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TSCC - Jameron Quotes

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Apr 30, 2013 / 0 COMMENTS

Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau had great chemistry on screen. And that is a good thing because their characters in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, respectively John Connor and his Terminator protector Cameron,   were obviously attracted to each other (or written that way if you like), and John must struggles with his feelings for Cameron. Among the TSCC fandom, the belief that John and Cameron are (or will be, or should be) in a romantic relationship is known as Jameron. It is really the big ship of TSCC and various comments by both cast and crew show that Jameron was canon.

TSCC - Jameron quotes


Here are quotes from various interviews with Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker, inwhich the focus is on the attraction between John and Cameron:


TSCC - Jameron quotes

Summer: There's a girl in your life, which has been fun for me as a robot, 
I cannot really feel jealousy, but...
Thomas: I think she does.
Summer: In a way, I think she does.
Interviewer: You dont like your protector anymore?
Thomas: John has always had a tough thing because John's always really been in love with you, and he doesn't want to admit that.
Summer: Her whole purpose in life is to protect him so when he's gone she's lost. 
And shes having a really hard time with him having another girl in his life. He meets this girl at school and I like to think that Cameron is somewhat jealous.
Summer: Yeah, we have this bond that we're as tight as family. We belong together.

TSCC - Jameron quotes

Interviewer: Is any of that going to happen? Have you developed that at all this season? (John and Cameron)
Dekker: Yes. Yeah. In a very surprising way. But we haven't even shot that yet. But I know it's coming. So I'm excited to get back to shooting.
Summer: And I think if my character was experiencing anything, it might have been insecurity about whether or not she was capable of doing her best at protecting John anymore. 
And I think she was really struggling with the insecurity of having a new girl in John's life, Riley ... and I think that that's all going to come to a head toward the end of the back nine [episodes].
Interviewer: But I want sexual tension. I need that between you two to keep me watching the show.
TV IGN: Is it possible to have a tender moment with a machine? Dekker and Glau areso good in this moment, and they manage to create a unique moment that could serve to underscore the central premise of the series. It's also a painful moment – weird and surprising and oddly thrilling – all while you knew it was occurring in what was likely the final episode.

TSCC - Jameron quotes

Summer: I have to say [there was] a scene that I read in my network test. It wasn’t in the pilot kind of talks about her past with John…actually her future with John. She meets him in the future and he sends her back. And that scene…it was a very emotional scene and Cameron cries in it…And the way she talks about John is as close to love as I can imagine.
Thomas: Now he knows that he's in trouble and that everyone wants to kill him which is kind of a downer, ya know. & he in the first episode I think when he meets Ms. Cameron over here he really thinks hey, ya know, I'm gonna get lucky and then he finds out she's a robot and that's a really big down and that just kind of adds to his depression.
Interviewer: You guys are both great looking and are both playing kind of playing the lead roles, now he's young but is there going to be maybe a relationship coming down the road because you're kind of protecting him.
Summer: I am. You know it's really complicated at this point of the story all three of us are trying to figure out what we mean to each other, how we feel about each other, how we're going to work as a team and sort of as a dysfunctional family so at this point it can really go anywhere.
Thomas: It's a strange question because she, as my protector Terminator, she is probably more dedicated to me than anyone else in my life will ever be, so that's a tough thing to handle mentally.

TSCC - Jameron quotes

Thomas: Do I have spare parts for her to put her back together? I think John would LIKE toput her back together but no I don't think that has happened yet at all but I'm not saying it won't.
On a related topic, read: Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker - Quotes from various interviews.
The pics and gifs used to illustrate this blog post come from kaotic's Summer Glau and Jameron GIF and image

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