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Tubey Awards 2011 - Winners list

13 Sep 2011
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Summer Glau The Cape
In the Tubey Awards 2011, Summer Glau was nominated in 5 categories at Television Without Pity (TWOP).

Favorite Actress : Summer Glau (The Cape)
Supporting Actor/Actress Most Deserving of a Starring Role : Summer Glau (The Cape)
Favorite Character : Orwell (The Cape)
Best Badass : Orwell (The Cape)
Best Sidekick : Orwell (The Cape)

Vince and Orwell (The Cape) were nominated in the Best Non-Romantic Friendship category also.

In the Tubey Awards 2011, Summer Glau won in two categories :

Supporting Actor/Actress Most Deserving of a Starring Role
Winner: Summer Glau (The Cape)

Summer Glau in front of Mercedes
TWoP Staff Pick: Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)
Summer Glau narrowly edged out Supernatural's Misha Collins. Frankly, they both deserve bigger roles on better shows.

Best Sidekick
Winner: Orwell (The Cape)

Summer Glau in The Cape
TWoP Staff Pick: Pam (True Blood)

Other winners announced include:
Best Comedy : Community
Best Drama : The Good Wife
Best New Show : Game of Thrones
Favorite Actor : Nathan Fillion (Castle)
Favorite Actress : Lisa Edelstein (House

Summer Glau already had great results in the previous Tubey Awards :

Tubey Awards 2010 :
 * Most Anticipated New Show of 2010/2011 : The Cape
 * Best Guest Star : Summer Glau (Dollhouse)

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  TSCC in Tubey Awards Summer Glau in Tubey Awards

Tubey Awards 2009 :
 * Favorite Actress: Summer Glau, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
 * Best Drama: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
 * Most Underrated Show: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Source and full list of all categories winners: Tubey Awards 2011 at Television Without Pity

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