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Surrogates (2009) ripp-off TSCC promos
Metal Post # 1 | Wednesday, 02 Apr 2014 - 11:17
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Hi, while I was searching for a lost Chinese/Hong-Hong movie I once watched where there was a robot that self assembled itself from toy cars, which I couldn't find... again.

I found this article:
‘The Surrogates’ Brings New Robot Technology to Hong Kong

Which later led me here:
Swipe File: Surrogates Movie Campaign

Obviously I have seemed to miss the movie and all the promo materials that went with it, but as the first guy that replied to the OP I was also struck by the similarity of the look and texts and pretty much everything around them. The concept was the same including especially the "naked" waist part. However it seems that both posters are correct and I think they also ripped the Kate Moss picture too.

Just have a look yourself:

surrogates promoTSCC Posters and Wallpapers
chrisdvanne_ Post # 2 | Wednesday, 02 Apr 2014 - 12:17
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I'm a bit surprised an "old" TSCC fan like you didn't noticed that before.

The similarities between Bruce Willis movie "Surrogates" posters and Cameron's poster were even mentioned in this forum (even if I can't seem to find the post). And I'm pretty sure the TSCC forums mentioned that Cameron's poster looked like a rip-off from a montage created before the series were even announced.
Check it for yourself:

 poster used to promote the Sarah Connor Cronicles TV series:

One could also say that it just looks like a robot torso from every other robot movie. Take a look at the Puppeteer in Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell manga from 1991.

Puppeteer in Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell manga from 1991

Non exhaustive list...

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Metal Post # 3 | Wednesday, 02 Apr 2014 - 23:48
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Well as I said, I actually haven't ever bothered with the movie in question. And here I haven't stumbled on any posters neither so pretty much passed by me. :P

All in all I couldn't find a topic in here so I've decided to post it anyway.  biggrin

As far as the pics goes TCSS pic indeed look much like this pic, especially at the end of the arms. And that that the robots are supported by strings or cables. The white background too. Bringing the Ghost in the She pic also adds only to the confusion, hence it's arms look similar to both pictures in your post and the bottom part looks much closer to the TCSS pic.

Maybe the TCSS crew decided to copy mix both pictures/concepts I guess. Similar to what the Surrogates did with the Kate Moss' pic and the TCSS one. But however they didn't stop there, they also had to copy the font and the whole color tones too.  dry

Which imo is more close to a rip-off than the TCSS is.

They at least bothered with picking color, font and changed (made a photo "cover" if you like) of the original pic. So they did some work themselves. Where as surrogates simply copied the whole concept, and hence it already (the original TCSS poster) has been vaguely involved in a rip-off feud, they decided that all they had to do is rip-off something extra to mask and they would be ok for the rest. But they actually ripped the concept and the stylistic part behind the TCSS posters.

If you look at the TCSS and the other pic, if it wasn't for the arms and the details at the end which nearly look like copy/pasted, and other than the obvious hanging in the air "pose" the TCSS pic has or adds something of itself. IMO.

The Surrogates thing just takes TCSS poster with the text even and adds the Kate Moss pic, but in the process also rips the endoskeleton design of the terminator franchise quite well more or less.

It's funny again how all of those 3 look quite alike.

The art photographer seems to have drawn more than less inspiration from the manga in question,  then again, the original Terminator movie was before all of them, and eventho the japanese author would prolly quote movies and stuff like Blade Runner and the Cyber Punk genre as his inspiration, the terminator movies still surely had an impact on all of those as well as it itself turned into part of the pop-culture.

So in effect it's partly fair to say that the TCSS was ripping-off of itself by some point. :P
Yet not entirely as every artists work is and usually should be unique. Tho nor fully a rip-off imo as I've mention before.

I don't aim to fling poop at the Bruce Willis' movie purposely, nor am I an over-hyped (at least not in this case :D) TCSS fan, but however their posters adds the least of all 3 in originality or of it's own.

Plus it's of really low quality, f.e. the slogan: "Human perfection. What could go wrong?"
Sounds pretty cheap and average, mediocre maybe. Bu the slogan itself is not as awful as the stylistic job on the text.
They might've ripped the TCSS concept, but still the performance of quality here is bellow any level of proficiency imo.

1 thing to begin with is the readability of the text, which is not that good and maybe is the first and the most stark mistake that you can notice.
2 is the position and size of it. The upper one could've been a bit higher so it is above the girl's head and a bit lighter in color. While the bottom text should've been maybe a bit higher or lower than it's position, maybe higher would be better as it will make a bit better contrast to make the title "pop", and the "in theaters sept 25" sign should've been smaller font just a notch and a notch wider. The should've been some space between the title sign and the two signs around him.
3 The contrast is also a really bad job, if they are going to motion blur something, they'll need stronger bg-contrast and less contrast/brightness on the motion blur. For sure this bg which is all on gray scanlines isn't the best for this white font.
4 End effect is that the title sign doesn't really make a big impression as it should.
5 They should've taken a prettier girl. happy
6 If you're gonna rip-off why not copy-paste it instead, that is if you can. wink

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