every issue available though. Subscribers will be able to download up to fifty books to read offline for long trips. 

Via: Comixology
robboDate: Wednesday, 01 Jun 2016, 03:28 | Message # 441
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'Roots' Returns With A Robust 5.3 Million Viewers

A+E's remake of Roots may not have a chance of duplicating the now-unfathomable ratings highs of the original 1977 miniseries, but the latest adaptation of Alex Haley's epic novel got off to a very strong start on Monday night - despite aggressive competition.

Early Fast Nationals from Nielsen give Roots' Memorial Day debut an average 5.3 million viewers across the History, A&E and Lifetime networks. That makes it the most-watched cable miniseries opener since The Bible in 2013, a year when viewers were still slightly more inclined for a live tune-in.

Roots, which continues its four-night run on Tuesday, certainly had no lack of obstacles in finding an audience on Monday night. On top of the audience declines that come with the Memorial Day holiday, a great many of those tuning in were watching basketball. TNT's coverage of the NBA Western Conference Finals averaged a record-shattering 16 million viewers.

The real pressure on Roots now is not necessarily to sustain its audience on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - but to grow that number with DVR and on-demand plays. A&E also is angling for prestige, premiering the mini within the window for 2016 Emmy eligibility. The critical response bodes well for that, with Roots averaging 83 out of 100 on review aggregator Metacritic.

Roots has a storied history with ratings. ABC's original eight-part series is among the most-watched programs in television history, opening to 28.8 million viewers and ultimately climbing to 36.4 million. It cemented the appeal of miniseries for decades - and its original success was no doubt a factor in A&E developing the remake.

Via: THR

Malachi Kirby, Erica Tazel and Rege-Jean Page attend the 'Roots' Screening At Tribeca Film Festival on April 21, 2016 in New York City.

Malachi Kirby, Erica Tazel and Rege-Jean Page attend the 'Roots' Screening At Tribeca Film Festival
robboDate: Monday, 20 Jun 2016, 01:49 | Message # 442
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R.I.P. Anton Yelchin, Dead At 27 

Charismatic young and still on the rise actor Anton Yelchin has died at the age of 27. 

TMZ reports that the actor was killed early Sunday morning after getting pinned by his car. His publicist Jennifer Allen has confirmed he was killed in a "fatal traffic collision" according to the Associated Press. 

The actor is best known for his role as Chekov in the new "Star Trek" films since 2009, but had built up a career in such films as "Terminator Salvation," "The Smurfs," "Only lovers Left Alive," "Green Room," "Odd Thomas," "Like Crazy," "Charlie Bartlett," "Fierce People," "Alpha Dog," "Hearts In Atlantis," "Along Came A Spider," and the "Fright Night" remake. 

That's terrible news, such a huge loss. What a god damn shame' RIP. 

Via: TMZ
KevinInEnglandDate: Monday, 20 Jun 2016, 13:16 | Message # 443
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Perhaps after the bad news about Anton Yelchin, we need to hear something good too.
People might not be aware that Kristanna Loken (T-X T3) has had a little baby boy named Thor.  I think it was 2 days ago.

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AdmiratorDate: Monday, 20 Jun 2016, 18:15 | Message # 444
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#443 RIP
#444 Nice smile !

To the Sweetest Terminator in the Verse..., Summtris (game), Twitter
robboDate: Friday, 01 Jul 2016, 03:43 | Message # 445
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Lionsgate Acquires Starz For $4.4 Billion 

Film studio Lionsgate and premium cable network Starz have announced an agreement under which Lionsgate will acquire Starz for a combination of cash and stock totaling $4.4 billion.

The acquisition creates a global content powerhouse with a library of over 16,000 film and TV titles. The deal means Lionsgate will now boast the largest independent television business in the world with eight-seven original series on forty-two U.S. networks, along with a film business that has generated over $7 billion at the global box office over the past four years.

They will also have operation of or investment in thirty channel platforms around the world, including the flagship STARZ platform with 24 million U.S. subscribers, the STARZ ENCORE network with over 32 million subscribers, and five streaming services.

The agreement has been approved by the boards of directors of Lionsgate and Starz and will be submitted to their respective shareholders for approval as well as to regulatory authorities. Closing is expected to occur by year-end.

Starz is behind such original series as "Outlander,"Black Sails," Spartacus," Ash vs Evil Dead," "Da Vinci's Demons," "Party Down," "The White Queen," "Magic City," "Boss," Camelot," "Power" "Camelot," "The Missing," "Survivor's Remorse," "Blunt Talk," "Flesh and Bone" and the upcoming "American Gods". Lionsgate is behind such franchise as "The Hunger Games," "Twilight," and "The Expendables".

Via: Lionsgate
robboDate: Tuesday, 05 Jul 2016, 01:20 | Message # 446
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21 Patriotic TV Shows 

These television shows capture the essence of patriotism. USA! USA!

1. Turn: Washington's Spies

Washington attends Benedict Arnold's ball in Philadelphia on TURN: Washington's Spies. "Many Mickles Make a Muckle" is the sixth episode of the show's third season. 

2. Homeland 

Bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison was the only one keen enough to guess that a rescued war hero had been turned by the enemy. She goes to all lengths to protect her country. 

3. Band of Brothers 

The story of Easy Company of the US Army 101st Airborne division and their mission in WWII Europe from basic training through the end of the war. A look at the effect of war on common men. 

4. Parks and Recreation 

Is there anybody more devoted to serving the people than Leslie Knope? Not one. She is as patriotic as they come. 

5. The West Wing 

What could be more patriotic than a series that focuses on the political machinations of the most powerful position in the world?

6. Jericho 

When nuclear bombs drop leaving the small town of Jericho. Kansas without any news of the world around them, it's up to the townspeople to defend their way of life and their freedom from anyone who wants to take it away. 

7. Army Wives 

The wives of Army soldiers were the focus of this long-running series as they kept things running at home so their spouses could be dedicate their lives to serving the country. 

8. Revolution 

Years after all of the electricity was stolen from the people, heroes fight for survival and to retain a sense of the country they once loved. 

9. Sleepy Hollow 

Ichabod Crane fought for freedom from the British after he was won over by the hearts of the wanna be American people. He was at the start of the great country and loves to share tales about it with anyone who will listen. 

10. The Unit 

The Unit delves into the daily lives of Delta Force. America's elite counter terrorist unit operators during training and operational missions as well as their families back home. 

11. Madam Secretary 

When the Secretary of State dies, the President brings in someone with little experience, a lot of heart and love for country. She refuses to play politics as she works to get the job done right. 

12. The Last Ship 

When a virus wipes out 80% of the world's population, the USS Nathan James carries humanity's best chance at survival. While they set out to do the world a favor, it's becoming increasingly obvious they'll fight to protect freedom as well as the cure. 

13. Manhattan 

The military, the world's most brilliant scientists and their families all went to an unknown city in New Mexico were called to duty by their country to learn they would create a weapon to stop the deaths of US soldiers during WWII. 

14. M*A*S*H 

Taking place at an Army hospital during the Korean War, the tone is anti-war but pro-soldier, showing pride in the men and women who stood up to serve their country.

15. Veep 

Vice President AND President Selina Meyer discovers the job is nothing like she expected and everything she was warned about, but she still wants to leave her mark with a lasting legacy without getting tripped up political games. 

16, State of Affairs 

A CIA officer with a personal connection to the President is chosen as her daily debriefer with responsbility for navigating America's most dangerous threats. 

17. 24 

CIA Jack Bauer ditches all rules and common practices in his quest to keep America safe from terrorism. 

18. China Beach 

Set during the Vietnam War it's not about the fighting as much as the spirits of those who serve and even entertain the troops, during wartime. 

19. The Astronaut Wives Club 

This series will tell the real story of the women who stood beside some of the biggest heroes in American history during the height of the space race. 

20. The Pacific 

Follows the lives of a U.S Marine Corps squad during the campaign within the Pacific against the Japanese Empire during WWII. It follows a similar line of thought about the hardships of the common man during war. 

21. Falling Skies 

When life as they know it is destroyed after an alien invasion, history professor Tom Mason joins a militia regiment to destroy the invaders and retain what they can of the American way of life. 

Via: TVFanatic
KevinInEnglandDate: Thursday, 07 Jul 2016, 12:47 | Message # 447
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Nothing's ever black and white. @JLo and @rayliotta star in #ShadesOfBlue, starting Wednesday 13 July here in the UK (probably sooner in America).
It looks good.  I've always enjoyed Jennifer Lopez's films.  Ray Liotta too.

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CammyDate: Thursday, 07 Jul 2016, 18:15 | Message # 448
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Sulu is gay now.

John Cho's Sulu will be the first gay canonical Star Trek character. Back in 2011, J.J. Abrams told New Now Next that he would consider putting a gay character into the
franchise. "It’s one of those things I’ll bring up with the writers next
time we meet," he said. Even though Gene Roddenberry's show made
strides to be racially inclusive, Star Trek never had major queer characters. In fact, Paramount actually suppressed an episode where one writer tried to introduce a gay character in The Next Generation. On the TV show, Sulu was never paired with any romantic partners, but
it was later shown that he had a daughter, Demora Sulu, who took his
place in the 1994 movie Star Trek Generations. For Star Trek Beyond, Sulu would be arguably the most visible major gay character in a popular film franchise. (Whatever, Dumbledore.)

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AdmiratorDate: Friday, 08 Jul 2016, 05:13 | Message # 449
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Quote Cammy ()
that he would consider putting a gay character into the

I guess it is their choice and right and whatever, but what i find sick, is that they advertise such.. practices as something new and progressive to our societies, the moment we all know that, Sodoms and Gomorrah, were doing the same things.. BC! IMHO allways, what makes a human more progressive and advanced, is his ability to control his instincts, like Cameron did for example, when she overrided John's termination. She took control of her rom programming, her instincts humanwise smile .

To the Sweetest Terminator in the Verse..., Summtris (game), Twitter

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KevinInEnglandDate: Sunday, 10 Jul 2016, 13:13 | Message # 450
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You're right Admirator
Draw attention to something.
After all, nothing was ever said about Star Trek Voyager but I'm sure the same applies there to many of their characters.
Back in the days, ST Voyager was my favourite series. Forum » General Discussions » News » Submit a News or Article