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Discussion about "Sequestered".
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Thread: Summer Glau in Crackle's...
Posted by: robbo
Discussions about the Arrow series
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Thread: Poll: Will Isabel Rochev be killed by the end of the season?
Posted by: chrisdvanne_
The Cape
Discussions about The Cape series
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Thread: Composing "The Cape"
Posted by: chrisdvanne
Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles
If you're reading this you are the resistance
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Thread: La Llorona - episode 2_8 Mr Ferguson Is Ill Today
Posted by: KevinInEngland
Discussions about Firefly/Serenity
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Thread: Fan video-based Firefly / Serenity (mostly - River Tam )
Posted by: Admirator
Other movies/shows
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Thread: Terminator 5 and 6
Posted by: chrisdvanne