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Александр XF on: GQ Photo shoot update

Admirator on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: New candid picture of Summer

Admirator on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

ec039 on: GQ Photo shoot update

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Win a free Whedonverse ticket to Supanova Expo

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Mar 22, 2012 / 0 COMMENTS

Supanova pop culture Expo

Supanova Expo offers for sale a special pass for all Joss Whedon lovers called "Whedonverse Experience", available for the Melbourne and Gold Coast Expo.

Here's a list of its advantages :
  • Exclusively pre-purchase
  • Admission throughout the weekend including Preview Night
  • Exclusive Whedonverse Panels on Saturday and Sunday
  • Exclusive Whedonverse photo featuring YOU in between our three Whedonverse Supa-Stars.
  • One signature from all three (3) Whedonverse Supa-Stars (additional ones available for purchase)
  • Premium seating behind the Supa-Star VIPs at all panels featuring our three Whedonverse Supa-Stars
  • Priority Queuing, after VIPs, to pre-purchase photo and signature ops for ALL guests to minimise queuing time
  • Limited to 100 per expo – $395.00 each

Two of the three Whedonverse guests are already known : Summer Glau of course, Elisabeth Rhom who played detective Kate Lockley in Angel but the third one is still unknow.
The Facebook account of Supanova Expo ask you to guess who this last Whedonverse guest will be; the winner (see requirements at the FB site) gets a freebie Whedonverse ticket.

Click on image to go to Facebook.

Whedonverse Experience - 2012 Supanova Expo

Side note : the third Whedonverse guest should be announced tomorrow, so hurry up and give your suggestion.

While we're at that, here's the promo poster of Supanova Expo 2012, just in case you were wondering which guest was the main draw at the convention.

Click on image for larger size.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo on Facebook.

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