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The Operative´s betrayal of the Alliance...
KrelleK Post # 1 | Monday, 30 Jan 2012 - 13:32
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A little thought came to me, about the operatives betrayal of Alliance - does it happen after he sees the Miranda wave, or is it possible it started a little earlier? I mean yes he asked the soldiers to stand down after seing the wave. but a believer that will do anything to keep the secrets of the alliance secret, without knowing what they might entail, as he indicate to that doctor in the beginning before attacking and killing the guards, and then letting the said doc fall on his sword. biggrin

If it was so important to him to keep the wave secret - the reason to amass the greath navy, why did he order the ships to fire on the reavers first? I mean a fanatical soldier, a fervent believer that the alliance is in the right - would he not carry out his duty, thinking his own safety to be secondary to victory/accomplishing his mission. biggrin

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The1Russter Post # 2 | Monday, 30 Jan 2012 - 16:16
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The operative panicked when he saw the Reavers ships. That's when he yelled for the Alliance ships to fire on them. The Reavers created the distraction Mal wanted to get to the planet.

The operative was a believer, His faith was in the Alliance. That faith was shaken and broken when he saw the video of what the Alliance did to an entire planet. You could say it was a form of penance that he allowed Mal and his crew to repair Serenity and go on their way.

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KrelleK Post # 3 | Monday, 30 Jan 2012 - 19:33
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it is just that in a firefly fanfic i have read multiple times(because it is just a greath series :-) )there is a somewhat similar situation, the alliance(one of the greath cityships) is in pursuit of a certain firefly, when something is coming that the comanding officer did not count on the from the opposite direction, he react calmly, but similar to how the operative choses to do, until one of the Blue hands lets something be wispered to the officer and he changes the targeting back to the firefly.

the fanfic i think about is called, Here be dragons or something similar, written by one Hotpoint, if you have not read it already, I would suggest you read the whole series. it starts with one called Death or Glory

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Blazius Post # 4 | Monday, 30 Jan 2012 - 19:49
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Quote (KrelleK)
(one of the greath cityships)

BTW I was always concerned why there weren't cityships in the battle against the Reavers. They seemed tough and powerful with space enough on them to have a whole fleet worth of guns. It could have kept the Reavers at bay while the others chasing Serenity. Ironically the leader of the operation was in the smallest and weakest ship which was easily rammed by a Reaver ship and the Reaver ship wasn't even scratched. The Operative isn't a military genius as it seems dry

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