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With 'Robot Man' at the Saturn Awards 2008

While browsing through photos of Summer Glau at the 34th Annual Saturn Awards 2008, i came accross the photo below and wondered who that guy posing with her in front of that impressive Battlestar Galactica cylon was.


 Summer Glau with 'Robot Man' at the 34th Saturn Awards, Universal City - June 24, 2008

After some researches on the net, it appears that the guy's name is Fred Barton, best known as "The Robot Man".
America's "ROBOTMAN"
In 1961, at the tender age of four, Fred Barton fell in love with Robots, after having watched the classic, 1956, MGM sci-fi film "Forbidden Planet" on television. He felt powerfully drawn to that movie's metallic hero, "Robby, the Robot," and from that moment on, Fred's fascination with science-fiction, and Robots would play a profound influence upon his life.
Today, Mr. Barton remains intrigued by the genre, and retains a deep seated love of automatons. His Hollywood, CA-based company, Fred Barton Productions, Inc., is the world's leading producer of museum-quality, famous movie and television Robots sought by private collectors. In addition to building "Robby" for sale to collectors of all ages, Mr. Barton's personal Robot collection also includes computerized replicas of Robot Model B9, from the classic series, "Lost in Space," and Gort from "The Day the Earth Stood Still," as well as "Maria" from Fritz Lang's "Metropolis, T2 - Endoskeleton, The "Target Earth" Robot, and of course, the original Star Wars Trilogy droids, "R2-D2" and "C-3PO" all of which he has built.
While Summer Glau won the 'Best Supporting Television Actress' Award for her role as Cameron Phillips in  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Academy has chosen to give 'The Service Award' to Fred Barton for "his efforts in manufacturing and promoting world-famous robots".
Summer Glau in the press room, holding her Saturn Award.

Summer Glau at the 34th Annual Saturn Awards 2008

I now understand why Fred Barton posed with Summer Glau, who played a terminator in FOX's Terminator : The Sarah Connor chronicles. This raises the following question : does Barton consider building a robot featuring Summer Glau as Cameron?
Because we all know that cameron's model is the ultimate Terminator ;-)




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