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TSCC Promo Collectables - San Diego Comic Con 2008

19 Aug 2012
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Long before the premiere of FOX's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on January 13, 2008, show runner Josh Friedman and executive producer James Middleton knew that they needed the support of the millions of Terminator fans. This support was critical if they wanted their exciting new addition to the Terminator franchise to be successful and widely accepted. 

Getting this support is why the people behind the fan sites such as The Arnold Fans or the Sarah Conner Society were regularly invited to TSCC events including conventions, premieres, and on-set visits. Because the FOX marketing team did a good job at the time, a lot of goodies were given away during these events. In this article, we take a look at the wonderful swag that was available.
Here's a selection of the TSCC goodies given away at Warner Bros. and FOX booth during San Diego Comic Con 2008 (Quoted text and most photos courtesy of The Arnold Fans)
The Warner Bros. booth was the hottest draw on Saturday with early morning "Connor Chronicles" cast signings and afternoon "Terminator Salvation signings as well.
And just when you thought the cast of "Connor Chronicles" was nice enough to sign for an hour at WB in the morning, they ALSO signed at the next door FOX booth later on.

TSCC Promo Collectables - San Diego Comic Con 2008TSCC Collectables


Since T4 is almost a year away, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" had much more promotional merchandise on-hand with some very cool items Including posters, a hologram fan (8x8) and luggage tags (2 3/4x4).


TSCC Collectables

TSCC Collectables


Finally, the best item for a Terminator fan: a specially created Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles XBOX. This will never be sold at any store but was made for a contest giveaway at the WB booth. Only five were produced and all five were given away to some lucky b**tards at the convention!

TSCC Collectables


Source : ‘Terminator Toys, Licenses and Promo Items at Comic Con!’ at The Arnold Fans


More about the very specials Xbox 360s at Comic Con 2008.
Microsoft had a Comic-Con booth with Galaga Legions on display and a handful of limited edition Xbox 360s to giveaway. Nobody got to take home the Dark Knight themed Xbox 360 consoles, though. These were in a glass case for eyes only. Lucky winners who stopped by and scanned their badges received Xbox 360s branded with art from DC Comics, the Watchmen, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Gears of War 2.

very specials Xbox 360s at Comic Con 2008

very specials Xbox 360s at Comic Con 2008

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