Whedon’s Choice for The Wasp in The Avengers 2

In a recent article on Blastr, it was revealed that Joss Whedon plans to introduce a new character to the mix for his next Avengers film in three years time. His choice? The Wasp! Yes, a female possessed of grace, beauty, smarts, and the ability to fly. And she is unbelievably tough and represents a walking contradiction because she is both tough and effective while being fragile and delicate. How could she not and still be a Whedon heroine? And who do we want to see play this role? Summer Glau!
OK, so we know that Summer can move gracefully. She can dance and she can do high wire acrobatics as we saw recently in The Cape. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but she was able to fool John Connor in the Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) pilot and her legions of fans all trip over each other for the latest photo. She is unbelievably popular as a subject for animated gifs and video mashups. And if there were any lingering doubts, her recent appearance at the Dizzy Feet Foundation gala resulted in the Hollywood fashionistas falling over themselves to sing her praises.

Summer Glau and Joss Whedon at the 2nd Annual Dizzy Feet Foundation's Dance Gala

Smarts? She currently plays Skylar in the series Alphas on Syfy, a genius able to build anything out of a few spare parts. And anyone who has heard her speak at cons knows that she is articulate and that she is devoted to her art (and her fans). 
Flying? Well as an accomplished actress, she soars at times but actual flying we will have to leave to the special effects people. We all know, however, that Summer is able to perform very tough and demanding stunts, using her skills as a dancer and her natural athleticism to bring incredible realism to her roles. Summer has played some of Whedon’s most deadly, complicated, and vulnerable female characters.
There is one possible obstacle to this casting and it is that Summer, in the eyes of some (we call them the blind), she is not seen as an A list talent. We beg to differ. Summer as Cameron was the most interesting and impressive thing about TSCC. One of the supporting cast members that played opposite her was Leven Rambin (Riley) who had a part in the recent hit The Hunger Games. Rambin’s success is well deserved and she is currently filming three movies this year alone. 
So why can’t this be the break out role for Summer rather than one of the break-our-hearts roles in which, because of cancellations, network fickleness, and bad timing, we only got a taste of the great talent that Summer is (TSCC: 'Allison from Palmdale' anyone?). Joss, please welcome Summer into this franchise. For her sake, for her fans’ sake, and for all the many people who have yet to see her but will surely love her, Summer Glau deserves to be The Wasp.
Alex and I teamed up to write this news.
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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 22 Aug 2012, 16:19 GMT [Entry]

Haha, that made me laugh. Line two.... she must have the ability to fly. Wow, if Summer can do that, then I am impressed.
Seriously, I agree entirely and if, as Summer said "I don't like being upside down", is her worry. Perhaps you can compare it with my having to climb on the roof with a roof ladder to replace slates. I hate heights but you do in fact get used to it..... admittedly to a certain extent. I still wouldn't do what scaffolders do.
As mentioned above, and in T:SCC youtube videos. Here is a good example, see the comments;
Allison from Palmdale - somebody else said this "she deserved an oscar for that". Yep, I agree.

I have a feeling that Joss Whedon already knows Summer is made of the stuff for a film that incorporates The Wasp with a special quality but perhaps he is up against directors, casting agents etc. Convincing them is another thing, when they are looking for what pops out of Playboy mags with the mouths of aggressiveness. It's difficult IMO.

  Message #4 | Cam | 25 Aug 2012, 12:27 GMT [Entry]

I hope for this to happen, I have yet to see The Avengers, but this looks promising. I don't see any reason why Joss wouldn't do this. Also, "Summer as Cameron was the most interesting and impressive thing about TSCC." I agree with that, I heard people and even critics say Cameron was the most interesting character since Spock from Star Trek.

  Message #6 | The1Russter | 11 Sep 2012, 15:50 GMT [Entry]

Recently I've been watching the animated series, The Avengers Earth's Mightiest heroes, and after getting to see The Wasp in action and getting a sense of her character, I could totally see Summer Glau in that role. Plus, I'd love to see her in that costume. wink

  Message #7 | robbo | 12 Sep 2012, 00:26 GMT [Entry]

joss whedon must have some idea in that clever brain he has the avengers is such a brilliant film he must have some sort of role for summer glau she would absolutely be perfect for the wasp just think she would look really awesome in that slender costume dreaming already i hope he does have summer in his mind she deserves a role like this

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