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Bug report thread
Fermi Post # 1 | Tuesday, 09 Nov 2010 - 20:19
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We will use this thread to report bugs and post updates if the bug been fixed or not.

If you see any thing that looks weird or something does not work properly, please report it in this thread so the admins can look into the problem.

uCoz server health status can be found here: sgwiki is on server 44

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Fermi Post # 481 | Wednesday, 29 Apr 2015 - 20:40
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Quote chrisdvanne ()
You may have noticed the layout is a bit different (sic). My bad!

Don't worry, we will soon restore the site as it was before.

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Admirator Post # 482 | Thursday, 07 Jul 2016 - 19:03
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Hi administrators. There is a bug as it seems, that you could take a look. Both some messages of chrisdvanne and some of his comments are disappearing. I can give you some examples, where my messages were after chrisdvanne's and i referred to them somehow and after some days they gone:

on the funny thread
Perhaps the oldest example is that:
where i quoted even his pictures
I think it happened the same:
on appreciation thread...
and others.
Also chrisdvanne's comments to:
and others.

I suspect they are still within database, but a flag field or something, prevents them from showing. You know these better of course smile , thank you for your time smile .

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