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The Cape’s Cars
chrisdvanne_ Post # 1 | Monday, 17 Jan 2011 - 17:51
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As i said before, the promo shot showing Summer Glau standing next to a Mercedes SLS AMG (see pict #1) must have been the most visible during the promoting campaing and has been used in many articles all over the web.
The fact that Orwell drives luxious sports cars had also raised a lot of questions (which will be answered in the forthcoming episodes)
That's a success from a marketing point of view and i'm pretty sure Mercedes-Benz must be very pleased.

When Orwell and Vince Faraday first met in ep01.01, she is driving a Tesla Roadster ($130k with options,see pict #2). The camera lingers on the sleek Tesla, with front, side and rear shots, long enough for product recognition.

The german vehicules manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has a pretty obvious product placement agreement with NBC and the producers.

In ep.1.01 Peter Fleming announces that ARK corporation gets the contract for a privatized police force in Palm City; after the claim, he get into a black Mercedes-Benz S-Class ($93,000, see pict #3) and the camera makes sure you know it’s a Mercedes with close-ups of the sides andgrill. It’s subtle, but the camera shows too much metal to be just a coincidence..

In ep.1.02 Orwell drives a grey Mercedes SLS AMG (over $200k with options, see pict #4) when she rescues Vince Faraday. We have the opportunity to admire the sleek Gullwing car. The scene begins at night but ends at daybreak (better lighting). The camera lovingly pans back and forth over the back of the car making sure you see the SLS, AMG and Mercedes Three-Point Star badge. And if you weren’t sure about the obvious product placement, Rollo mentions that Vince was dropped off in a Gullwing Mercedes.

I'm sure we will have plenty of updates; according to Production Designer Cece Destefano, "Orwell has to have a new car in every episode"
(at 1:58 of the video : Look of The Cape)

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chrisdvanne_ Post # 2 | Wednesday, 08 Feb 2012 - 16:00
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More about Summer and electric cars on the blog :

Summer Glau in a Tesla - Orwell, The Cape

Los Angeles Film Festival 2006 - "Who Killed The Electric Car?" Premiere

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KrelleK Post # 3 | Tuesday, 18 Jun 2013 - 22:53
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I also liked the Tesla, but the AMG was also greath Forum » Filmography » The Cape » The Cape’s Cars
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