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chrisdvanne_Date: Thursday, 08 Oct 2015, 23:27 | Message # 406
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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles box set review – a smart TV spin-off that matches the movies with inventive action scenes

Lena Headey’s sci-fi freedom-fighter tackles the killer robots with terminal violence and a nice line in dry, dark humour

Read article at:

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robboDate: Friday, 09 Oct 2015, 02:14 | Message # 407
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# 407 Thanks Chris! Great article and still after all these years sadly and sorely missed.  sad
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Performer Of The Week 

Cameron Monaghan 

Gotham "The Last Laugh" (Oct. 5, 2015)

The Performance 

Stabbed in the neck - and, metaphorically speaking, the back - by coconspirator Theo, Gotham psycho Jerome Valeska never got to finish choking out his last words: "You said that I was gonna be -" (We knew, of course, that the sentence would end in" - a star.") But, while the maniac died thinking that lasting celebrity had eluded him, Monaghan can sleep easy knowing that his spectacular swan song will live in infamy. 

In fact, the actor was so good in his final episode of the Fox drama that It's hard to imagine the series ever finding a better (actual) Joker. Whether tormenting Jerome's blind father, Cicero, with cheap humor ("Long time, no see!"), hamming it up in magician drag to entertain the guests at Lee's charity gala or getting pissed off when the audience wasn't appreciative of the terrifying show ("Well, clap!"), Monaghan killed. Even Jack Nicholson would have to tip his purple hat to the whippersnapper, who loosed a laugh unhinged enough to give us nightmares. 

At least, if there is an upside to Jerome's demise, it's that, on Monaghan's way out, he made it clear that whoever is cast as the actual Joker had better not be kidding around. 

Via: TVLine
robboDate: Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015, 02:12 | Message # 409
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New Fall Show Ratings, Part 3: Minority Report And Blood & Oil Are Dead

Third Time's the charm, unless you are Blood & Oil, in which case the third time is the HARM. So let's continue to look at what happened with these fascinating digits as we count down the death of broadcast television, and more immediately, the crop of new fall shows trying to fight the inevitable. 

It wasn't all horrible, of course. There was some upward movement and some consistency with other series, and they're looking like safe bets for full-season orders, and maybe second seasons as well. We looked at the first round of numbers from premiere week and the second round last week, so we're getting a good idea of what's working and what's not.

The Good

Dr. Ken (ABC, Friday at 8:30pm)
Week 1: 6.67 million viewers, 1.4 rating in the 18-to-49 demographic
Week 2: 5.78 million, 1.3 rating 

Limitless (CBS, Tuesday at 10pm)
Week 1: 9.86 million, 1.9 rating
Week 2: 9.73 million, 1.9 rating 
Week 3: 9.57 million, 1.7 rating

Blindspot (NBC, Monday at 10pm)
Week 1: 10.61 million, 3.1 rating 
Week 2: 9.11 million, 2.6 rating 
Week 3: 9.06 million, 2.4 rating 
Notes: Full season ordered by NBC!

Life in Pieces (CBS, Monday at 8:30pm)
Week 1: 11.28 million, 2.6 rating 
Week 2: 8.71 million, 1,9 rating
Week 3: 8.91 million, 1.9 rating

The Decent 

Quantico (ABC, Sunday at 10pm)
Week 1: 7.10 million, 1.9 rating in the 18-to-49 demographic 
Week 2: 6.94 million, 1.9 rating
Week 3: 5.67 million, 1.6 rating 

Rosewood (Fox, Wednesday at 8pm)
Week 1: 7.54 million, 2.4 rating 
Week 2: 6.23 million, 2.0 rating 
Week 3: 5.75 million, 1.8 rating 

The Muppets (ABC, Tuesday at 8pm)
Week 1: 9.01 million, 2.9 rating 
Week 2: 5.78 million, 2.o rating
Week 3: 4.85 million, 1.7 rating 

The Bad

Grandfathered (Fox, Tuesday at 8pm)
Week 1: 5.34 million viewers, 1.5 rating in the 18-to-49 demographic 
Week 2: 3.57 million, 1.2 rating 

The Grinder (Fox, Tuesday at 8:30pm)
Week 1: 4.98 million, 1.5 rating 
Week 2: 3.15 million, 1.0 rating 

Scream Queens (Fox, Tuesday at 8pm)
Week 1: 4.04 million, 1.7 rating 
Week 2: 3.46 million, 1.4 rating 
Week 3: 2.97 million, 1.2 rating 

Heroes Reborn (NBC, Thursday at 8pm)
Week 1: 6.09 million, 2.0 rating 
Week 2: 5.00 million, 1.6 rating 
Week 3: 4.41 million, 1.2 rating 

The Player (NBC, Thursday at 10pm)
Week 1: 4.68 million, 1.2 rating 
Week 2: 4.58 million, 1.0 rating 
Week 3: 4.43 million, 0.9 rating 

The Awful 

Minority Report (Fox, Monday at 9pm)
Week 1: 3.10 million viewers, 1.1 rating in the 18-to-49 demographic 
Week 2: 2.56 million, 0.9 rating 
Week 3: 2.07 million, 0.7 rating 
Note: Fox cut Minority Report's episode count from 13 to 10. 

Blood & Oil (ABC, Sunday at 9pm)
Week 1: 6.3 million, 1.4 rating 
Week 2: 5.19 million, 1.2 rating 
Week 3: 3.82 million, 0.8 rating 

Code Black (CBS, Wednesday at 10pm)
Week 1: 8.58 million, 1.5 rating 
Week 2: 6.83 million, 1.2 rating 

What do you make of the numbers from Week 3 of the fall season?

Via: TV.Com
CindyDate: Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015, 02:24 | Message # 410
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10 things you didn't know about Summer Glau:
chrisdvanne_Date: Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015, 08:51 | Message # 411
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Quote Cindy ()
10 things you didn't know about Summer Glau:

We should write a similar article here some day. Who better than a fan site to do this after all?

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Youtube
robboDate: Monday, 19 Oct 2015, 01:09 | Message # 412
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Performer Of The Week: Phoebe Tonkin

The Performer / Phoebe Tonkin

The Show / The Originals

The Episode / "You Hung The Moon" (Oct. 15, 2015)

The Performance / It's a good thing Hayley's werewolf curse has been lifted on The Originals, because it would be a crime to keep Phoebe Tonkin off our screens for another minute.

Thursday's hotly anticipated Hayley/Klaus reunion - the two hadn't seen each other since he orchestrated that curse on her entire pack - was guaranteed to be electric, but Tonkin's ferocious portrayal of a hybrid-mother scorned officially upgraded the encounter to a full-on lightning storm.

Emotionally, this episode ran Tonkin through the gamut, and she crushed every challenge that came her way: Hayley's rage during that must-replay battle against Klaus, her pain when she first laid eyes on Hope (walking!) and, ultimately, her sense of tentative joy with Jackson.

Tonkin has already delivered her share of standout moments throughout The Originals' 46-episode run - we still get all misty-eyed thinking about that Season 1 finale speech when she decides to give up Hope - but her level of commitment and the sheer scope of her performance in Thursday's episode certainly raised the bar for her moving forward. We look forward to what's next.

Via: TVLine

2015 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party - Arrivals

Phoebe Tonkin attends the 2015 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party at Olive Melrose Place on September 18, 2015 in West Hollywood, California.

Phoebe Tonkin attends the 2015 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy PartyPhoebe Tonkin attends the 2015 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy PartyPhoebe Tonkin attends the 2015 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party
robboDate: Wednesday, 28 Oct 2015, 04:20 | Message # 413
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'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow' 'Killjoys' & 'Wicked City' Heading To The UK?

At this relatively early stage, a mere two months into the 2015-2016 broadcast season, UK broadcasters have been particularly aggressive, snapping up some twelve new shows from the major Hollywood studios.

Sky has snapped up The Muppets and Supergirl for Sky1, and Limitless, The Catch and Blindspot for Sky Living: While UKTV has acquired Criminal Minds; Beyond Borders and Quantico for Alibi and Code Black for their general entertainment channel Watch; Amazon Prime Instant Video UK just this week agreed a deal for Lucifer; and Channel 4 has secured Scream Queens, Rush Hour and Containment for youth-skewing E4.

Even with this healthy amount of business, there are still plenty of deals in the works including one for Fox's The X-Files Revival, which, is expected to land at Sky in the coming months; and the Showtime Wall Street drama series Billions starring Damian Lewis (Homeland) and Paul Giamatti (Downton Abbey).

Also identified are three new shows that UK broadcasters are closing in on. Those shows are The CW's eagerly anticipated Arrow and The Flash spin-off DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, starring Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz and Victor Garber; Canadian sci-fi drama Killjoys starring Warehouse 13's Aaron Ashmore, which airs on Syfy in the United States; and ABC new period crime drama Wicked City.

Via: TVWise

Melissa Benoist and her co-star Mehcad Brooks seen filming an earthquake scene where she hurts her arm for their highly anticipated show Super Girl in LA. Los Angeles, California - Tuesday September 29, 2015.

Melissa Benoist and her co-star Mehcad Brooks seen filming an earthquake scene for Super GirlMelissa Benoist and her co-star Mehcad Brooks seen filming an earthquake scene for Super GirlMelissa Benoist and her co-star Mehcad Brooks seen filming an earthquake scene for Super GirlMelissa Benoist and her co-star Mehcad Brooks seen filming an earthquake scene for Super Girl
robboDate: Monday, 16 Nov 2015, 03:16 | Message # 414
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Are Jaimie Alexander's 'Blindspot' Tattoos Making Her Sick? Actress Reportedly Worried About Faux Ink

"Blindspot" actress Jaimie Alexander spends seven hours putting on fake tattoos for her role as Jane Doe in NBC's hit series, but could the faux designs be making her sick? A report indicated the 31-year-old actress has a few concerns about wearing the fake tattoos.

Page Six reported Alexander recently suffered a pulmonary infection and subsequently had her doctor visit the set of "Blindspot" to check her out. A source told the media outlet Alexander is now "convinced the ink is toxic and making her sick."

Supposedly, that's not the only drama on the set. Page Six also reported last week that several makeup artists and a hairdresser were fired, causing a brief halt in production.

There are also rumors Alexander is feuding with co-star Sullivan Stapleton, who plays FBI agent Kurt Weller. "She tried to have him fired and replaced, which is pretty amazing considering their characters are supposed to develop a romantic interest," a source told Page Six,

Things are reportedly so tense on the set, producers have been forced to use a body double for some of Alexander's scenes.

The actress has not yet responded to the rumors about her allegedly toxic tattoos or the purported on-set drama, but a representative of Alexander told Page Six the claims were "entirely unfounded and inaccurate."

In fact, Alexander recently opened up about the process of having the tattoos applied, telling Zap2it she and her crew have a "great time" doing it. "I think if you come from a place of acceptance, you just go with the flow,"she said. "We have a great crew that helps supply these tattoos and we listen to Beatles on Pandora. We have good coffee and good conversation, and the hours fly by."

Via: IBTimes

Jaimie Alexander on the 'Today' Show

Jaimie Alexander sports a neck tattoo of Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford while arriving for the 'Today Show' in New York City on October 5, 2015.
Credit: Roger Wong/

Jaimie Alexander sports a neck tattoo of Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford while arriving for the 'Today Show'Jaimie Alexander sports a neck tattoo of Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford while arriving for the 'Today Show'Jaimie Alexander sports a neck tattoo of Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford while arriving for the 'Today Show'
robboDate: Monday, 30 Nov 2015, 04:11 | Message # 415
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Cancellation Buzz: 8 Shows On The Bubble


Con: The Show's audience is getting smaller and older. And those new deals inked by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic featured numbers getting bigger and bigger.

Pro: We've been worried about Castle before and, much like that bunny with the drum and battery pack, it just keeps on ticking.

The Vampire Diaries

Con: The onetime CW smash has fallen on hard times. Despite creative resurgence, ratings are down sans Nina Dobrev and, beginning in January, it's moving to the Cancellation Waiting Room known as Friday nights.

Pro: It's hard to imagine The CW not giving the series at least a shortened final season.

The Originals

Con: This January, the spinoff will follow sister series The Vampire Diaries into Friday-night purgatory. And we have to imagine if The CW is going to save one of the two shows, it's not going to be the lower-rated, less popular offshoot.

Pro: The CW's new undead double-header could set Friday night ablaze. Stranger things have happened.

Person Of Interest

Con: The show's Season 5 renewal came with an ugly asterisk: Its order was only for 13 episodes.

Pro: POI's new season hasn't even premiered yet, so there's always a chance its ratings fortunes could turn around.


Con: Its about to lose its Friday timeslot to The Originals, and, tellingly, The CW hasn't said when or where it will return.

Pro: We're drawing a blank on this one.

Sleepy Hollow

Con: With its ratings in double-digit decline, the once-hot drama is being banished to Friday nights in 2016.

Pro: Sleepy is one of Fox's top-performing shows in Live+7 DVR playback, so people are watching (just not live). And creatively speaking, Season 3 >>> Season 2.

True Detective

Con: The once-acclaimed franchise was significantly damaged by its universally panned second season. (Even Emmy host Andy Samberg declared the show dead during September's telecast.) Also, in announcing its new overall deal with series creator Nic Pizzolatto, HBO referred to a Season 3 of True Detective as a mere possibility.

Pro: Despite those critical barbs, the show's ratings held up well compared to its blockbuster first season. Also, does Pizzolatto really want to close this chapter of his career on such a low note?

The Leftovers

Con: It's impossible to sugarcoat it: The show's ratings are terrible (not a single Season 2 episode has come close to cracking 1 million viewers).

Pro: It's critically beloved - Season 2 more so than even Season 1. And HBO has been known to favor quality over quantity of viewers (see also: Getting On.) Some long overdue awards love would certainly help the show's cause.

Via: TVLine

Stana Katic at the 2015 EMA Awards held at the Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles on Saturday October 24, 2015.

Stana Katic at the 2015 EMA AwardsStana Katic at the 2015 EMA AwardsStana Katic at the 2015 EMA AwardsStana Katic at the 2015 EMA Awards
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ABC At Midseason: What Will Get Renewed?

ABC is currently the number 1 Broadcast network among 18-49 year-olds.

They have a wide array of different scripted shows currently on the air and have a lot waiting in the wings for midseason.

Last season, they renewed a slew of freshman shows with woeful ratings. Will they need to do this to save face again?

1. Modern Family

This comedy continues to be the number 1 show on the network. Season 7 is currently tracking 12% below Season 6. Among people 18-49, the show is averaging a 2.78 rating and 8.22 million among total viewers. With DVR factored in, the show is raking in additional 70% of viewers in 7 days. This is the probably the safest show on TV.

2. Scandal

Scandal is down, but far from out. It's down around 10% from last season and is currently averaging a a 2.53 rating and 8.46 million viewers. It leaps over 70% with DVR factored in. Considering it's ABC's highest rated drama, this will be around for seasons to come.

3. Grey's Anatomy

This long running medical drama has managed to defy the odds and stay stable this season. Season 12 is averaging a 2.38 rating and 8.56 million viewers. Like Scandal, it is a DVR magnet, increasing more than 70%. Look for the show to go on as long as Shonda wants it on the air. See you in Season 20!

4. The Goldbergs

Remember how we all thought The Goldbergs wasn't long for this world in Season 1? Well, a few years later and it's ABC's fourth highest rated show. The ratings for Season 3 are in line with the sophomore run, averaging a 2.7 rating among 18-49 and 6.87 million viewers. With DVR added in, this comedy is swelling 50% within 7 days. Season 4 is a go!

5. How to Get Away with Murder

As one of last season's few freshman hits, the only way was down for this frothy drama. It's currently down almost 30%, averaging a 2.12 rating and 7.06 million viewers. The margin of loss is diminished greatly when you factor in the DVR ratings. Yes, this drama is getting a 90% bump. See you next season, Viola!

6. The Middle

The Middle is up a smidgen were it matters most and is averaging a 2.03 rating and 7.58 million viewers. The ratings for this comedy have stayed even ever since it premiered seven seasons ago. The show also enjoys a 40% boost in in DVR ratings. This will be renewed unless the cast wants out.

7. Black-ish

This comedy has dropped almost 20% from Season 1 and is currently averaging a 1.87 rating and 6.03 million viewers. It maintains a respectable chunk of the Modern Family lead-in and is heavy on delayed viewing. 58% from recent results. This will live to see Seasons 3 and 4.

8. Once Upon A Time

Season 5 has saw the show hit ratings lows. Currently, It's averaging a 1.62 rating and 5.04 million viewers. Like previous seasons, the show is heavily DVR'd, with most recent measures putting the increases at over 50%. Even though ratings are on the downside, it is still performing better than anything else ABC has on Sundays. It's good for at least another season, but barring an upswing in the ratings department, it could be the last hurrah for the fantasy drama.

9. The Muppets

The Muppets premiered to much hype as one of the top new shows, but it's slid pretty much every week and is currently averaging a 1.57 rating and 4.94 million viewers. Bare  in mind that those averages include the high flying series premiere. The only thing going for the show is that a lot of people are watching it within 7 days. It's adding over 50% every week. The show never got a full season order. Make no mistake, a three episode order is not a full season. Look for this show to be forgotten about come May.

10. Fresh Off The Boat

This ABC comedy started the season off strong, but it's been dropping steadily pretty much every week. It's currently averaging a 1.54 rating and 4.38 million viewers. Down quite a bit in both measures from last season. It isn't as heavy on the delayed viewing as some of the other shows. This one is very much a bubble show.

11. Quantico

This show started VERY strong by Sunday night standards, but it has shed almost half the audience already. It is currently averaging a 1.51 rating and 5.22 million viewers. Why are we not worried yet? Because it's jumping by a massive 138% within 1 week. This is a show that has an audience, but are ABC willing to give it a timeslot upgrade?

12. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

This Marvel drama has been dipping ever since it premiered, just over two years ago. Season 3 is currently averaging a 1.44 rating and 3.93 million viewers. Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but it's close to syndication and Marvel's Agent Carter got a renewal last season with even worse ratings, so it's good for now. It also pulls in a tidy sum from the DVR.

13. Last Man Standing

This Friday night laugher always seems to clinch an eleventh hour renewal. That no doubt comes down to Tim Allen's asking price per episode. Season 5 is averaging a 1.25 rating and 6.81 million viewers. It doesn't do all that great on DVR and ABC has finally found a show to match it in the demo. This season could be it for the show if ABC wants to save money and try pairing something else with Dr. Ken.

14. Dr. Ken

The show might be laugh-challenged, but it's pulling some pretty respectable ratings for a Friday. It's averaging a 1.25 rating and 5.77 million viewers. The show isn't doing great in DVR ratings, but considering the other positives, it will likely be renewed based on current data.

15. Castle

This once reliable performer has pretty much cratered this season. Season 8 is averaging just a 1.13 rating and 6.64 million viewers. It is doubling the ratings over on the DVR, but considering the erosion, this is probably the end of the line.

16. Nashville

This drama has slid even further in Season 4 and it currently is averaging a 1.08 rating and 4.48 million viewers. There is a huge bump with DVR ratings, but this show seems ripe for the Revenge treatment. Dragged to four seasons with terrible ratings for syndication purposes.

17. Blood & Oil

This sudsy Dallas wannabe has already had it's episode order cut and is averaging a meager 0.97 rating and a 4.08 million. It's not officially cancelled, but it's dead.

18. Wicked City

This Turkey was cancelled after three episodes averaged a 0.67 rating and 2.46 million viewers.

Via: TVFanatic

Chloe Bennet at Disney ABC Television Group's 2015 TCA Summer Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 4, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

Chloe Bennet at Disney ABC Television Group's 2015 TCA Summer Press TourChloe Bennet at Disney ABC Television Group's 2015 TCA Summer Press Tour
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The 10 Best TV Shows Of 2015

1. Hannibal (NBC)

This visionary drama evoked German Expressionist cinema, glossy-pretentious art-house pictures like The Hunger and Zentropa, super-sexy fanfiction, and even experimental film. Long stretches surrendered to pure sensation, cutting images together in a free-associative rather than literal way. The third season of this lamentably canceled series was really two seasons: the first following Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) to Florence (the basic plot of the book Hannibal) and the second revisiting the plot of Red Dragon/Manhunter (with Richard Armitage as the terrifying yet pitiable Francis Dolarhyde). The climactic showdown between Dolarhyde, Hannibal, and the doctor's nemesis/pupil/platonic love interest Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) was the most orgiastic display of choreography, music, lighting, and gore since the glory years of Miami Vice; Fuller might as well have reached through the screen and handed viewers a cigarette and a towel.

2. The Americans (FX)

This spy drama was already on track to be one of the best series of the new century, but season three sealed the deal, charting the moral and emotional spiral of the Jennings family as it drew a previously oblivious teenager into the secrets and lies of her parents.

3. Mad Men (AMC)

Its final half-season was a summation of everything Mathew Weiner's period drama ever was or wanted to be and also an exponential raising of its literary and psychological stakes. Some viewers balked at the attention paid to peripheral characters like Diana the waitress, but the democratic storytelling sensibility paid off in the final episodes, depicting the dissolution of both Don Draper and the agency he did so much to build. The finale's last five minutes were quintessential Mad Men: startling, cryptic, and poignant.

4. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

Few shows have grown as much in season two as this animated series, a semi-satirical comedy-drama set in a world where humans and anthropomorphized animals mingle in the entertainment business. Jumping off from the more tonally varied episodes near the end of season one, the sophomore outing delved deeper into the psychology of its title character, a tortured man-child (horse-colt?) whose selfishness and self-destructive tendencies made him seem like Don Draper with hooves. It's also one of the most sheerly beautiful series around right now, every frame a joy to behold.

5. Show Me a Hero (HBO)

David Simon's adaptation of Lisa Belkin's account of a housing crisis in the 1980s Yonkers, New York, was his richest work since season four of The Wire. Anchored by a career-best performance by Oscar Isaac as a crusading councilman who becomes mayor, it gloried in atmosphere as well as political process, and gave democratic weight to the lives of black citizens who stood to benefit from low income housing, not just to the white politicians fighting for or against it.

6. Rectify (Sundance TV)

Ray McKinnon's series about a death-row inmate, Daniel Holden (Aden Young), trying to adapt to life after prison was already one of the most beautiful, wrenching, and unfashionably quiet dramas on TV; it raised its game in season three by calling his story, and our sympathies, into question. The fourth season, on track for next year, could be either elating or devastating, depending on how the story plays out.

7. Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Season one of Melissa Rosenberg's series about a private eye and secret superhero is easily the best thing to have appeared under the Marvel banner, in large part because it is permitted to be its own thing, with seemingly little regard for fitting into the larger universe (though surely it'll be forced to do that eventually). The acting (by a racially diverse cast heavy on women) is superb, the neo-noir/paranoid-thriller production design is sumptuous and menacing, and the unexpectedly raw sex is as emotionally fraught as the dialogue.

8. Black-ish (ABC)

Kenya Barris's series about an upper-middle-class black family in a mostly white suburb came back for a second season carrying itself like a hybrid of Malcolm in the Middle and All in the Family, if you can imagine such a thing. Gun control, machismo, the racial divide in American Christianity, casual racism at the office, the politics of black hair, class resentment on Halloween, and other hot-button topics all got examined with so much wit and heart (and shenanigans) that you rarely stopped to realize what important work this show is doing.

9. The Leftovers (HBO)

Season two of Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta's religious drama took all sorts of risks: departing from Perrotta's source novel, adding new cast members, relocating much of the action to a new town, and devoting more episodes to one or two characters instead of hopscotching amid the usual ensemble. It also took more risks with form, opening with an extended flashback to prehistoric times and saddling a major character with a ghostly, accusatory figment of his guilty imagination.

10. Fargo (FX)

As if the ongoing narrative about a war between midwestern crime families in the 1970s wasn't compelling and original enough, executive producer and head writer Noah Hawley threw in a conspiracy to cover up a manslaughter, fake period snippets from the films of Ronald Reagan, appearances by Reagan himself, split-screens, '70s-era album-rock deep cuts, big sideburns, bigger lapels, and enough slyly deployed Coen-brothers references to guarantee more than one rewatch by obsessives.

Via: Vulture

Caroline Dhavernas. Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Celebration 2014 held at Float Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia/

Caroline Dhavernas. Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Celebration 2014Caroline Dhavernas. Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Celebration 2014
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CBS At Midseason: What Will Get Renewed?

CBS has been a dominant Broadcast network for several years, but they took several risks this season in terms of programming. Did it pay off?

Supergirl has done OK on Monday nights. It started high and dropped a lot, before leveling off at OK ratings. 

It's obvious with some of the shows CBS has this season, that they are trying to go after the younger audience. It's not surprising considering there is still money to be made by catering for 18-49 year olds. 

None of the new CBS shows have been outright flops, but they won't all be making the cut for sophomore runs. 

1. The Big Bang Theory

The show is down almost 10%, but is still the number 1 show on the network. A 3.96 rating among 18-49 is a smash hit these days. Among total viewers, it's averaging 15.51 million viewers. Over on the DVR, the show is gaining over 60% within a week. The show is already renewed, unsurprisingly. 

2. NCIS 

This show has declined less than 10% this season, continuing to rate very well. Season 13 is averaging a 2.22 rating among people 18-49 and 16.91 million viewers. Delayed viewing on DVR's is adding just under 40% per episode this season. This show isn't going anywhere. 

3. Life In Pieces

After a big drop between the first and second episodes, this comedy has stabilized at renewable numbers. It is losing half of it's Big Bang lead-in, but it's currently the third highest rated show on CBS. DVR ratings aren't all that for this show, but I expect it to at least see a partial sophomore run, away from The Big Bang Theory. 

4. Supergirl

After a high flying premiere, Supergirl declined sharply and is averaging a 1.93 rating and 8.66 million viewers. The show is adding over 40% with DVR. The numbers won't be what CBS hoped, but its stabilized and is currently looking good for a renewal. Any more erosion, then the axe could swing come May. 

5. Scorpion 

Scorpion is down over 20% in Season 2 and is currently averaging a 1.81 rating and 9.48 million viewers. The show is gaining over 50% more viewers in delayed viewing. Add that to the stellar live ratings and you have an easy renewal. 

6. NCIS: New Orleans 

The sophomore run is currently down just under 20% to a 1.68 rating and 12.96 million viewers. The show adds a meagre 20% with DVR, but it's live ratings and the fact it's part of the NCIS brand will see it run another few years. 

7. Criminal Minds 

This drama has slid 23% and is currently averaging a 1.65 rating and 8.62 million viewers. Most recent figures put delayed viewing at 73%. This one is pretty safe for now. Expect a move to either Friday, or Sunday before CBS gives up on it. 

8. 2 Broke Girls 

2 Broke Girls has dipped 20% so far this season to a 1.63 rating and 6.23 million viewers. It has moved to a new night and it's moving again in January to uncharted sitcom waters for CBS. Will it be able to survive? This one is very much a bubble show. 

9. Mom 

This buzzy sitcom was expected to grow again this year, but Season 3 is down 30% to a 1.60 rating and 7.16 million viewers, but the syndication gods demand another season, so it'll be around next season. 

10. Limitless 

This freshman drama started strong, but has been steadily declining all season. Current averages are a 1.54 rating and 8.16 million viewers. Good thing the show is adding on over 60% with DVR. I'm not too sure this will be enough to save it, but stranger things have happened. 

11. Madam Secretary 

This sophomore drama is down just 10% from Season 1, which is very respectable considering it's a Sunday drama that suffers a lot of pre-emptions. Current averages are a 1.27 rating and 10.36 million viewers. The show doesn't do that well on the DVR, with gains under 20%. Acclaim will see this show get to four seasons. Anything beyond that, I'm not to sure about. 

12. Code Black 

This medical drama is a bit of a wildcard. It started just OK and dropped, but the past two episodes have matched the series high. Averages are currently at a 1.26 rating and 7.13 million. DVR ratings are over 40%. The show currently has a five episode back order, but if it stays even with the recent gains, it could get more episodes and a second season. 

13. NCIS: Los Angeles 

This drama is down over 20% and is currently averaging a 1.25 rating and 8.18 million viewers. The show is gaining 73% more within a week. Look for a renewal, but a move to Sunday next season. 

14. Blue Bloods 

This Friday night drama is down 7% from last season to a 1.20 rating and 10.55 million viewers. It is adding over 40% within a week and all signs are pointing to another season. 

15. Hawaii Five-0 

This show has been dropping steadily for a few years now. Season 6 is averaging a 1.08 rating and 8.77 million viewers. The show does gain another 30% within a week, but this is very much a bubble show. 

16. The Good Wife 

This much loved drama is down 15% to a 1.06 rating and 8.34 million viewers. This drama doesn't get much of a bump on the DVR, but awards love has saved it before and could again. Will CBS renew it? Your guess is as good as mine. 

17. Elementary 

Dropping almost 30% to a 0.95 and 5.41 million viewers won't help build a case for another go around. DVR ratings are high. 89% is a big bump for a show like this. Add in that the show is making it's episodic budget back through other revenues, puts this one firmly on the bubble. 

18. CSI: Cyber 

This show should not even have been renewed last season. Season 2 is down 40% to a 0.85 rating and 5.97 million viewers. The show doesn't get a bump on DVR and doesn't get awards love. Season 2 will mark the end of this series and the franchise. 

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The 23 Best Sci-Fi Books and Movies to Give to a Noob

TSCC Season 1 poster - Lena Heady as Sarah Connor and Thomas Dekker as John Connor

Any Terminator story works, really, as long as it's not Genisys. But the Sarah Connor Chronicles ($9.50 for season one) is the unsung success of the franchise. There's something riveting about watching a mother raise the savior of the world, and try to protect him from murderous robot substitute teachers.
Gallery Image

Source: WIRED

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13 Ferocious Fights From 2015

1. Peggy vs Dottie - Agent Carter

Peggy versus Dottie in Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 8 was as intense as it gets. It had it all including knifes, strangulation, and a baseball bat. It culminated in Peggy throwing Dotty through a glass window. What more could we want?

2. Daredevil Fight Scenes

Every fight scene on Daredevil. The choreography of every fight is flawless. I almost never find myself on the literal edge of my seat watching fight scenes on shows, but Daredevil? Every time. Fights are made even more incredible with the added camera nods to the things that Matt Murdock CAN'T see and the way we, the viewers, get to be a part of how he acknowledges their existence, whether it be a chain jingling or shoes scraping, or any of the things that capture his other senses. Every fight is breathtaking to watch.

3. Daisy/Skye on Agents of SHIELD

Goes to Daisy/Skye on Agents of SHIELD episode "The Dirty Half Dozen" at the end of season 2 in April. She had a full 36 second continuous fight scene with no cuts that showed exactly how bad-ass she had become since season one. You wonder how many times Chloe Bennet had to practice that entire scene to get it right in one take!

4. Norma and Romero - Bates Motel

Norma Bates and Sheriff Romero in Season 3 Episode 10: "Crazy". With Norma furious about a flash drive and Romero in need of the truth, the two end up in a frenzied and physical altercation. It was a violent, passionate, and breathtaking scene culminating in one of the most intense SQUEE moments that never happened. Two damaged people both with secrets spiraling out of control, both tired of running from their inner demons, and both repelled by, yet attracted to each other. They could have easily succumbed to the moment, but instead, rejected their feelings, gathered up their control, and continued on their way - a brilliant display of denial that each has perfected in their own way over the course of three seasons.

5. Supergirl Fight Scenes

I like any fight with Supergirl. But my favorite was with Livewire, probably more because of the story behind it her and not the fight itself. I really liked Livewire as a villain for Supergirl.

6. Cookie vs Anika - Empire

Cookie vs Anika on Empire. It was the fight we were all waiting for, and boy was it worth it. Further proof of Taraji P. Henson's rock-star status.

7. Rumple vs Bear - Once Upon a Time

Rumple taking on Merida the bear on Once Upon a Time was a totally weird but totally wonderful mashup of the two fairytales, which is what the show is all about, it gave Rumple the chance to be brave, and it reignited the Rumbelle flame that fans had feared was burning out. Hooray!

8. Scott vs Liam/Theo - Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf. This show has some of the best fight scenes on TV! The fight in the finale of 5a (between Scott and Liam and then Scott and Theo) in the library was AMAZING! It doesn't end well for Scott this time around.

9. Sunny vs Widow's Clippers - Badlands

On Badlands, the fight scene between Sunny and the Widow's Clippers in the rain was one of the most well choreographed fight scenes in television history. The setting, a rainy, muddy street at night, only made the fight more fierce. We would definitely want Sunny on our side if we were a Baron.

10. Ward v Coulson - Agents of SHIELD

The final confrontation between the human version of Grant Ward and Coulson on Agents of SHIELD was satisfying. Ward had been such a cold and callous assassin, often targeting the people most loved by us, and by SHIELD. When Coulson got him on the ground and used his bionic hand to crush Ward's rib cage, it was both cringe-inducing and so incredibly 'awesome' at the same time!

11. Nick & Meisner vs Bad Guys - Grimm

Nick/Meisner team-up in Grimm Season 5 Episode 5. Damien Puckler, who plays Meisner, holds a black belt in at least two martial arts disciplines, and it definitely shows. We've been waiting for this particular team-up for quite awhile , and it didn't disappoint as Nick and Meisner absolutely 'owned' the badguys who were trying to kidnap Trubel.

12. The Last Ship Fight Scenes

The crew of The Nathan James proved that you really can bring a knife to a gun fight (or a fork, or a frying pan) when they found themselves battling it out in a kitchen for an epic fight scene.

13. The Doctor vs Rassilon - Doctor Who

the Doctor versus Rassilon in Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 12. It's the literal end of the universe, and there are basically two stars left in all of existence. The Doctor orders the Lord President of Gallifrey, Rassilon, to get off the planet. Rassilon orders his soldiers to shoot the Doctor. Every single soldier misses. The confrontation ends with Rassilon getting off the planet. Yeah, the Doctor really doesn't like Rassilon.

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AGENT CARTER Star Hayley Atwell in photoshoot with VVV Magazine

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