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Juke Joint!
robbo Post # 406 | Thursday, 27 Jul 2017 - 01:44
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Ok, does that mean i get to go to the front of the class and hand the pencils out  biggrin I only managed to get round to watching 'Game of Thrones' late last year, when i just binge-watched the show. But I'd have to say one of the best shows I've ever seen, highly recommend it  smile 

Lena Headey is a bit of a naughty lady in this one, compared to TSCC where she's a real bad-ass fighter, yeah i like Emilia Clarke in this show she's quite sexy in a way, must be the blonde wig/hair  wink Yeah i like soundtracks to the films and TV shows, don't mind horror movies as well my friend  smile I've definitely seen a couple of Saw movies, trouble is they made loads i think, but yeah that was a really creepy and spooky soundtrack from the movie Saw  smile 

I'm inclined now just to watch the really decent horror movies, The Conjuring, Mama, Lights Out and maybe one or two old movies  smile 

Here's a 1992 video game called 'Alone in the Dark' (series character) its a survival horror video game originally designed by 'Frederick Raynal' - Edward Carnby is the main protagonist of the series, and is a private detective. 'Tiesto presents Alone In The Dark - Edward Carnby Remix'  smile 

Na, we both have a dancing background in one form or another with our cultural country history of different kinds of music  wink I hope you like this one i thought it was a classic mix to blend in with the game  smile
Admirator Post # 407 | Thursday, 27 Jul 2017 - 15:36
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Yes, i realized that too, that Lena Headey is "bad" in this series. And they punished her with this nude walk (the body was from another woman). I wonder, are they really nude in these scenes? I mean, they don't have even a sticker smile ? I guess they do, even if they don't tell us biggrin . Still the curvatures are fully exposed.. Generally, for the psychology of people, i think it's healthier watching nude than violence biggrin . But i don't know much about psychology smile .

Interesting you chose the soundtrack of a computer game smile ! And it is nice of' course, with all these dancing/trance elements smile ? I have played and finished the original 1992 "Alone in the Dark" video game, start to end! I think i did this around 2007. It was a very original game, combining steady backgrounds (not much computer power then), with 3D sprites (characters). It is one of the classics now! How time passes by...

I liked music of computer games too. Some of them had really great tunes (the quality of the sounds wasn't also great) and i was always wondering, why they didn't turn them in real life songs. I have a folder with almost 100 of them! Anyway, i have an example also in the first four minutes of this video. You may like the rest of the video, but i don't like it much. It was a simpler tune in it's original versions, but this remake is great and confirms that, all these tunes should be seen seriously, by their creators or perhaps from a DJ smile ? The name is Comic Bakery, don't know the age. I had one of these Amiga computers.

To the Sweetest Terminator in the Verse..., Summtris (game), Twitter

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robbo Post # 408 | Monday, 31 Jul 2017 - 00:30
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Yes indeed, was rather somewhat brutal to a certain decree, I would probably imagine so, lets face it they are pretty professional and very intense with their lines, how do they manage to remember them  unsure Definitely would rather watch nude than violence  biggrin 

I'm not sure really, other than I liked the Tiesto-remix. But I haven't got a clue in regards to the video game  smile I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to computer games  smile 

But I do recall the old computers from working in wholesale with all the magazines with the free gifts attached to the front cover, I remember the little blue floppy discs, game CD's etc  smile 

Liked it I absolutely loved it mate  ohyes Wow, how amazing and so cool was those video games, the music was perfect  wink Well done my friend  smile According to Wikipedia Comic Bakery dates right back to 1984, that's incredible that like  smile 

This song will bring back memories from anywhere across the globe by German DJ' Ayla'
'Sun Is Coming Out' featuring 'Yel' in 2002  smile 

She is so beautiful the lead singer  smile
Admirator Post # 409 | Monday, 31 Jul 2017 - 15:06
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Hmm! Back to Eurodance smile . Yes indeed, it brings back good memories, with a style that reminds us that, it is Summer and we should.. work on our vitamin D levels(as a twitter user once said biggrin ), with the help of the Sun who is coming out smile of' course .

I'll continue with that theme, only this time "The Sunmachine is coming down" smile .
"Sunmachine" is a song by English electronic music trio Dario G. It was released in 31 August 1998.

You are right Comic Baker was made in 1984! I didn't think wikipedia would have info about it! It seems it is the work of a Martin Galway and this remake was Instant Remedy's smile .

To the Sweetest Terminator in the Verse..., Summtris (game), Twitter

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